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Chapter 269: Protection

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Qiao Yi’s eyes became radiant upon hearing them. He roared wildly and flapped his flame-red wings so he could soar along with the heat thermals. His bones began piercing through flesh and scales. They emerged frighteningly, shockingly, and in rapid succession.

Everyone let out a gasp of surprise immediately after the white fog dissipated. The former leader was displaying a whiteness that was purer than anything displayed before – he had turned into the perfect white dragon!

A white radiance was surrounding Bai Wu as he flapped his white wings to remain hovering in the air. His dragon might disperse unrestrainedly and it was enough to cause all clan members to acknowledge his greatness. The tiny speck of vermillion was shed off of his elegant horns, and his icy eyes stared at Qiao Yi like the grim reaper. His powerful wings, robust body, and st.u.r.dy long tail were akin to an artist’s meticulous sculpture: they were displayed before everyone’s eyes, catching all of them off guard.

Qiao Yi took a step back. With a loud bang, he came for Bai Wu and attacked at high speed. Bai Wu curled his pure white wings and wrapped them around himself. He rose into the air slowly. Faint snowflakes began falling from above; decorating the ground below. As always, he had grandeur, n.o.bility, and gracefulness; it was as if he never left his position in the first place. In addition, all those past experiences – which he could not bear to think about – seemed to have never happened at all. At that moment, time appeared to have slowed down.

Xu Lan brushed off the snowflakes on his head. His nose was red from the cold and he began coughing. There was phlegm in his throat and he was unable to speak. Xu Lan did not belong in their world.

The speed with which Qiao Yi swooped down did not seem to decrease in the slightest. A bunch of formless arrows surged toward Bai Wu and wrapped him up. Just as the dark matter was about to swallow him whole, his snow-white wings swooshed open in the sky. With a span of seven or eight meters, they caused the dark matter to back off and cower. It was as though a saintly ray penetrated through the dark smoke and illuminated the ground below it.

Crystals were falling down in a stream, and with a swis.h.i.+ng sound, they all turned into ice needles that darted toward Qiao Yi.

“Such a measly trick!” Qiao Yi chided in disdain. The ice needles disintegrated with a simple flap of his flaming wings. Lightning coursed through his withered dragon bones, and a resplendent brightness was emanated.

Bai Wu said nothing and instead, repeated the same movement of rising slowly while being wrapped in his own wings. The snowfall increased to a point where a thick layer of snow was carpeting the ground. Qiao Yi was not about to let Bai Wu have a breather. Like an impatient falcon, he chased after Bai Wu with his bloodthirsty claws.

The sky exploded with lightning and thunder. A thunderbolt bombarded the ice wall that Bai Wu had set up. It penetrated the icy layer with a snake-like nimbleness, entering loudly into the solid armor and generating a deafening sound and a cloud of black smoke.

“So what if you’ve been baptized by the Mother Nest? The dragon clan’s power is all mine now, even Mother Nest! What’s there for me to fear? HAHA!” Qiao Yi could not resist howling with laughter. At first, he thought that Bai Wu would be formidable after emerging from the Mother Nest, but as it turned out, Bai Wu’s strength was barely one-third of Qiao Yi’s.

“You’re drawing power from everyone?” Bai Wu finally spoke, though his sentence was less of a question and more of a statement. “At this height, maybe they won’t get injured.”

He lowered his head and saw his clan members writhing around on the ground like ants. They were calling out in pain. The suffering was too much for them and they crawled in search of somewhere they could go to. Low chants seemed to be sounding off beside their ears, urging them to keep on going.

From his teeth-filled mouth to his fierce-looking eyes, Qiao Yi’s face was trembling, he was not restrained by flesh and muscle, and was even more of a monstrosity than before! A simple flip of the hand produced a blaze and another, and then a few more. Later, a fireball that was able to cloak the earth was heading toward Bai Wu!

“Are you afraid that they’re hurt? HAHA! Shouldn’t you be more worried about yourself?” The fireball was covered in buzzing electricity, and it was spurred forward by the dark matter!

“… You’re unfit!” Bai Wu’s icy eyes shattered abruptly, and a golden ray shot out from within. The Golden Wildblade that disappeared earlier on appeared once again in the air!

Bai Wu’s ears could no longer hear the Mother Nest’s chants!

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