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In the White Dragon City, there was a big commotion going on as news about the coming of the second prince started to circulate. The reason why the second prince coming to the White Dragon City was unclear, but the citizen of the White Dragon City felt rea.s.sured about him coming.

The crazy incident regarding the White Dragon Valley had made the people who lives near it were becoming paranoid. Even though it had been two weeks since the roars and cries of the Dragon and Phoenix had stop.

With the decrease of savage beasts and the situation of the White Dragon Valley becoming all the more mysterious. They were beginning to consider leaving this place.

Western Gate of the White Dragon City, the City Lord was awaiting the coming of the second prince himself. The City Lord had to meet with the second prince and asks how to solve this problem.

He too had been worried about the weird occurrences in the White Dragon Valley so he wanted to meet with the second prince as fast as he could.

"Why do you think did the Imperial Family come here for? Did they come here to save us from this predicament?" the a.s.sistant of the City Lord asked who was standing beside the City Lord.

"That should be it, but the second prince coming here personally isn't as simple as them helping us. There are three Saints coming here to venture into the White Dragon Valley, they seem to have some sort of important mission." The City Lord replied.

The secretary became silent after hearing there were saints coming to their city. The City Lord was a saint but the saints from the capital are the best of the best and was said to be strong enough to contend with the saints of the central region.

The both of them was put into a contemplative mood and soon figures from afar started to appear. These people were all riding on the back of black feathered beasts that was flying at lightning fast speed.

The feathered beasts all landed and the people who were mounted on the beast's backs got down. A handsome young man walked over to the City Lord and the City Lord cupped his hands at the young man before bowing his head.

"Welcome to the White Dragon City second prince." The City Lord sounded polite.

Chang Yun made the City Lord raise his head and asked impatiently, "Where is the students of the Piercing Heaven Academy? I need to speak to them." Chang Yun looked at the City Lord and the City Lord s.h.i.+vered.

Chang Yun at this moment was in no mood to have someone carry favors for him as the impatience in his eyes were too distinct and could be seen easily. What happened to make the second prince so shaken like this?

"They are in the White Manor, they are currently staying there as they plan to move out to search for their missing team member. We have stopped them from moving by stating that your highness would be coming today but it seems like the three students have no intention of staying, we…" The City Lord who was explaining the situation suddenly heard something.

"Second Prince Chang Yun!" It was Fang Guan who was quickly running towards their direction. Fang Guan's face reflected the tiredness he was having and the fact that he too was being too anxious.

Chang Yun saw them coming towards him and before Fang Guan can utter a word, Chang Yun already began to speak, "I have my own agenda so whatever you wish to seek me to help you with, I fear that I will be of no help.

"This time, I came here with the direct orders of the Emperor, I need to find someone and you three will be helping."

Fang Guan looked at Chang Yun and gritted his teeth before speaking, "We will help you to the best of our abilities, but can we ask you to help us find our missing member that faced the Black Tiger? That team member of ours is someone brilliant he is someone that will bring glory to the empire and I think it would be for the best to also see if he lived or died."

Fang Guan stopped talking and looked at Chang Yun who had a look of anxiousness on his face. Chang Yun suddenly stretched his arms forward and placed it on his right shoulder.

Chang Yun then said, "It would seem that our intention aligns with one another, don't worry, the one the Emperor made us look for that very same team member of yours. Now, I need you to tell me what you happened that day."

As Chang Yun initiated the questions and Fang Guan realizing what was happening. He immediately began to talk and as they talked they walked towards the gates and started heading for the Northern Gates of the White Dragon City before they even knew it.

The City Lord was left with his secretary and the other saints that was brought over by the second prince. The City Lord wanted to call out to the prince to make ins and outs of what just happened and what would happen to helping the city he felt a hand touch his shoulders.

"City Lord, don't take it into heart, what we are doing is something even more important than what it seems."

The City Lord became confused and asked what was happening, which the saint answered with, "Let's just say that if we fail find the missing member of Piercing Heaven Empire, your White Dragon City won't be the only one experiencing repercussions as our entire empire will too."

The saints shortly followed behind Chang Yun leaving the confused City Lord and his secretary. Just what kind of ident.i.ty was the one everyone was searching for? How come the emperor would send three saints just to look for one person?

[What is happening?]

The City Lord was confused but was only left to wonder. The City Lord was just some lowly position where he can learn important matters like that mysterious personage from the Piercing Heaven Empire. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Northern Gates, Chang Yun had Fang Guan what exactly happened in the White Dragon Valley and Fang Guan explained it as concise as possible. The event of entering and w.a.n.g Ling's disappearance to train at night was not missed out.

By the time Fang Guan reached a certain point of explanation when they reached the area where the ball of blood was prevalent, Fang Guan had already listed everything that happened.

[So the First Young Master dared to fight against the Black Tiger alone? No, that's incorrect, he was the strongest of them all so he thought that he would be the only to hold out long enough to have his teammates retreat.]

Nodding his head, Chang Yun said, "Don't worry, we will be sweeping the entirety of the White Dragon Valley to find First Young Master… Brother w.a.n.g Ling and bring him back."

The preparation of Chang Yun entering the White Dragon Valley with the other saint stage experts finished. They now stood near the entrance of White Dragon Valley.

The first layers of the White Dragon Valley was still the same with weak monsters walking around and hunting other beasts in order to survive.

"We will be bringing them back!"

Chang Yun proclaimed with all his heart. As they were talking, a figure suddenly started coming out of the White Dragon Valley.

The figure was fast and went pa.s.sed by Fang Guan and the others quickly without them noticing. The white figure stopped on its tracks as a young man appeared. The young man looked at Chang Yun and asked in a care free manner.

"Hey, what are you doing here, Brother Chang Yun?"

Fang Guan and the rest looked at w.a.n.g Ling as their jaws went wide open. w.a.n.g Ling responded with a light smile as he said.

"I told you people that I'll be returning correct?"

w.a.n.g Ling had come out of the White Dragon Valley and he… had wasted the effort of the Imperial Family of sending backups.


After the incident of the White Dragon Valley, w.a.n.g Ling immediately returned to the Piercing Heaven Academy with Bai Xue. It took them five days to return.

Bai Xue had been hiding herself inside w.a.n.g Ling's empty left sleeve so no one noticed her existence.

w.a.n.g Ling had to answer several questions regarding the Black Tiger. He said he didn't know as he fought it until he lost consciousness. There were doubts being placed on his testaments but w.a.n.g Ling just shrugged it off.

After returning to the academy, his team received the 50,000 points rewards and as if they had already talked about it. Fang Guan and the rest only took 5,000 points and gave him the rest.

"We won't be here if not for you." they said to him.

w.a.n.g Ling happily took the points from them and said farewells to them. He then went back to his dorms and began to cultivate, he didn't spend his points for the time being and just cultivated.

While he was cultivating, Bai Xue would either eat beast cores or sneakily go out to look around.

One more week later, Qigang had returned with the blood essence of beasts with devil bloodlines.

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