The Law God - Artic 62 Artic - Chapter 62 - First Stupid -

The Law God - Artic -

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«Mystic Power = 3.0»

Philosophy = Chess - 10.0

Abilities -

p.a.w.n (Sacrifice) (Rules In Details)


Knights (Rules In Details)


Bishops Of Artic (Rules In Details)


Artic was pretty surprised this time. The system had created a plan for himself to see the rules now. Artic didn't expect anything like this in general. That's why he wanted to talk to the system and see why.

«System why now I can see rules of my powers ?»

The system responded to him a few seconds later.

"When the user creates 3 abilities, he is now able to re-look at his rules. I don't have to say anything about new applications in the future.

Artic took a deep breath and spoke again. he had another question on his mind.

"So where did my Old World Market go?»

The system responded instantly.

«. When you want to enter, you just want it and you will enter it» Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

When Artic got his answer, he relaxed a little bit Then he got up from his where he was sat and started going to the others. Anabel and Liaka were already there. When Liaka saw Artic safe and sound, there was a strange light in his eyes. Artic looked at him slightly, shaking his head from side to side.

Liaka had only one smile on his face. But it was obvious there was something strange in it.

Then they jumped on horses to avoid wasting any more time, and they began to move forward to meet with the other members of the group. This time, Artic sat Liaka horse instead of sitting on the Anabel Horse, he sits the horse that Liaka was riding. He started talking with whispering behind his back.

"I understand your concern. But you don't have to do things like that. As a friend, I don't want to see things like that again»

When Liaka heard these words, he took a deep breath and after closing his eyes, he responded with just one word.


After Liaka answered, they started driving faster. They were all green plains. That's why they were able to move so fast. On average, 3 - 4 hours later, when it started to get darker, they met where they were supposed to meet.

The group's meeting was previously chosen by Liaka. This place was not connected to any city and served as an inn directly. They often provided places and meals for travelers and those on trips.

Artic walked through the gates of the great inn with the others. The inn's name was The Road Travel Inn. Mostly they all had a certain color outfit on. These outfits showed that young people were enrolled or studying in a mystic school.

Artic, Liaka and the others sat at the table in a corner. Liaka gave her a medallion before she ordered a meal. Then he spoke in a calm tone.

"I was going to give this medallion to you before. But right now, I saw fit to give. As a philosophical mystical of the council, you have earned the right to carry it.".

Artic picked up the medallion Liaka gave him and examined it. There was a sword symbol on the medallion. It was glowing slightly, and just above there is a name written on it "Council Judge". This was perhaps one of the first things he was given. In addition to being a representative, he's now a judge.

A few minutes later, I had food and drink. The group started drinking snacks. A lot of them didn't need food. But for fun and also for a lot of energy, no one was saying no to food. There were a lot of mystics, especially the mystics who drank for fun. Even though they couldn't get drunk, that's the way it was.

As Artic and his group continued to eat, a group of four young people came to them. Two of these young groups were girls and two were boys. They were all wearing a black suit. One of the young men looked at Anabel and Cindirel. Then he slipped into Milvin and began to speak arrogantly, inflating his chest.

"Hmm, why don't beautiful girls like you join us in eating with these marauders?"

He called out. Everyone in the whole inn heard the young man say.

Other students in the inn began to talk among themselves.

"The Tall Boy from the Dark Art School is making a scene with other people again."

Anabel and the other girls, who heard the young man say, began to look at the boy with the blood l.u.s.t in their eyes. The other girls and the other young man, who was behind the boy at the time, began to look insidiously at Artic and his group.

Artic didn't care about anything and just kept eating his food. The Tall Boy got angry when he saw this and hit Artic's plate with his hand. And then he spoke in a deep tone.

"I told you something. You can't ignore me.»

Artic stood up and slapped the boy in front of him with a smile on his face, groaning the whole inn. The boy knew the slap was coming and hitting his cheeks because of the pain on his cheeks.

He grabbed his cheek and after looking at Artic, he trembled and talked.

"You're done"

Artic smiled and thought from within.

"We have seen fools in this world too"

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