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"Dead, the five G.o.ds that fought against the Master Lin are dead, burnt to nothingness!"

"After my body was burnt, what were those little guys that flew out from my head? Could this be the legendary soul? So even after deities died, there would still be souls. Would their souls be able to be reincarnated like in the legends? Or maybe it's rebirth from possession … "

"With just his own strength, he burnt and killed five Divine Spirits. The strength of this Master Lin is too terrifying!"

"Where did that green-red flame come from?" How could there be such a terrifyingly high temperature? I'm afraid that even the core of the Sun's temperature is only this high! "

Along with the five ancestors of the Profound Feather Sect, their physical bodies and souls were burned to nothingness.

Whether it was the's Lakeside Villa at the foot of the mountain, the spectators watching Mo Tei's live broadcast, or the people watching it through the media, all of them fell into an unprecedented frenzy after the end of the battle.

The people in the world were also shocked.

"I never thought that Master Lin would really burn all five of the Profound Feather Sect's reclusive ancestor in a one against five!"

"The temperature of that flame is really too terrifying. Even though there is a screen between them, I feel like my eyes are going blind and my body is about to be incinerated."

"What a heaven defying Master Lin … Stay! No! "d.a.m.n!"

The headquarters of the Mi Fang secret base, their Master responsible, once again emphasized this matter in front of all the high ranking members of the Super Soldier Troops.

They had to set up an inescapable trap and catch a turtle in a jar after Lin Feng left to kill him. No accidents would be allowed in this matter.

"Fortunately, that Master Lin clamored to go to Mi Fang to demand an explanation. Otherwise, if I let him grow, who knows what kind of terrifying height he would reach …"

"I believe that after today's great battle, the Mi Fang will be even more organized, without a single flaw. The day that we set an agreement to demand an explanation must be the day that this Master Hua Xialin will peris.h.!.+ "

Aside from Hua Xia, all the other s and higher-ups sighed with fear.

"I just hope... Old Xu and his men will be able to arrive before the reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects decide to intervene. "

On the Chinese side, Super Soldier Troops s, Old He s, and the higher ups all silently prayed in their hearts.

… ….

peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain, a hundred meters in the air.

"Huff …"

Lin Feng withdrew the Azure Thunder Heavenly Flame and the Red Lotus Industry Flame that were still burning, and let out a heavy sigh of relief.

Then his body started shaking and his face turned pale. He looked extremely tired.

"The 'Heavenly Flame' is indeed powerful, but its energy consumption is just as terrifying. Given my current condition, I can only withstand one attack from the 'Heavenly Flame' once, even if I use all my strength."

When he had successfully attempted fusing with the flame, Lin Feng had already felt that fusing with the flame would cause his body to consume a huge amount of energy. However, it was only now that he realized he had underestimated the power of the successfully fusing the 'Heavenly Flame' as a method of attack. The consumption of his body was simply too terrifying!

He merely used the fused Heavenly Flames to burn off the resplendent blade-light that overflowed into the skies. After which, he exterminated the bodies of Zheng Hai's group of five, making it seem as if his entire body had been hollowed out. Not only was the immortal elemental energy depleted in his body, even his physical strength had been completely drained.

The current him, other than the fact that he had a body that was as tough as a peak-level spirit weapon's, was no different from an ordinary person.

… ….

reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects, almost at the same time, rushed over to the peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain s.

When they were less than a few thousand meters away from the peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain, they saw the scene of Zheng Hai, the leader of the five reclusive ancestor s, fleeing in all directions.

The next moment, a terrifyingly high temperature attacked from all directions. They only felt that all the water in their bodies had almost evaporated in an instant. Just a little more and they would have been roasted into mummies. Following that, under their fearful gazes, they could clearly see the scene of overflowing blade beams being set ablaze, followed by Zheng Hai and the other three. In the span of a single breath, they were completely incinerated, and their souls extinguished.

"This... This … How could it be like this! "

"So powerful!" What kind of flame is this Master Lin controlling? To think that it would be able to possess such a terrifyingly high temperature? "

"It's far more than 10,000 degrees or tens of thousands degrees Celsius, the core temperature of that blue-red flame just now definitely broke through the 100 thousand degree Celsius mark!"

Amidst their shock, the reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects involuntarily cried out in alarm.

After they received the news that the Profound Feather Sect was going to make a move, they immediately rushed over. Their biggest worry was that the five reclusive ancestor's would have powerful techniques before they arrived.

But they didn't expect that they would see such a result after rus.h.i.+ng to a place. The five powerful Profound Feather Sect s were annihilated in the blink of an eye.

"Rumor has it that in the Martial Dao Realm, the Master Lin's strongest foundation is his Chaotic Element Flying Sword and his two mighty abilities."

