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The Law God - Artic -

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Artic kept thinking deep-down. He was looking at a cup of tea and he was looking at Garlin. He didn't quite understand what he was supposed to do. But he also had to do something.

At that moment, Garlin began to speak in a fun tone.

"Artic, if I was going to hurt you. That would be very simple for me. So you don't have to worry»

After artic Garlin's words, he seemed to have regained consciousness. Garlin was right, if he was going to hurt himself, why would he have to do something like this? So he picked up the tea and took a sip.

The tea had a slightly creamy taste. But it was refres.h.i.+ng and sweet. After taking a few more sips, he put the tea on the table and looked at Garlin.

Garlin shook his head smiling. And then he started talking.

"Everything necessary is over. and now I want you to go to the castle looking building next to this castle. That castle is called Power Academy Castle. You'll learn to use your powers there. They'll also show you a practical point of view of what I'm telling you.

When Artic heard that he would have the chance to watch the story directly, he stood up directly with a smile on his face and walked out the door after thanking Garlin.

With quick steps and excitement in his eyes, he came out of the castle and flew towards a castle-like place with four nearby towers and soon came to his doorstep.

The door he came from was different from the door of this other castle. This door, containing symbols and strange creature figures he had never known, looked quite mysterious and majestic.

He pushed the door lightly and walked in through the door. He was really surprised at the time. He saw a lot of young girls, a lot of young men around. They're all arguing about something. They drank their tea or alcohol in a café-like place around the corner. He didn't expect an environment like this. As Artic continued to be surprised, a man called out to him.

«Hey what's your name? What are you doing here»

Artic looked back at the man who called out to him. Artic's height is now the same as his predecessor, i.e. about six feet tall. But the man who called out to him was at least 2.5 meters tall. Artic was left with the man with something like a dwarf.

He swallowed it a few times and responded with slight concern.

"My name is Artic, I'm the continental representative, I was sent here by Mr. Garlin."

After Artic's words, the giant man laughed.

"How scared you are, but how much I scared you."

Artic looked at the giant man confused. Then he saw someone he didn't realize before. There was a man in his 30s, about five feet tall, behind him.

The man looked at him with an embarra.s.sed expression and began to speak.

"I'm sorry, he's a bit of a joker. My name is Liaka, Funny-Giants - Advanced Mystic ?»

Artic shook his head in an understanding way, and then he spoke.

«I'm Artic, Intermediate Mystic in Disease and Healing.»

The man named Liaka closed his eyes and shook his head as he understood.

"I'm sure you must be confused about coming here."

After Liaka said these things, Artic pointed to what looked like a round coliseum inside the school. And then he started talking calmly.

"Go to that Coliseum. Tell the officers there you're the new representative. They will show you what to show.»

Artic smiled after the man's words. Then he thanked him. and he headed straight to do coliseum

He was probably going to see a practical demonstration of what he was told in this coliseum. That's why his curiosity was at an end.

Artic advanced to the coliseum with these thoughts in his head. It soon came to a sphere door. The door was completely plain and was only round and brown. Other than that, it didn't have any detailed features in any way.

Artic pushed the door with these thoughts in his head and opened it. After opening it, he saw the general area of the coliseum. Different students were practicing with each other. Some tried their talents on giant puppets. Artic, who saw all this, couldn't take a deep breath.

"I have fun reasons to live"

He Thought.

That's when a young girl came up to him and started talking. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

«Can I have your name ?»

Artic looked at the girl, who was about five feet tall but had a slightly sneaky look in her eyes and said her name without any changes in her face.

When she heard Artic's name, she started talking. The slyness in his eyes was gone.

"h.e.l.lo, Representative Artic, please follow me so you don't get confused so that we can practice the topics you've been told."

Artic began to follow her by saying from within eventually. Everyone was always saying something. But now he wanted some action, Artic.

He started to follow the young girl with exciting steps

After following the young girl for a while, they came to a door in the corner of the coliseum. The door was in a place that wouldn't attract much attention. The young girl walked through the door and artic came in.

Artic saw a brand-new Coliseum after he walked through the door. Inside this coliseum were two white puppets and a black 1.80-year-tall puppet.

Artic was surprised

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