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Chapter 920 - Transforming Demons

"d.a.m.n it!"

"Mortal, you deserve to die!"

"Those who kill the G.o.ds, deserve to die!"

The demonic wind angrily howled. From within the deep black hole, waves of angry shouts came out.

Naturally, there would be more than one Ascension Demon Clan within the Desolate Cave.

Hawkwater was just a member of the Desolate Cave, and not the only G.o.d.


Behind the spatial tunnel, the goblin s roared ferociously.

Hawkwater died in front of him, how could they not be angry!


A vigorous and forceful long roar shook the void, and the spirit energy in the sky seemed to boil.

It was as if a huge wave of wind had kicked up and immediately spread out.


The s.p.a.ce shook, and a huge head peeked out. It was a golden ape!

Immediately after, the body of the ape was squeezed out of the tunnel.


When this golden ape appeared, its blood and Qi was like a rainbow, soaring into the clouds!

Fierce Tusk, covered in a thick layer of armor, exuded a violent aura!

Golden Ape!


This wasn't all, the deep spatial pa.s.sageway once again shook.

Once again, three Ascension Demon Race emerged from the formation, and their imposing auras soared to the skies!

It was a pitch-black python that was at least three hundred meters long. It was known as the 'Heaven Serpent G.o.d'!

It was a hundred zhang tall giant elephant, covered in brown fur, with two soaring fangs!

A white tiger with wings on its back and a murderous aura, known as the White Tiger G.o.d!


The moment the four goblin s appeared, the surrounding spirit energy became heavy!

Under the pressure of the four goblin s, countless demons kneeled on the ground with looks of reverence.

This was the strongest foundation that the Desolate Cave had, the foundation that allowed them to look down on humans!

In the eyes of the demon clan members, if the four goblin s were to join hands, the white bearded man was definitely going to die.

Even the white-bearded man's expression changed.

None of these four goblin s were weaker than the Hawkwater.

Among them, the Golden Ape had even already stepped into the triplicate of plumage realm, and its vitality was like a dragon, several times stronger than the other goblin s!

It had to be known that after stepping into the Ascension Realm, every step was extremely difficult.

When the other goblin s were still stuck at the 1st or 2nd level of the Ascension Realm, he had actually stepped into the triplicate of plumage.

"Human, who gave you the guts to dare offend the Desolate Cave?!"

The eyes of the Golden Ape were as red as blood.

At the same time, the Golden Ape's body moved, heading towards the white bearded man!

The other goblin s also followed suit.

As their figures scuttled about, the four goblin s separated into four different directions and surrounded the white bearded man.

The four goblin s seemed to have formed a battle formation as their auras linked together and formed a single ent.i.ty.

An incomparably monstrous aura enveloped the white beard, sealing off all routes of retreat for him.

"Human, if you kneel down and become a servant of a demon clan, I can spare your life!"

The Golden Ape spoke again. It seemed to be giving alms, but also seemed to be showing mercy.

To the Lord of Desolate Cave, maintaining the strength of her Desolate Cave was the most important matter.

Since Hawkwater was already dead, it was certain that it would decline a little.

If the white bearded man was weaker than them, Desolate Cave's power would advance instead of retreating!

That was why he had invited the white beard.

With the white bearded man's strength, he was able to cover up the gaps left by the Hawkwater.

As for his status as a human, it was a joke.

Humans, of course, could also serve the demon race!

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