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"Pft, did he think that we would buy his sob story? Li Xiu seemed perfectly fine. In fact, he wouldn't shut up about how someone would come and rescue him!"

Xiao Li did not usually give remarks with such intense emotions, which led to everyone stopping mid-eating and staring at him.

"Wh… Why?" Xiao Li asked uncomfortably.

"Clap, clap, clap…" Everyone looked around and started clapping emotionlessly.

"Ay, stop it. I'm only telling the truth as it is," explained shyly as he Xiao Li touched his nose.


"That wasn't a compliment! You idiot!"

Zhu Jing gave him a hard slap on his back as she insulted him. Xiao Li sat down in embarra.s.sment, causing everyone to burst out in laughter.

A confused Bai Wu raised his gaze to make sense of the situation. Xu Lan put a portion of beef in his bowl.

"Here, have some meat."

Bai Wu tasted the beef and nodded his head in approval. Xu Lan took a few more pieces for Bai Wu, but he put them into Xu Lan's bowl instead.

"Papa, you should have them. They're delicious." Bai Wu looked at Xu Lan with his big watery eyes, antic.i.p.ating Xu Lan's words of affirmation.

Xu Lan chuckled and ran his finger through Bai Wu's hair, "Good boy, finish off your meal and we'll head back."

Liang Yu looked at them curiously as he took some beef for himself.

Contrary to Bai Wu's looks, he could tell that Bai Wu was not… He brushed off the thought and decided to focus on his food.

According to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, Li Xiu was sentenced to life imprisonment. Shen Xiang organized a press conference, detailing the events that unfolded over the past few days. Even Qin Lao came over and Hu Cheng's son, Hu Hai, finally had his name cleared. The media professional's death came following a police operation, but the person who pulled the trigger was not Hu Hai. In fact, Hu Hai sent over a team to search for the person.

The police force and the media were no longer on bad terms. Sun Fei told Shen Xiang that he was envious of how Xu Lan had a son. His colleagues teased them and Shen Xiang glared at them in annoyance.

Meanwhile, Qin Lao urged Xu Lan to go back to the hotel to start packing, so that he can head over to the Central Science Park as soon as possible.

"Papa, we're leaving now?" Bai Wu ran over to Xu Lan and asked happily when he noticed that Xu Lan was packing. Prior to that, he spent a long time with Liang Yu.

"Uh huh." Xu Lan glanced at him and got back to packing.

"Papa!" Bai Wu shouted angrily.

"What now?" Xu Lan had a lot on his mind and the little guy was not helping.

"Papa! I'm really angry now! Hmph!"

Bai Wu stomped his feet and turned around, waiting for Xu Lan to placate him. Realizing that Xu Lan still was not there after a while, Bai Wu turned back to take a peek and their eyes met.

Xu Lan remained rooted as he stared at Bai Wu, refusing to budge.


Bai Wu wailed loudly. The fact of the matter is Xu Lan could easily pacify Bai Wu just by heading over to him. After all, Bai Wu was upset because he felt neglected. It did not help that Bai Wu was extra emotionally sensitive lately.

As he cried, he could not resist stealing a glance at Xu Lan, making him cry even louder! Xu Lan stood his ground, ignoring Bai Wu and continuing to pack his luggage.

"Papa, Hic… Sob, sob… Hic, Papa…" Bai Wu walked over in tears, tugging at the corner of Xu Lan's s.h.i.+rt. Xu Lan glanced at Bai Wu briefly, offered Bai Wu his handkerchief and went back to packing.

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