My Boyfriend Is A Dragon Chapter 65 - Discussing the Importance of Coquettishness

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Chapter 65: Discussing the Importance of Coquettishness

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Bai Wu vehemently opposed seeing Qin Lao. He stuck by Xu Lan’s side and sat down. With an upset expression that bordered on crying and a body that trembled ever so slightly, Bai Wu was afraid. That was Qin Lao’s impression of Bai Wu through direct observation. It was hard for him to wrap his head around the fact that this was the same giant dragon that wrecked the laboratory’s employees.

After that incident, Qin Lao made sure some instant cardio-reliever pills were always on him. He was thoroughly unable to adjust to Bai Wu’s state of mind when alone and with Xu Lan; Bai Wu could freely move between a brutally violent mode and a meek, docile one. At one time, Qin Lao suspected that Bai Wu may have a disease of the mind, or to put it in a less tactful manner: a mental disorder.

“How did you meet Bai Wu?” Qin Lao asked kindly.

Xu Lan frowned, and with a dumbfounded look, he answered, “I found him.”

“When did you find out that he was a dragon? Were you ever scared?” Qin Lao pursed his lips and smiled amicably.

Bai Wu tugged nervously at Xu Lan’s arm; he antic.i.p.ated, though fearfully, for Xu Lan’s answer.

“He’s so adorable. Why would I be scared?” Xu Lan held Bai Wu’s hand while smiling pamperingly and indulgently.

“Mm.” Qin Lao nodded somewhat confusingly. “Here’s the thing, we’ve decided to let you stay in Central Science Park. I believe you’ll be worried if he’s all alone here. You won’t refuse this offer now, would you? We’ve also mentioned before that we can provide a home for you. You just need to make sure to bring him to the research inst.i.tute at the stipulated times so that we can examine him and take samples. What do you think?”

“These experiments…are they the kind where you have him lie down on an operating table and stick tubes into him from head to toe? You won’t be treating him like a lab rat now will you?” Xu Lan covered Bai Wu’s ears and asked in a startled tone.

“Er, these things can’t be helped. But we’ll do our best to minimize any surgical risk. We’ll only commence tests in a situation where his body won’t be adversely affected.” In light of Xu Lan’s blunt question, Qin Lao’s face became slightly unsettled, and he strenuously forced out a smile while answering.

“Tch, you make it seem pleasant, but do I have a choice? If I don’t agree, I probably wouldn’t be able to see him,” Xu Lan replied with a tinge of sarcasm.

“Hehe, so it’s settled then. You’ll stay with us from now onwards and we’ll directly transfer all your case files and information from G City.” Qin Lao smiled. Apart from the insufficiently astute point of keeping Bai Wu hidden away, the rest seemed to be going alright. He even managed to snag someone who could clean up the mess.

“That’s not possible. I need to go back right now. A string of murders occurred in G City, and I’m the person responsible for the whole case. The deadline is fast approaching and I need to go back.” Without thinking too much, Xu Lan declined Qin Lao’s proposal to transfer the case files and countered with conditions of his own.

A now-displeased Qin Lao frowned. His originally wrinkled face became even more worn out, and Bai Wu casually smiled. Qin Lao had prematurely laid down his offer, and his face felt rather sore. Still, it did not hinder the negotiation process, since he was someone with vast experience.

“No. What if you run away?”

“You can send men to follow me.”

“No. The dragon’s too good. My mind won’t be at ease if there are too few men, but too many, and it’ll cause confusion.”

“You can use a tracking device, you can even embed it in my flesh, no problem,” Xu Lan tried conceding.

“No. What if he runs away?”

“Hahaha,” Xu Lan burst into laughter. “Do you really think he’d leave me?”

The main reason for Xu Lan’s distress was the fact that Bai Wu was unwilling to be left on his own. After everything that happened that day, Xu Lan did not know what would happen if Bai Wu had gone to another place. Would Bai Wu go mad and destroy everything in sight, or would he silently cry all by himself? Perhaps it could be both?

