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Many questions,asked and unasked had been answered by Ah Hai's visit.Mi Rae had no idea what to say.When Alicia had told her about the past,they had cried together over his hurt but this was too much!Neil had not just suffered..they all had!And they were suffering even now.Even Ah Hai..And she wanted to console him but she could see that any gesture to sympathize or pity would be rejected. Just then there was a knock on the door and a waitress entered with a  tray laden with food.Ah Hai gestured to the dishes that were displayed on the table and said,"I took the liberty to order in advance.I hope you do not mind."

Mi Rae smiled at the display.They were all Neil's favorites and laughed,"These are Neil's favorite!Hiw do you know if I eat those or not?"

Ah Hai smirked and said,"You can order anything else if you like but these have a special purpose."With that Neil held out his hand and Mi Rae was amazed to see that the man had clicked her laughing as she stared at the food just now!And he had already sent it to Neil with the caption'Your Favorites'.

Mi Rae giggled and said,"You are just back and already teasing Neil!Alright little brother..Let's eat this food!"

Ah Hai who was in the middle of serving some noodles looked up and said in a sarcastic tone,"Little brother?Sister in law,You do realize that I am much taller and bulkier than you."

Mi Rae pretended to be shocked and said,"I did not notice that little bro!"

"Sigh!"Ah Hai decided that both his brothers had chosen women who were not scared of them and would tease the h.e.l.l out of him eventually!Good thing he was coming back only for a while and leaving soon.Halfway through the meal the door banged open and a man with a face cast in stone entered.

Mi Rae continued to stare as the man strode into the room but Ah Hai just continued to eat.

His silence treatment of the new comer resulted in getting him a bop on the back of his head and the other person growled,"You tell us a couple of hours back that you are coming back and the first thing you do after coming back is steal my people!Ah Hai Long!See if I do nothang you upside down out of home!"

Again he was ignored but the newcomer was persistent.He pulled the bulky man up by the cuff of his collar and Ah Hai let him.He then received a bear hug from his brother..Finally he was let go when He groaned,"Neil!I don't know how can a grown man be so so..needy!Why are you hugging me as if I am your girlfriend?She is there..Go and suffocate her instead of attacking me!"

Ofcourse once he had seen that Ah Hai was fine and had no new injuries since last time,Neil went to Mi Rae and did just that!Hugging her tightly and then asked,"Did this hooligan pester you to eat with him?did he threaten you?Because he is dumb and can totallt do that!In fact,he actually dared to threaten Al when he first met her!Ha!And now he totally regrets him because she teases him with threats every chance she gets!"

Mi Rae looked at Neil intently.The way he always behaved jovially had always made her doubt that he was the same person who tore people into pieces in court.But now she somehow felt that this Neil was in fact a facade and the other one was the true personality.The one who was ruthless..

Neil looked at Mi Rae who was lost in thought and waved a hand in front of her eyes.She was lost in thought so he touched her hand softly and asked again."What's up?What are you thinking?I asked you if he has been troubling you?"

Mi Rae smiled a little forcefully and said,"No..this little brother is in fact the one who saved me.."With that Mi Rae explained the entire incident to Neil.The events that occurred earlier and the revelations made by Ah Hai had sent her for an emotional roller coaster and once Neil's hand touched hers it was like a dam inside her broke and she cried all her grievances out..."

Neil had planned to gently ask why Ah Hai had approached her but once he understood the entire situation that Mi Rae explained he forgot all about that and could only be thankful for his brother's timely arrival..

After lunch Neil followed them to the police station where they had to give their statements.The goon who had tried to attack Mi Rae and had been instead been attacked by Ah Hai also sat among those in the prison.His neck was tied up with a white bandage..and he looked harried.Attorney Xu and Director w.a.n.g were sitting in the corner consulting a lawyer.The only person missing was Attorney Lee..Seeing that Neil had also entered the police station the director and attroney were now even more scared and were sweating.The police officer also recognized Neil and said respectfully,"Attorney Long,How are you doing?"

Neil smiled at the officer and said,"What is going on officer?"

The officer then explained the situation about how Ah Hai had provided the evidence as well.Attorney Xu and Director w.a.n.g had declined all involvement and instead filed a case against Director Lee as well..The man in question was currently in the hospital due to a 'heart attack' and would be taken into custody only after his medical condition was cleared.Even the goons had agreed to testify against him.Apart from the leader,they were actually small time and petty thieves who had only been brought in to threaten..

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