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The Law God - Artic -

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After some time Black Hand Leader Vagah ended the talk. Because in general, they knew they weren't going anywhere.

The decision they made as a result of the debate was simple. In general, the core members of the Black Hand would be scattered in different regions. first, some members will be going to have detailed information about the Altic powers, and according to the power he has, they would think of a different movement.

All they knew for sure was that they were all enemies now.

There was another matter that most of the black hand members didn't know about. Black Hand's new leader, Vagah, was cooperating with different people.

There were three people in a room behind closed doors. These three were men, and they all gave a different look on their faces.

The new Black Hand Leader Vagah was the one sitting on a leather chair made of green and black.

colors.Vagah didn't show much to the outside, but he was an Origin Level 1, mystic.

The other man sitting next to Vagah was not fully seen. And because he was wearing a vertical mask, it was clear that this mysterious man was a tall man even if he was sitting the chair.

He was wearing black, tight clothes, and he was emitting a powerful energy. At least he was as strong or maybe even stronger as Vagah.

This man's name was Artvin. Artvin was an old friend of the Guardians of the Planet that Artic killed.

The difference from them was that Artvin generally came from a different background. What Artvin wanted was revenge for the friends he once knew.

That's why he came to this planet and agreed to cooperate with the Black Hand, which he didn't like very much.

The other was a middle-aged man with a rather tired old face watching outside the window. He was wearing baggy red clothes, and it could be understood that the reason for his old-looking face was not because of his age, but because of sadness.

This person was the king of the human empire, representative of the people on the planet.

The princess's father was King Sham, also called Artic, whom he had punished for 10 and 20 years.

King Sham had been searching for his daughter for several years, but he had found no way. Black Hand Leader Vagahtan asked for help. But he couldn't do anything about it in general.

Black Hand Leader Vagah later said that if he helped him get rid of Artic, he could ask Artvin to help him with the matter.

King Sham wasn't stupid. He knew Artvin had a stronger background than both. That's why he accepted the request. Artic wanted revenge anyway. That's why it was so comfortable inside.


These three men gathered together and began to make plans. The idea in their minds wasn't too complicated. But before the application, Artvin had to talk to this first target, this Altic man.

King Sham and Black Hand Leader Vagah didn't know exactly why. Because even though they were in s.p.a.ce in general, they had to limit themselves only with little information.

There was no great power in the star system they were in. So it wasn't easy to get information.

But Artvin wasn't like them. Artvin was already working with great power. That's why he knew the laws of s.p.a.ce. Or rather, he knew how things were going.

Maybe the three of them could have killed this altic. But if this man, Altic, came from outer s.p.a.ce as he was supposed to, and had a strong background like himself, he could be a nuisance.

For this reason, Artvin first had to talk to this person called Altic first.

Through this conversation, he would try to learn the power of the other person. He would also know what connection he had.

If he wasn't very strong and his connection wasn't good, they could have killed him along with certain crimes. If a small power holder was protecting him, they could have ruled out the s.p.a.ce Court for certain reasons for his murder.


But what Artvin didn't know was this. Artvin was from a small star planet. The name of the inst.i.tution he saw as too large was called the Hard Land Habitat. There was one of the Origin Level 5 in charge of this inst.i.tution.

Not all such an inst.i.tution was on the same level as Artic. And what's more, the Void Center was able to control 100 of the inst.i.tutions.

Artvin didn't realize what kind of trouble he was getting himself into.


Artic was flying forward. Although he stood in the shop in general, he didn't forget to collect information. So he knew where to go.and his first destination was the top, built in the inner cave of a waterfall near Gebin City.

This base was built to control the surrounding areas and it worked hard.

Artic soon reached this area and entered. There weren't many people around. He killed those who saw him without hesitation and turned them straight into gla.s.s. He didn't want to bother talking to small bugs.

At that moment, as he was speeding, two people appeared before him. One was a woman and one was a man. The levels weren't bad either.

Men and women, most likely siblings, began to look at Artic with fearful eyes.

Artic smiled slightly and began to speak in a calm tone.

"h.e.l.lo, I want the address of the base that controls have 5 seconds.

With Artic's words, the two young siblings looked at each other. Naturally, these siblings were Silver Whip and Silver Axe.

They had previously received information about this person, but now they understand why he is so big. This sibnligs, whose would not normally think of betrayal, decided without thinking about it at the time. They weren't afraid of death, but it wasn't certain that the man in front of them kind enough to give them death.

So they started talking at the same time.

"Here you go"

"Here you go"

Silver Whip and Silver Axe quickly entered their room after they spoke, and after writing some information on a piece of paper, they delivered the paper directly to Artic.

Artic picked up the paper and after a little look, he smiled and shook his hand lightly.

With shaking his hand, Silver Whip and Silver Axe turned into pieces of gla.s.s and disappeared. They didn't even have the last chance of thinking.

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