The Law God - Artic 179 Artic - Chapter - 179 - Teleported - Black Hand Suicide

The Law God - Artic -

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When Artic realized that, he just laughed and started talking.

"Hahaha, Cahrum you just let Miga know, we'll be back from where we're going to go before night."

Jahrum went to tell Miga without saying anything. But he was a little confused. Why Lord Altic laughed at him and didn't want to buy food for the trip. At the same time, he was strangely surprised that Lord Altic told him that the whole trip will be over before evening. It was very strange things for him


There was a group out there who found 10 to be comfortable. They were all wearing black clothes.and after hearing the conversation inside, they met each other in an area and started talking.

"Altic, the enemy of Black Hand and the boy named Cahrum, they will be going into a journey. This is the best opportunity if we want to kill them!»

A tall, skinny man talked to other men and women in black clothes around him. They all nodded in their heads with approval.


Artic, who was drinking his coffee on the sofa, was sitting on the chair with a big smile on his face.

"Cahrum, I have a very good practice for you, together we will resist the attacks of the of the Black Hand."

He talked with himself in his mind

Naturally, Artic was out there in the presence of self-listening people. Of course, he didn't mention the law around these people. But the Black Hand thought Artic hadn't noticed.

How stupid they were.


Artic believed that had done something wrong. He killed a lot of Black Hand a.s.sasin. Why were they still sending him mystic people like right now? He didn't know it. Maybe they couldn't understand their powers. They did not know with their powers they cant hurt himself.

Artic could easily find the main headquarters of the Black Hand and destroy them all in bulk if he wanted to. But he didn't want to destabilize the planet he came for the gain experience and just live like a normal human. and this kind of behaviour was also a childish and a humane act,

they attacked me and I didn't want to follow the behavior that I would attack them. That was the whole point.

Cahrum came in from the inside when Artic kept thinking about all this. He was wearing a plain green suit. He bought these clothes for him after he became a mystical human, with the money he got from Melisal. The clothes he bought was very comfortable and good looking, and It suited the mystical law he has well.

Being mystical wasn't just about knowledge of the law that was owned. It was to a.s.similate the law that was owned. Most beings would do it even if they dont know it.

For example, when Artic went to meet the Princess, he wore a suit made of gla.s.s instead of a normal outfit. Artic instinctively did this move, even though it was unnecessary to do it.

When a person was very knowledgeable about the law, he tried to adapt it to himself. That was one of the simplest instinctive features. All mystics had a way of acting on this subject.

Some lived somewhere according to their law. Some people wear clothes that represent their laws. Even more, exaggeration would build schools or clans based on their laws.

Artic naturally didn't have that idea for the time being.


Cahrum started looking at Artic. Artic smiled and spoke slightly.

"Come to me"

With Artic's words, The Cahrum slowly approached Artic. Artic put his hand on his shoulder at the time and they disappeared within seconds.


Meanwhile, all the outside, waiting for Lord Altic and the boy Cahrum to travel outside, began to wait in amazement. A woman in their group had a sensor type, law. Thanks to this law, she could recognize the different energies of many people around her and understand where they are. But at that moment, the young woman began to speak with a bewildered expression on her face.

"Altic and Jahrum disappeared, just seconds ago, they were inside."

And the other ones who heard this couldn't stop the expression of surprise on their faces.

The tall, weak looking man who was there at the time started talking. This man's name was called Agren, and he was leading the current group of 10.

"There's nothing to worry about. According to the information we have received and seen many times, this man named Altic is capable of teleporting himself and those around to him.»

Meanwhile, Agren turned to the young woman with the law of intuition and began to speak with a serious expression on her face.

"What is the exact diametrs of you can search the target with your law ?."

The young woman responded after thinking for a while.

"Lord Agren, I can separate and follow anyone within a mile."

After the young woman's words, the expression of seriousness on Agren's face turned into a worried face. Someone who could get out of a mile of an area in single teleportation had to be a very powerful man. He still didn't know how to kill this person. Or rather, he didn't know why they were ordered to do so. But they had to keep going.

And as a leader, Agren should have continued to deliver his orders.

«A1, A2 and A3, you wait here for a few minutes and then take the civilians prisoner inside the shop. That way, eventually, we're going to pull it back.»

After Agren's words, three young men shook their heads with approval, and two of them pulled out their daggers. The other pulled out his sword and approached the door of the shop and began to watch.

No normal person would ever notice them. Because the law of a short old man named A5 was to reduce the awareness of people around them and prevent the perception of objects and people around them. That way they could talk and take action without n.o.body seeing them.

Agren then turned to the other group and started talking.

« A5 You stay with this group and keep hide the A1 , A2 , A3 , A4. The rest of the A6, A7, A8, and A9, come with me.»

The old man, the A5, shook his head with confirmation, then turned himself into the group in front of the door. Agren's other group began to follow him with slow steps.

There were five people in Agren's group, including him.

A6 - Young woman with searching Law

A7 - A young man with the Law of Toxic Smoke,

A8 - A middle-aged woman who can form create and summons big insects the fight

A9 - A wild man 2 meters tall with the Spear Law fighting on the Front Lines

A10 - Agren was a ranged attacker from distance there was not much knowledge around him.

They were starting to speed up to get straight out of the city as a unit. He was able to beam a distance of about a mile when his targets wanted to be beamed. They didn't have time to spend.

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