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Chapter 1028 - Cooperation

"Black Lion... Ignore him! "

The blond youth said as he caressed the black cat on his shoulder.

"Meat bag, don't lower yourself to his level …"

Qin Feng spoke to the meat bun, unwilling to be outdone.

"Puchi …"

After hearing Qin Feng's address, the golden-haired youngster was stunned for a moment. However, he couldn't help but burst out laughing.

As for the meat bun, he covered his eyes with an injured face with a face filled with pain. Obviously, at this time, the name of the meat bun was inferior to the Black Lion.

However, the laughter of this golden-haired youngster caused Qin Feng to have a strange feeling. The voice of this youth was clear and feminine, completely unlike the voice from earlier.

"Cough, cough, cough …"

Ying Jiu could not help but cough. Only then did the golden-haired youth suddenly react, his face instantly becoming ice-cold, and then standing there, no longer saying anything.

"Qin Feng, what did you find in this G.o.dly temple?"

Ying Jiu was obviously the middleman, as he began to ask Qin Feng.

Qin Feng glanced at the Black Lion, and felt that this group of people who had come here, seemed to have some sort of relations.h.i.+p with this guy. However, since he was able to come here, then others might be able to as well.

His face slightly straightened as he said seriously:

This G.o.dly temple is not simple at all. Although it looks very ordinary outside, and its area is not very big, it seems to have its own world inside. There is a universe inside, and dense tunnels are like a maze.

Although he still had a lot of suspicions regarding the aura being emitted by the golden haired teenager, and Ying Jiu and Yue Yang's ident.i.ties, it was not the time to think about it.

"Also, before this, I met a stranger who was using a Primordial Bloodline. He was able to unleash power that was similar to that of a clone, which is very strange. If my guess is not wrong, someone has already arrived here before us …"

"Mm, we've already considered this point. Since the other party's information is unknown and we know each other, why don't we work together …"


Hearing Ying Jiu's words, the golden-haired youth immediately shouted out, as if he was displeased with Ying Jiu making the decision on his own.

However, he didn't continue speaking. Instead, he stared at Qin Feng with an ice-cold gaze, as though he was a criminal.


Qin Feng nodded.

Although Ying Jiu and the golden-haired young man were strange, and especially the latter, who had a dark aura around them, it was obviously the fluctuations from the Witchcraft. However, in this Sky Martial Continent, there were a lot of special techniques and techniques, and the aura they gave off was close to the aura of devils, for the time being, he did not want to pursue this matter too much.

Moreover, if the opponent had demonic spiritual energy, it would be beneficial to him.

Even though they were cooperating, Ying Jiu still had a headache.

At this moment, Qin Feng and the golden-haired youngster were looking at each other. Their eyes were ice-cold.

The two cats on their shoulders, one black and one white, stared at each other. From time to time, a series of 'meow meow' sounds could be heard coming from the pa.s.sage.

In an instant, Ying Jiu felt the biggest wave of regret he had ever felt in his life. If it was possible, even if he was beaten to death, he did not want to cooperate. No, he simply did not want these two fellows to meet again.

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