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Chapter 240 - Flying Feather Sword Technique!

This claw was extremely sharp and emitted a black light, giving off a murderous aura.

Because of its appearance, the entire s.p.a.ce seemed to be filled with the sound of something tearing through.


The terrifying sword qi instantly collided with the sharp claws.

The strong shock wave from the explosion of the two instantly released a boundless power in the air. Those who got near to them didn't even have the strength to resist as they were torn into pieces by the frightening power.

"This bandit is also very strong!"

Hidden in the shadows, Yun Ruyin's eyes flashed, and she whispered into Qin Feng's ear.

"Mm …" "It's indeed very strong!"

Qin Feng's countenance also grew heavy.

He originally thought that among all the Black Tiger Bandits, the strongest would be at most at the fourth level of the True Spirit Realm. He never thought that there would be such a terrifying expert.

To be able to withstand Sun Wuxiu's sword qi attack, his cultivation was at least at Fifth Stage of True Spirit!

"How can a mere bandit group have such a powerful expert? This is unbelievable!"

Qin Feng frowned, he was secretly astonished in his heart.

A fifth level true spirit realm pract.i.tioner was absolutely one of the top.

Even the strongest person in the Holy Dragon Dynasty, Li Haidong, only had Fifth Stage of True Spirit, and was basically above everyone else!

Therefore, there was no need for this bandit expert to become a bandit. He could become the most important powerhouse of an empire!

Wealth and glory, inexhaustible!

"What? He could actually take my move?"

In the air, the expression on Sun Wuxiu's face also became especially solemn.

The person who made this move was clearly an expert, and he was probably not that much weaker than him.


Sun Wuxiu quickly waved his sword, causing a ripping sound to resonate in the air, Sun Wuxiu once again released his Sword Qi, locking onto his opponent, and shouted: "Who exactly are you? "If you tell me the truth, I'll let you go, or else …"

Then, before he could finish his words!

In the darkness of the night, a cold snort sounded out.

"Let me go? You think you have the ability to beat me? "

There was an indescribable arrogance in his voice.

Following which, one could feel that an astonis.h.i.+ng aura began to form within the village.

"You're courting death!"

Sun Wuxiu suddenly roared.

With a flick of his sleeve, the sword Qi that filled the sky quickly turned into a rain of swords.

This sword contained an aura that shook the heavens, and its strength was as heavy as a thousand kilograms!

The terrifying aura caused the entire world to turn pale, as though it could crush all enemies.

Flying Feather!

This was a powerful martial skill from the Flying Feather Peak, it required a large amount of points to exchange for. Normal warriors did not have the qualifications to learn it, they had to be true geniuses!

"This sword attack has a G.o.dly power. Its attack power can completely obliterate any true spirit master!"

"Unfortunately, although this sword technique is powerful, it does not have any increase in sword intent. Otherwise, its might would have been even greater."

"This Sun Wuxiu is actually not able to comprehend sword intent?"

Qin Feng's heart trembled slightly when he saw this scene, but he couldn't help but wonder in his heart.

If Sun Wuxiu knew of Qin Feng's thoughts, he would have given up fighting against the bandits and attacked Qin Feng.

Sword intent was not something that could be comprehended that easily!

Countless people had never been able to see through the door in their entire lives!

A person like Qin Feng, who had sword intent even at the Refinement Realm, was simply a genius that was hard to come by in a thousand years.

"Flying Feather Sword Art! You've actually cultivated it!"

Sensing the horrifying sword aura and powerful aura in the sky, the bandit expert started to feel fear.

"Hmph, you should feel honored to be killed by the Flying Feather Sword Art!"

Sun Wuxiu said with a cold smile.

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