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Chapter 679 - Jade Marrow


The group of six swiftly rushed to the sh.o.r.e.

In front of them was a gigantic dragon elephant skeleton. There was actually a faint, sparkling light flowing within that skeleton.

"Within the dragon elephant skeleton, a Jade Marrow actually formed!"

Looking at the faint traces of sparkling and translucent light, Feng Canyun said excitedly.

"Look over there!"

Ouyang Kuangzhan looked in front of him and spoke once again. His tone carried an unconcealable shock and wild joy.

"These …!"

Everyone looked forward.

At this moment, he was truly shocked.

In front of them.

Numerous huge and astonis.h.i.+ng dragon elephant skeleton s appeared one after another.

All the dragon elephant skeleton were standing tall, but very few had complete Dragon Elephant Fangs.

This was not surprising. Although the dragon elephant's tusks were the most solid part of its body, most of the dragons and elephants would choose to shatter them before they died.

Only a few would stay behind, let alone pour half of their power into the fang before they die.

Therefore, the value of the fang that Qin Feng had obtained was hard to estimate.

"With this many dragon elephant skeleton, there's a high chance that dragon's marrow will be born!"

Ouyang Kuangzhan's tone contained a ripple of antic.i.p.ation.

dragon's marrow, that was an existence even more precious than dragon-elephant pith.

A dragon elephant was the descendant of a dragon and a deity. Not only did its body inherit the immeasurable power of a deity's bloodline, but it also inherited the dragon's bloodline.

Therefore, although the majority of dragons and elephants embodied the blood of G.o.ds, there were still extremely rare dragons and elephants that possessed terrifying dragon might and displayed the power of dragons. These rare dragons and elephants were generally the imperial family of dragons and elephants, with pure bloodlines.

After death, there was a chance for a Jade Marrow that surpa.s.sed other dragon elephants to appear within the enormous skeleton. This kind of Jade Marrow was a dragon's marrow.

A simple dragon-elephant pith was enough to consolidate his cultivation, strengthen and refine his body. If a dragon's marrow appeared, the effect would be even more unimaginable.

"With so many dragon elephant skeleton, it seems like the legend of the Dragon Elephant's Cemetery is true!"

Feeling the fluctuations in the surroundings, Qin Feng spoke in a low voice.

"It seems so. It's just hard to imagine that such an astonis.h.i.+ng life form would fall in such a strange manner. After the end of the ancient era, the rumors about the dragon elephant quickly decreased. Now, rumors say that such a terrifying life form has completely disappeared!"

Feng Canyun sighed.

"I never thought that our group of people would be the earliest. Let's hurry up and start searching, forget about the dragon's marrow for now, let's refine the dragon-elephant pith out first! "To avoid any unnecessary trouble!"

The value of the Jade Marrow of a dragon elephant was incalculable.

If he consumed it, the benefits from its nourishment and refinement would be unimaginable. In fact, if he was talented, the amount of refinement would increase, and he would likely be able to form his own body as a strand of the power of the dragon elephant!

A dragon was, after all, one of the divine beasts and possessed boundless might. Therefore, the power of the dragon elephant was naturally unable to compare with the power of the dragon.

However, for everyone, being able to form the power of a dragon and elephant was something to be excited about, especially for Xuan Qianzhong. If he were to infuse the Nine Stage Dragon Elephant Divine Arts he cultivated with his own dragon-elephant pith, then the benefits were not something that everyone present could imagine.

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