The Law God - Artic 57 Artic - Chapter 57 - Marten And Bitch

The Law God - Artic -

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The members of the group began to walk through the forest with different thoughts in their heads. They had discussed many issues, and the previous issue of the war was closed for now. Although the subject was closed, everyone was as sure as their name that the other people in the whole group were thinking about it.

Even though they were powerful, such a ma.s.sive war would mean that many would be wiped out. Apart from Liaka, they were all generally regarded as children in age. For this reason, they all had thoughts that bothered them.

They wanted to hear answers to questions like where they should go when there was a war when the war would take, and how much time they had left. If they wanted to survive, they would have to increase their power and at least become a Peak-level Mystic. If they didn't get to this level, they'd lose a lot of their lives.

Although mystics with abilities generally have more philosophical personalities. This was something that appeared especially in the mystics of philosophy. Different people like Hammir were emerging. But many of the philosophy mystics have personalities that like to explore and travel more than fight.

Meanwhile, Artic was walking alongside Anabel with slow steps. With a slight smile, he looked at Anabel and started talking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"How was it.did you struggle in the war?»

Anabel threw her red hair behind her ears and began to speak after slightly giggling.

"You've been wondering about my situation since when?"

and laughed a little louder. Artic did not expect an answer in this way, so he stepped up his steps with a cold expression and Liakaya caught up. That's when he realized liaka and Verun were talking about something.

After Artic arrived, Liaka smiled slightly and began to speak.

"Artic come Verun was telling us the story of a philosophical mystic who traveled on this land 10,000 years ago."

Artic started walking with them

"What's the feature of the story"

Verun smiled at Artic's reply and began to speak.

"The name of the person mentioned was Marten. Artic had a talent for someone who made this person special among philosophers. At an Advanced level just like us»

Artic felt his interest slightly swelled. Verun and Liaka noticed that. For this reason, they smiled lightly. And then Verun kept talking.

"Marten's talent was kind of a talent eraser thing. There were exactly three rules. After activating his ability, a rectangular white box appeared in his head. After this box appears, if the other person fulfills the three rules that Marten has chosen. Using the box in his head, Martem rendered his opponent's ability unusable for at least three days.»

Artic was surprised to hear about the talent. He never thought the skills would be used this way. But he didn't forget to write it aside. After that, he asked another question.

«So how did he die?»

Verun spoke after looking at himself with a sad face.

«There was a limitation to use the ability. That was enough for the ability to limit it. But the limitation is that "I will die when someone other than me finds out of one of my three rules."

It was mentioned as.

Artic had an understanding confirmation with his head. He was able to use the ability because he set such a limitation. But it was the trouble that he was killed by limitations. And then Verun kept talking.

"I don't want you to get the wrong way. He wasn't killed in a war. The people who wanted to kill him confronted him with a woman. Marten loved her very much, and she thought she loved him. One day, right on this land, Marten and the woman he loved ran away. After a while, she acted as The Woman Marten and was captured by the supporters and became their prisoners. Marten had to tell one of his rules to save her.

When Artic heard these things, he felt that his human emotions were slightly back. He felt a great deal of anger towards her.

"Afterwards, Marten had intercourse before his eyes, the woman and his enemies he loved before his last breath. No one knows why this enemy came up, but. Since then, Marten Is known as The Philosopher in Love, and the woman he loves is Love the b.i.t.c.h»

Artic took a deep breath and began to look at the slightly sunny sky. Marten was really bad. All Artic wanted was not to die like this in the future. Being in a situation like this and living in a situation like this was probably worse than death. He thought, Artic.

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