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The goons and Director Lee were now starting to sweat a bucket while Ah Hai leaned back and waited for the police to arrive.The leader tried to inch towards the door but Ah Hai casually moved his head and said softly,"I wouldn't do that if I were you."

The next moment sirens could be heard and the police arrived alongwith the a few paramedics.The officer in charge had already received the information that the person who had interrupted the crime was a higher military official,he was still shocked to see the pencil embedded in the goon's neck.The police officer recognized the man who was a wanted criminal for many kidnappping and physical abuse of people.The officer almost pitied him for being at the wrong place at the wrong time.Immediately taking in the scene,he recognized the man who was the supposed military officer and said respectfully,"Sir,you must be the one who contacted the police.?"

Ah Hai nodded and said in a similarly respectful tone,"Yes officer,These people were trying to threaten my sister in law and harm her into taking back a case which she had filed against them.I had to intervene in order to protect her."Ah Hai then handed his phone and continued,"My phone contains the video of the entire conversation that was held and all the threats that were made.Also aside from these goons,there is another one in the car downstairs.He's just unconscious.So is this man,who is slumped form his seat.Regarding this leader,please tell the doctor to pull out the pencil at a 45 degree angle so as to avoid damaging his vocal cords.A few degrees up or down won't be a problem though his voice is not very pleasent sounding anyways.Here is my card aand it had all my details.If it is alright sir,I would like to take mu sister in law out for a meal and then we can come to the police station directly."Though it was not against the rules to come to the police station a bit later,it was also usually the norm to finish interviews first but the police officer agreed because he could see the other man had only given him face by asking and had no intention of taking no for an answer.

Mi Rae,who was currently speaking to the deputy officer looked up to see the man who claimed to be her brother in law and was told,"Sister in law.Let us go for a meal if you do not mind and then we can continue the police investigation."

Throughout this,the person who had been most silent was Director Lee.When he saw that Mi Rae and Ah Hai were about to leave,he wanted to speak out but before he could open his mouth,Ah Hai narrowed his eyes at him and looked pointedly at the pen on the table..Director Lee shut his mouth imediately.

Mi Rae followed Ah Hai quietly but she had many questions currently swirling in her brain.The top one being what was he doing here?And why was he addressing her as sister in law...not that he minded..but why was he here?Why?

They exited the building and Mi Rae saw the police officers dragging an unconscious man out of the car.These brothers were a scaty lot to say the least..But before Mi Rae could think anymore or feel anything else,she felt a sliver of relief spread through her at the danger that had just pa.s.sed her.After walking along for a few moments,Ah Hai guided her to an old looking car which looked totally out of place in this new offices district and like his brother opened the car door for her.Hm..she wondered is she should deduct some points from Neil's magnetism because all these brothers were well mannered and Neil's habit of opening and closing doors for her was nothing special but a result of his upbringing..."Focus Mi Rae...You are really getting into a car with a man who is a dangerous killer mostly and has yet to say anything to her.He had essentially kidnapped her..

Finally as the old car went into drive,Mi Rae looked at the man beside her and asked,"Why are you here?"

Ah Hai looked at her and said,"To meet you and pay you my respects.Of course."

Mi Rae had by now regained her bearings enough to ask sarcastically,"Officer Long.Isn't it too impolite of you to directly approach me and address me as your sister in alw when your brother had yet to intorduce us?Or the fact that he had not even mentioned you to me ever.In fact apart from the news couple of years ago and when I fought the case Ru's custody,I have never even heard of you.."

As Mi Rae spoke,she failed to notice that Ah Hai's hands had clenched on the stearing wheel and his voice had turned a degree colder when he asked,"Has he spoken to you about his first love Ning Ning?Ever?"

How did they reach this topic from his reasons for suddenly visiting her,she had no idea.But it was no loss to her if she answered his questions so she said,"In pa.s.sing.But Alicia has told me a lot about Neil's first love..."

Mi Rae said nothing after that but she wanted to scoff,"First love!Hah!More like fake love!"

Ah Hai gave her a side glance and said,"I am here to give you more information about that .You must want him to tell you everything but here is me and elder sister in law giving you the details..But sometimes talking about the past brings shame to other people.Neil will never tell you the entire story because it involves the protection of his youngest brother.But just like my older brother does not want my wounds exposed so that they can be healed,I want to heal his wounds.I have been told that you took the lead in their relations.h.i.+p and have fought to win his love..I cannot thank you enough for doing that.And to show my grat.i.tude and support,I would like to reveal many unknown details about the past which will give you a clear understanding of the person Neil is and was."

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