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Travelling through the heavens, the True Dragon was revered!

Amongst the Heavenly G.o.d Beast Clans s, True Dragons was one of the n.o.blest existences!

The Lord of the Everlasting Imperial Family that they viewed as a dust bug was impressively a member of the True Dragons, and it made the two of them unable to believe their eyes.

With this reversal, compared to Qin Yi, they were the real bugs!

Just from the bloodline alone, it was not wrong.

How n.o.ble was the True Dragons's bloodline? In all the realms, there were very few bloodlines that could compare to it, and they were coveted by countless experts.

However, due to the tyranny of the True Dragons s, there was really no one who dared to possess the True Dragons s.

"I don't believe that this bullsh * t Lord of the Everlasting Imperial Family is a member of the True Dragons!"

The youth in black was going crazy.

From the intelligence he gathered, Qin Yi was clearly a human being, when did he become a True Dragons?

As for Qin Yi, when he destroyed the quadriphalanx, he had turned into a True Dragon, but very few people had seen it then.

The black-robed youth had sent out spies to gather intelligence; naturally, he hadn't been able to find anything.


However, the scene that followed caused their eyeb.a.l.l.s to pop out of their sockets.

The palace floated up and down amidst the heavenly tribulation as trillions of streams of immortal light descended. From within, a figure that could suppress the heavens emerged.

The boundless aura scared the youth in black out of his haughty att.i.tude.

"The incarnation of the Heavenly Dao?"

The black-clothed youth and the youth cried out involuntarily as they jumped up in shock.

This was the most supreme Heavenly Dao within a world. With the power of its source, it could evolve into a doppelganger with a battle prowess comparable to the Great Emperor.

Even their own sect masters and royal fathers did not dare to lightly provoke such an existence. With just a wave of their hands, they could shatter the world!


Sure enough, the The incarnation of the Heavenly Dao moved at will.

Wisps of energy descended from the nine heavens, causing countless mountains and rivers to shatter. The void was also shattered as chaos energy flooded back in.

This kind of power, was no different from a Great Emperor Paragon's attack!

"That The Undescended Kingdom, he should be defeated, right?"

Staring at the sky, the black-robed youth mumbled to himself with a stiff expression.

If a The incarnation of the Heavenly Dao that was comparable to a Great Emperor was fearless, then that would mean that the Lord of the Everlasting Imperial Family possessed a battle power that was comparable to a Great Emperor!

In that case, what they had said to comfort him before was a joke!

When he became an Emperor in a million years, would he look back?

Others were already comparable to emperors, but these words were simply laughable.


However, even if they did not wish for it, in the skies, Qin Yi and the The incarnation of the Heavenly Dao were fighting to the point of no return.

Even though Qin Yi was at a disadvantage, they did not lose to the The incarnation of the Heavenly Dao as they had expected.

"No, how is that possible?"

The black-clothed youth's eyes were wide open, filled with unwillingness.

Up till now, he did not doubt Qin Yi's fighting strength, but rather, was a great being that was like a divine dragon from the nine heavens.

Furthermore, it was an expert from the True Dragons.


The white-clothed youth gave a lonely smile. This was a state of mind that he was proud of, a state of mind that he had cultivated so ruthlessly that it could kill thousands of his sons and sons.

It had long since been completely broken. Thinking back to the words he had said to the black-clothed youth, it was like a clown jumping over a beam!


The white-robed youth didn't say a word. He turned and left.

He could not stay in this place any longer, otherwise, this Lord of the Everlasting Imperial Family would become his inner demon.

How ridiculous.

That Emperor clearly did not attack him, but it became his inner demon.


The young man in black sighed and left in desolation.

When the two of them arrived, they looked extremely handsome.

In the blink of an eye, he was gone, and his Chosen was dying!

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