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With his eyes turning wide Jian Shen wanted to shout loudly and ask what the h.e.l.l was happening.

But, he managed to hold back and not do something which could make Yu Yan completely break down.

Patiently waiting for her who started crying once again after she said those words, Jian Shen felt his heartbeat speeding up.

"Yu Yan, what do you mean?"

"I... When I first learnt that I was pregnant, I was filled with happiness... But, I didn't want to become the woman who'd hold you back from greatness.... So, I decided to leave and settle down in a small village somewhere far and take care of our child.... But..... But.... "

"But our child died before it could even be born... I'm so sorry! It's all because of my useless body."

Still not saying anything, Jian Shen was about to ask the swords what was happening, but they started explaining on their own.

"This has nothing to do with her, husband. It's all our fault."

"We knew that she was pregnant, but didn't tell you anything since we also thought it was best if she left.... However, we didn't expect for the illness to remain inside her."

Ignoring the death of his unborn child, and the two swords who made a decision that wasn't theirs to make, Jian Shen asked, 'Does that mean her illness hasn't been cured?'

"Her illness has been cured, husband. It's just the remnant of it which killed the baby inside her."

"We're sorry Jian Shen. Like she said, if she was with you when this all happened, we definitely would've been able to help her."

Once again ignoring the swords, Jian Shen himself started to feel complicated.

On one hand, he was very nervous and didn't want to have a kid so soon, on the other hand, he felt sad from learning that his kid died and how much Yu Yan must've suffered.

"It's okay Yu Yan. Everything is okay."

"I tried really hard, but nothing worked at all!"

"I even focussed on improving my cooking so that if I met you again I could cook for you. But, I... "

"Shhhh.... I'm here now, am I not? You can cook for me whenever you want."

Weakly nodding her head, Yu Yan said, "After I learnt that it was my own body which killed out kid, I didn't dare escape this place and show you my face."

"I even... "

Listening to everything that Yu Yan said, Jian Shen was lost in his own thought when he suddenly noticed that she had fainted.

Hastily checking her pulse and vitality, Jian Shen sighed from relief. She had just fainted from being exhausted.

Picking her up, Jian Shen decisively chose to take her away with him.


Having entered the World Crest with the fainted Yu Yan, Jian Shen who was used to the surroundings which were covered in various huge trees, continued walking forward until he reached the clearing made by Yaomei sisters.

Pa.s.sing the patch of herbs which the sisters must've planted, Jian Shen didn't need to say anything as the two women came outside the bamboo house they made.

"What a pleasant surprise."

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"You rarely come in here Jian Shen, and you even brought a guest?"

Nodding his head unconsciously, Jian Shen went past the sisters and entered the small but comfy home.

Smelling the scent of flowers due to the number of plants there were near the windows, Jian Shen placed Yu Yan on the bed and patted her head.

Turning around to look at the two sisters, Jian Shen said, "Hua'er, Fang'er, take care of her for me."

Saying so, Jian Shen slowly removed Yu Yan's hand which was holding his sleeve. Kissing Yu Yan one last time on the forehead, Jian Shen left the World Crest and reappeared in the room.

Walking forward and opening the window, Jian Shen felt the cold wind making his hair blow up.

"You two had no right to make that decision."

"We know. It's ju... "

Stopping Qingyu by pinching her inside the realm where only they two were, Juew.a.n.g glared at her and mouthed some words.

"We're sorry, husband."

"We're sorry, Jian Shen."

Once again feeling complicated due to not knowing what he should do now, Jian Shen sighed and let the cold wind blow away all the emotions he was feeling.

No, it wasn't the cold wind which was making him feel refreshed.

The Intent of Heaven and Earth!

Having learnt that Yu Yan hadn't abandoned him as he thought, but she left with his future in mind, Jian Shen's fear of abandonment decreased by a lot.

Due to this, the emotions which were clouding his head also disappeared and made it clear enough to unconsciously comprehend the Intent of Heaven and Earth.

Since Jian Shen should've done this a long while back, even though he wasn't currently focussed on it, Jian Shen's body which wasn't able to cultivate properly due to his emotions suppressing it, started cultivating on its own.

Soon, Jian Shen also realized that it wasn't the wind which was changing the way he felt. It was due to comprehending the Intent of Heaven and Earth.

Unfortunately, Jian Shen had realized this too late and the breakthrough was finished by the time he could try and comprehend the Intent of Heaven and Earth properly.

Still, Jian Shen didn't feel too bad because his breakthrough was a success, and he could now try to comprehend the Intent of Heaven and Earth whenever he wanted.

What was on his mind other than Yu Yan, was the realization of how much time he wasted in the past year sulking like a kid.

If he was a little more mature, he would've long since entered the Dharma Realm.

Either way, it wasn't too late for him to realize that now. After all, Yu Yan was now with him, and Jian Shen could focus on cultivating and growing stronger without something nagging in the back of his mind and holding him down.

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