"This is utter nonsense. Just now, the flames that he was able to release with a temperature as high as 100,000 degrees Celsius was his strongest foundation!"

s.h.i.+fting their gazes, the reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects once again looked at Lin Feng with deep reverence.

Although Lin Feng was in an extremely sorry state and his body looked extremely weak, at a glance, he still carried a kind of terror that caused chills to run down one's spine.

"What is it? Are all of you here to die as well? "

As the cold voice fell, Lin Feng reached out with both hands, and spread open his palms upwards.

"Swish, swish …"

Two cl.u.s.ters of flame appeared on his left and right palms at the same time.

One was entirely green, while the other was a fiery red.


As soon as his voice fell, the 'Heavenly Flame' on his palm was extinguished, and by the time it was ignited once more, it had already fused back into one.


The temperature once again skyrocketed, in the core of the fire, it once again jumped to the high temperature of one hundred thousand degrees Celsius.

"It's these azure-red flames!"

Under the fearful gazes of the reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects, the trembling of their words could not be suppressed.

"No …" "I don't dare!"

They continuously shook their heads, and did not even have the courage to look directly at Lin Feng.

"If you don't dare, that's for the best!"

Lin Feng sneered.

"The reason why we came here, Master Lin, is only to be able to witness with our own eyes the battle between the peak experts."

"I didn't expect that we would arrive too late. As soon as we arrived, the battle ended."

"To be able to kill five ancestors of the Profound Feather Sect with your own strength, Master Lin, with your strength, is definitely worthy to be the number one person on Earth. It is our honour to be able to witness your elegance today. "


After a round of flattery, the reclusive ancestor s of the four sects clasped their hands together and bowed to the martial dao realm before turning around and leaving.

His footsteps were swift, and he was on the verge of escaping.


It was only when all the ancestors of the four great underworld clans had left that Lin Feng finally let out a heavy sigh.


The moment the 'Heavenly Flame' was extinguished from his palm, he was finally no longer able to suppress the slight tremble in his body. With a violent shake, he fell to the ground.

With the fusion of the Heavenly Flames, he had already exhausted all of his power to burn Zheng Hai's group of five to death. When facing against the reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects, he was only relying on a stubborn will to desperately persevere. Fortunately, the reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects did not linger for long before leaving.

Otherwise, the consequences would be unimaginable if he were to stay here for even a moment longer!

"Feng Er!"

"Lin Feng!"

"Big Brother Feng..."

At the peak of the mountain, the four Linnaeus s hurriedly rushed out of the villa.

They went forward and helped Lin Feng up from the ground in a hurry, their faces filled with deep worry.

"I'm fine, it's just that my body has been drained of all of its energy. I'll be fine after I rest for a bit."

Lin Feng forced a smile.


"Of course."

"That's good!"

The four people of Linnaeus heaved a sigh of relief.

Then, she anxiously supported Lin Feng and slowly walked towards the villa.

… ….

The reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects were very fast, and in the blink of an eye, they were already nearly thirty kilometers away from the purple bamboo mountain.

It was at this moment that everyone stopped in their tracks after hearing a sudden voice.

"The more powerful the battle skill, the greater the consumption of energy for the body. That Master Lin, using a wisp of azure-red flame to incinerate the five reclusive ancestor s, is definitely terrifying. However, it is likely that his body will also become extremely weak after unleas.h.i.+ng that destructive flame."

"You mean …" The rest of the people narrowed their eyes, deep in thought.

"On the outside, but on the inside!" The man in front continued: "I feel that Master Lin, when he faced us earlier, was only relying on his strong willpower to force us to retreat!"

"Now that you mention it, I remember that the green-red flame that was just ignited in front of us by that Master Lin is obviously much weaker than before."

"That's right, and his body seemed to be trembling non-stop when the azure-red flames were burning."

"The strike he used to kill Zheng Hai and the other three must have exhausted all of his strength."


reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects were discussing animatedly one after another.

"Let's go back and take a look!"

Amidst the clamoring voices, they had already formed an alliance and returned.

Their speed was extremely fast. In just a short moment, they had rushed back with a speed that was 12 times that of supersonic speed.

peak of Violet Bamboo Mountain, a hundred meters in the air.

The moment the reclusive ancestor s of the Four Major Sects returned, they clearly saw Lin Feng slowly walking toward the villa with the support of a few people.

"Haha, so it's like that!"

Everyone's face was filled with excitement as they loudly shouted,

"I never thought that the few old fellows from the Profound Feather Sect would actually give their lives up to us."

"Hand over your battle skill and then allow us to strip you of your ability. We can let you live!"

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