Either way, Xu Lan was not prepared to witness that sight.

“Fine. We’ll set up a tracking device and have someone accompany you back.” A conclusion arrived after some deliberation.

“Tsk, you old fox,” Xu Lan looked back and clicked his tongue.

“Haha, we’re all set then. I’ll immediately a.s.sign someone to you. Tomorrow you’ll be heading back. At least we’ll be able to save some time so you can rest.” By then, Qin Lao had a vibrant smile on his face. With the aid of his walking stick, he slowly walked out.

Not long after, the a.s.sistant came in and brought Xu Lan to implant the tracking device. A young man accompanied the a.s.sistant and revealed himself to be their bodyguard for the next few days. ‘Motherf*cker! I have such a huge dragon with me, and still, you give me this lousy bodyguard?’ Xu Lan curled his lips and ignored the bodyguard, then he brought Bai Wu with him for the installation of the device.

On account of Bai Wu’s ineligibility to be counted as a member of the population, the bodyguard finally decided to start the car and send them back to G City. At the very last minute, Qin Lao gave Xu Lan a phone that was capable of making video calls – a smartphone. Its purpose was to enable him to make a video call before every meal so they could check up on Bai Wu.

Xu Lan was rather pleased with that little plaything. When he arrived in this world, his lack of funds meant that he could only buy a basic functional phone. Now that he had a smartphone again, he felt as though he had traveled a century into the future.

“Ay Xiao Xuan, did you notice any weird urges when everyone started the car, until… And now, we interrupt this program with an important news. Another woman was found dead this morning in G City. We are now live from the scene of the crime. The deceased died in the same manner as the previous four cases. It is the fifth murder to happen in less than two months, and all of the victims were female. We urge all women to refrain from leaving home at night or alone.”

The whole car sank into a deathly silence. The murder had happened on the very same day! When everyone had been busy searching for Bai Wu, the murderer struck again!

“Young man, can I trouble you to go a little faster?” Xu Lan urged nervously.

“I’m going as fast as I can. Any faster, and I’d be breaking the speed limit,” the young man answered.

“…” His left his previous cell phone at the mountaintop so there was no way for Xu Lan to enquire upon the situation. In the beginning, he expected the killer to take advantage of the mess and make a run for it, but that was not the case. It affirmed Xu Lan’s opinion of the situation. In that case, who was the victim?

When Xu Lan surfed the web, G City’s murder had already occupied the headlines of every website. Hu Cheng would definitely have thrown himself back into the case without so much as sparing a moment for a breather.

All of a sudden, Xu Lan scrolled down and stopped at a particular tableau: it was a picture. The image depicted Shen Xiang in an almost-insane, vixen-like manner. She was grabbing Hu Cheng’s collar while deriding him. Hu Cheng was downcast and refused to speak. The other colleagues had a similarly saddened look on their face.

If it were Shen Xiang, Xu Lan heart might be lifted slightly.

“How long till we reach?” Xu Lan asked despondently.

“Around three hours.”

“Papa?” Sensing a change in Xu Lan’s demeanor, Bai Wu s.h.i.+fted closer to him and asked worryingly.

“Mm, it’s nothing. Do you wanna rest for a bit? It’s still early.”

Despite the stormy sea brewing inside of him, his exterior remained as calm as the surface of a lake. Veins were bulging faintly on his well-defined temples, and he ground his teeth so forcefully that his jaw muscles appeared even more prominently. Even though he was unwilling to admit it, the feeling became stronger and stronger. The victim was none other than Wu Wendi!

Bai Wu looked at Xu Lan and then at the bodyguard who was driving. He kept his lips shut and fell back into Xu Lan’s embrace.

“Papa, can you buy me some new clothes? Buy me something that’s like his.” Bai Wu pointed at the young bodyguard. “I’ll definitely look way better than him!”

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