The Law God - Artic Chapter 284 - Artic - - 284 - The End Of Red Fire Moon Planet

The Law God - Artic -

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Ah, Puch was not a powerless G.o.d. He had a very strong place among the yeast G.o.ds and had a glorious story.

"Buried beneath the crust of the world descends the cruel of torment. The topmost of which are realms of torture and vile inhumanities, home to denizens of darkness and malice. Yet, further into the black below, at the inkiest recesses can be found the horrific ninth h.e.l.l. Here are dwells a deity of true evil, gloating over each corpse he's claimed with macabre glee, and relis.h.i.+ng the moment more of these lesser souls are his. He is Ah Puch, the mightiest lord of the ninth h.e.l.l."

"When night falls, Ah Puch roams the land, crowned by a wreath of human eyes, gruesome skull face bared for all to witness, accompanied by the shriek of ghostly howls. All that live are his for the taking. If Ah Puch finds a human in the night, he kills and drags the unfortunate into endless oblivion. Only those who are already wracked by his servants, those caught in gut-wrenching wailing, m.o.a.ns of agony, and fits of mania are safe from his touch."

"Hide now, all men and G.o.ds, for the age of eternal night have come. Ah, Puch will reap anything that lives. There is great vacancy left in the nine, and the Horrific G.o.d of Decay wishes only to fill it."

Ah, Puch, remembered the old times , when people created stories for him.But this was not time think about the old times. he was aware of the situation. The fact that Jormungandr came here for a human being was strangely affecting the situation. He was also aware of his powers. He'd probably lose if he went into a one-on-one battle with Jormungandr. Every mythological G.o.d had their level. For example, Ah Muzen Cab or Camatotz couldn't fight him and they didn't want to fight.

But what was at stake here was jormungandr. This G.o.d is not just in his mythology. In general, he was a creature that managed to scare even the G.o.ds in other mythology.

Artic and the others who lost consciousness woke up when all this continued to happen. When they saw there was no Gargoyle around, they stood up relieved. Artic knew more or less what was going on. But he had no intention of explaining it. yes, he meant well to his friends. But that didn't mean he'd explain any kind of incident.

"Let's keep moving."

Red Tree Lord was moving forward without letting the situation get back mixed up. Likewise, the others began to follow him. Artic was relieved to see that his teleportation skills were coming back.

Of course, even he didn't know what subjects Ah Puch or Bat King were talking about.

"We can't do anything about it. As he said, don't give that group and the person too much trouble."

After the fire spoke, he disappeared as if he had never existed. This fire was something Ah Puch used as communication. As G.o.ds, they couldn't go anywhere with their physical bodies all the time. They were going to go, but because everyone was trying to be cool, they were making things up. That's why they weren't making moves like this.

Bat King - who knelt lightly after the words of his G.o.d, then turned around and began to examine Artic and His Group again, and began to think about what kind of test he would give them.

"Starium level creatures cut each one. It's best to get them out of here without ever messing with them."

Bat King wasn't normally an a.s.set to do something like this. But the reason he's in this position right now is fear. Bat King was a knowledgeable a.s.set, and he was already over 10 billion years old. If there are a problem and the human being is damaged during the test" "Jormungandr" is not just self-worth. He was going to destroy his entire race. That's why he wanted to send them out of here in no time.

After Bat King shook his hand, artic and his group came out in front of him. After examining the door, the group that didn't notice a trap came in. there were a lot of treasures inside, and every treasure was worth it.

Artic turned around and examined the Red Tree Lord. It wasn't just him, they were all looking at one treasure. The name of this treasure was simple. Artic looked at the treasure they were looking at.

"Ring Of Freedom (Red Fire Moon Planet"

"This Ring Activates, the user of this ring and his 10 friends can break off this world (Red Fire Moon"

Level - Sacrom Being

Artic knew now why they wanted to come here. Thanks to this ring, they would eventually be able to escape from this planet they had been staying on for years. That was a very important point for them. At that time, The Red Tree Lord looked at the creatures and then looked at Artic and took a deep breath after shaking his hand.

"Thank you for everything. We'll help you with wars or fun as much as we can."

Artic smiled and said nothing, and he just started watching. Red Tree Lord took the ring in his hand and focused on it, along with all the creatures in the red tree lord's mind but not here at the moment, with a total of 10 creatures, Red Fire Moon Planet they left the planet.

Artic took a deep breath and looked back. And then he started talking to the system.

"System, turn all the treasures here to system points."

Artic gave orders without thinking. He had gained a lot of knowledge of this journey. So he understood that the most important thing was the person's own strength and level. Therefore, no treasure intimidated him.

After those words, the system began to talk to him.

"A total of 563 Treasures are being converted. Do you approve."

Artic took a deep breath and spoke from inside.

"I approve"

With Artic's approval, each of the treasures turned to dust and flew directly towards the system's holographic display.

After a few minutes, Artic would have been able to see how much the system gave him. At that point, Artic sat on the floor and began to gather all the things he had learned in his mind.

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