The Law God - Artic 22 Chapter 22

The Law God - Artic -

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After Artic stopped thinking about the laws. He went to the nearest inn and rented himself largest, most luxurious room for a week. He had a considerable wealth with the money he received from Aqun.

For that reason, he wasn't bothered.

He went up to the stairs and went into his room.

The first thing he did after he went into his room was to take his top off and go into the bathroom next door and take a shower.

He's been through a lot lately. He was becoming too strong and didn't even get a chance to take a shower.

That upset him a little bit.

He stopped showering for a short time. He just put on his underwear and disappeared in his thoughts after he sat down at his desk.

Artic's thoughts were generally about thinking laws. If he wanted to choose law, he had to think about two things first. Is it a master law that requires 10 powerful, similar laws? Or to unite them by learning five different laws like what he has now.

On two paths, it was enough to get him to the next level, the Low-G.o.d level.

So he began to move forward with his thoughts.

"In general, my attacks are good. But you could say I'm pretty weak physically. If the spider had attacked me in the previous war. I'd probably have torn my body to pieces and I'd be dead.

He Thought.

When he thought of it that way, he started scratching his head lightly.

"If there are more than one people or beings attacking me and if my abilities can't take them all down at once, even a normal strong physical attack could be the end of me."

Artic started clicking on the table. He was pus.h.i.+ng his head about what to choose.

At that moment, Artic had something on his mind.

"If what I want is strong physics and defense, if I think of animals that had a strong defense in my previous world and raise them quickly. How can it affect my defense?»

Artic had a loud laugh. The idea was very good. He knew the characteristics of animals in his old world by the heart through the system. All he had to do was combine the law of being 10 compatible animals to provide a whole new physical body and pa.s.sive defense.

Artic took a deep breath, went to bed and sat in a cross-legged position.

Artic smiled and made up his mind.

«Know, Tortoise, Law»

With Artic's thought, his situation began to change.


- Half-G.o.d of the Season -

«Mystic Power = 6.0»

«Physical Strength = 2.5»


Philosophical Level Status

Seasons (Main Law) - 100,000 - 100,000

Tortoise - 0 - 50,000


Knowledge Level

-Season (Main Topic) Difficulty Level, 113»

-Tortoise - Difficulty Level, 50»

- Abilities -

Season Sword - +++ (3)

Season Domain - +++ (3)

Season Transformation - +++(3)

Season Solidfication - +++ (3)

With the emergence of the tortoise sign in the case of Artic, he began to think of everything he knew about the black turtle he knew from his old world.

«Most species of tortoises lay small clutch sizes, seldom exceeding 20 eggs, and many species have clutch sizes of only 1–2 eggs. Incubation is characteristically long in most species,

the average incubation period is between 100 and 160 days. Egg-laying typically occurs at night, after which the mother tortoise covers her clutch with sand, soil, and organic material. The eggs are left unattended, and depending on the species, take from 60 to 120 days to incubate.

The size of the egg depends on the size of the mother and can be estimated by examining the width of the cloacal opening between the carapace and plastron. The plastron of a female tortoise often has a noticeable V-shaped notch below the tail which facilitates pa.s.sing the eggs.

Upon completion of the incubation period, a fully formed hatchling uses an egg tooth to break out of its sh.e.l.l. It digs to the surface of the nest and begins a life of survival on its own. They are hatched with an embryonic egg sac which serves as a source of nutrition for the first three to seven days until they have the strength and mobility to find food. Juvenile tortoises often require a different balance of nutrients than adults,

so may eat foods which a more mature tortoise would not. For example, the young of a strictly herbivorous species commonly will consume worms or insect larvae for additional protein»

After artic thought about it for a while, he checked the situation.

« Tortoise Philosophical Power = 10,000 - 50,000 (Level 0)

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Artic knew that to get the power of the turtle, he had to raise at least 50 percent, or 13,500.

So he took another deep breath. And then he kept thinking.

This time he was thinking differently. He thought about imagining information instead of just thinking about it. He thought it would be more effective.

Who knows, maybe he was right.

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