The Law God - Artic 221 Artic - Chapter - 221 - The Battle Origin - Part 3 -

The Law God - Artic -

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Artic didn't think Lancel would use such a thing. Artic had spent a short time at the Brion and Void Center but had obtained a lot of information.

As he learned, although "Precious Weapons" or "various treasures" were not generally used at Origin Level, they were used directly by people at the Stairum Level and peak level like himself.

Some of these weapons were powerful enough to destroy planets, even stars. Artic understood that Dimension Rock, the stone he is now seeing, was one of those weapons or more likely a treasure.

He didn't have a general knowledge. No one knew where to use such things, commonly referred to as treasure.

Because in general, in most of treasure, there was a law on which they proceeded. For example, the stone that Lancel is currently using was referred to as a Dimension Rock .

In short, this stone included Dimension Law, which Artic had already thought of comprehending it. If Artic still wanted Dimension Law, this stone would have helped him for to learn about the Dimension Law.

While Artic was thinking about all this, Blood Slave was on the offensive again. Artic couldn't use teleportation anymore. He knew he had to do something different. So he sent all his remaining spears directly to the Blood Slave to attack. Although the Blood Slave was in the same power as Lancel, he couldn't fight as well as Lancel.

After Artic escaped, Blood Slave was attacked by the Gla.s.s Spears.

Artic knew from here that the red armor on Lancel was not a natural armor. It was more likewise, origin level or Starium-level armor. In short, it was a treasure.

Artic could feel his state of leave deteriorating. Meanwhile, Lancel began to follow him quickly.

Artic was running, and Lancel was following him.

They were so fast that they crossed oceans and continents in seconds because of their energy, and each time they collided, they began to destroy the continents.

Everyone on the planet could feel a little bit of their war. Those who were close to him and Lancel could hear sound of the war.

Those who were 500 and 1,000 km away were them died from the war explosions.


Meanwhile, Artic stopped another attack, and with the sword shattered, he began to speak from within.

"System, use all my points and give me a treasure. A treasure that can restore my teleporting and use of Mystical Mirror Law."

After Artic's words, the system gave him a treasure with a few bing sounds. the treasure was a chad made of wood. On his head was a round white stone.It look like a small-sized staff with cla.s.sical looking

Artic knew he had three or four seconds to prevent the attack. He forced himself to examine the treasure.

"Staff Of Dimension"

"Origin Level 9"

"Information – User can use this for dispelling Dimensional Spells Up to Starium Level 1-"

All Points Used

Artic was slightly surprised.the first time "spell" was used instead of "talent." or "ability" As surprised as he was, he had something different to do right now. After taking a deep breath, he focused on the public seat in his hand and told him the words that had been pa.s.sed on to him by the system.

"Dispel Dimensional Lock"

In artic's words, purple-like energy emitted by Dimension Rock, which Lancel had previously used, spread around, and after that Staff Of Dimension sent a purple-energy shockwave the around.One second later after Artic heard system words, he could not prevent a smile on his face.

"Mystic Mirror Law - Active"

"Portal and Beaming Capabilities are available."

Artic beamed down after taking a deep breath and placed a long distance between him and Lancel.

Lancel took a deep breath after seeing artic's wand in his hand.

Lancel was slightly surprised, but this could be expected. After all, he was a warrior in Origin Level 9, like himself. It was to be expected that the man in front of him would have a treasure because his power was like this.

Many mystics had treasures of their own. Especially the Dimensional Treasures were extremely valuable.

That's why everyone would try to get to treasures like this as much as possible.

Lancel was starting to think. The other person used the wand in his hand to deactivate the Dimensional Lock Spell that he had used before. He could use the stone again and re-lock it, but the other person's wand could restore everything.

Lancel estimated that Artic's wand was a treasure at a very different level than dimensional rock in his hands. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Dimensional Rock had two talents. One of them, Dimensional s.p.a.ce, created an area for the person, which was 10 meters long and wide, consisting of the law of pure dimension. One could do whatever one wanted here and rest.

Entering and exiting would consume dimensional rock's energy and the user's origin energy. The other capability was to inhibit the abilities of those like Artic who could teleport.Which name of that ability is "Dimensional Lock"

Lancel realized he had to come up with a plan. Because of the situation continued to go like this, the war would become a " Stalemate " with the best will, and the two sides would destroy each other.


Artic took a deep breath and began to focus at the time, with the arrival of the teleportation. In general, his techniques could not harm the other person. Even if he wanted to get a different technique, he used all the System Points.

If Artic wanted to, he could think about Brion or anyone he'd seen before to escape the war with using his power as teleport. But the war itself had a lot of influence for him. Artic knew that real battle experience chance is important for him to exploring the s.p.a.ce.So he didnt wanted to finish fight or escape this soon.

Most mystics didn't like to fight. So wars would be so rare. At least Artic didn't know exactly where it was.


So when a person wanted real combat experience, they had to get it by fighting the creatures. Artic had to appreciate the luck he had right now.

So instead of running away, he had to come up with new tactics. With this thought, Artic opened his hands to the side and began to whisper after taking a deep breath.

"Twin Mystical Mirror Winged Serpent !"

Artic created this ability within three years. He worked hard for that talent. That's why he was excited to try it for the first time in a war.

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