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The Law God - Artic -

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The situation was noticed because many mystics were voluntarily researching this issue. During their research at the Red Fire Moon organization, they angered an ent.i.ty that was stronger than galaxium level ent.i.ty.

As a result of this situation, the angry ent.i.ty soon began to destroy the Red Fire Moon directly. It didn't harm Moon itself, it just damaged the members inside and the structures that were built in the same way.

But there was one thing it didn't know.

Red Fire Moon management thought about this kind of situtation can happen to them. As a result, many of the people who ran the organization were experienced people at the Galaxium level. They also installed an error protection system to take advantage of this situation.

If there was a problem, if the ent.i.ty they were investigating awoke, or if a similar error occurs, they would attack the ent.i.ty directly with the secret weapons found on the moon before they started to project.If they research an ent.i.ty that powerful than a Galaxium level ent.i.ty , they do know how to destroy it to..

A lot of people couldn't stop thinking about it when they found this information. How could they destroy a person higher than Galaxium level? Or rather, what kind of technological weapon could have accomplished such a thing?

Veno, a mystic known as a mysti researcher, was told a very simple explanation to people and beings who curious about this information.

"Maybe a technological product may not be able to do that. However, if the Red Fire Moon had captured an ent.i.ty higher than galaxium levels in its recent days, they were likely to capture an attack-type treasure that was above the Galaxium level."

Veno's words erased all the thoughts and curiosities that haunted Artic and others who learnt the knowledge. Maybe it was really hard to kill the presence mentioned by technology.

But if there was a treasure that could be used as an attack-type that was on the same level as the creature, It is possible to kill the ent.i.ty with big price.That was the price the Red Fire Moon paid for.

Their demise

For this reason, people had stopped discussing the issue and began to discuss how they were going to the ruins. Many organizations have tried to get in through the red thin energy curtain.

Mystics attacking with their galaxium forces, organizations, and countries trying to enter by experimenting with different treasures. But none of them were able to get in.

One day, one of the young mystics managed to get in. This incident attracted the attention of the forces in all the stars around. What they learned after they investigated the young man was quite simple.

Every 300 years, the Red Fire Moon red s.h.i.+eld was up to certain mystics. There was only one condition. This condition was that the mystic in the aforementioned mystic should not exceed 150 years of age and at the same time be at the level of Origin Level 3 and above.

Artic was learning this information by the system giving itself. The system oddly did not charge such information in any way. But Artic didn't complain about it.

When organizations and various mystical powers learn this secret, they send the young people they have in their possession to the Red Fire Moon when the time comes, and from there they have important treasures, plants, and perhaps other mysterious information. They wanted them to find it.

Artic confirmed it with his head after reading enough information.

"In short, Red Fire Moon, young people should be able to come to their place and distribute their treasure, and more importantly, they want to move forward the idea and thought they have."

Artic praised himself lightly after considering it. At that time, the system spoke to itself.

"If the user can easily afford information and similar things with the s.p.a.ce money he owns, that information cannot be charged by the system."

Artic was surprised that the system gave him that answer. But he didn't care. Still, he couldn't help but say a few words.

"The system is becoming more and more talkative."

After Artic's words, the system did not respond in any way. Naturally, Artic was expecting this much.

A few more minutes had pa.s.sed, and at that time, the big sound echoed in the atmopshere of Red Fire Moon.


With the sound of the explosion, the red energy curtain covering the Red Fire Moon was slightly thinned. Artic knew what this sign meant by the information artic read.

Meanwhile, a middle-aged man yelled.

"Those under the age of 150 and those at Origin Level 3 and higher can now enter to Red Fire Moon."

Artic didn't think much more after the middle-aged man's words, so he tried to get into the moon.

10 to 15 minutes ago, Artic tried to log in using the Reality Act. In short, he was trying to erase the red curtain. But with his trial, his nose began to bleed and his head began to get extremely heavy. That's when the system responded to him.

"The user's law is not sufficient to overcome the obstacle."

in Short, it wasn't just the law system was talking about. Artic was not enough in general, in terms of level. To overcome such a s.h.i.+eld, he had to be at least at the end of the Galaxium Level. Artic saw for the first time since he become a starium level that there are things that even with his power he cant overcome for now.. -

Today -

Artic could easily pa.s.s through the red thin s.h.i.+eld. As he continued to go down slightly, he began to hear people screaming. He turned his head to the right and started looking at where the screaming sound came from.

A young man was attacked by a flying, all-red, strangely winged tiger-like creature, and destroyed by a single attack.

When Artic saw this, he couldn't help but focus on the tiger. He was really surprised at the time.

" Red Fire Winged Tiger"

"Level Origin 4"

"Law - Red Fire"

Artic couldn't see the abilities, but he didn't expect to see a creature like this just minutes after they got in.

When people on the Origin Level died, the energy inside them would spread around and explode in the form of small fireworks. Red Fire Winged Tiger exploded within five seconds of attacking the teenager.

Naturally, such creatures did not frighten Artic, but for other students and young people, the situation could be called quite serious.

Artic gently waved his hand and, with one blow, killed the flying tiger and then took the young man's ring to himself.

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