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The Law God - Artic -

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in a room a woman was sitting on a chair she had blonde hair with a face like an angel she also had a black-haired, six-foot-tall warrior with a black sword hanging around his waist.

The young girl started talking after a deep oh.

"Glus, can the information given by our spies is true?»

A black-haired warrior named Glus responded after taking a deep breath.

"My princess, even if I don't have a general idea about this, I have learned that the sources of information received are not from one side."

After the words of her warrior, the princess turned her head and began to speak with a slightly surprised expression.

"What do you mean, Glus, be clear."

Glus started talking a few seconds later with a little bit of anxious look on his face.

"According to the information we received, Black Hand, Moon Elves, Iron Dwarfs and also the Gebin Government received the same information from their spies on this issue. It doesn't make sense to say that a information confirmed from so many resources is false information.»

The princess took a deep breath again after the words of Glus. If the information had reached so many powerful sources, then the situation was different than what they thought.

According to the information, this shopkeeper named Altic was able to teleport the mystics at 4th Star Level out of the shop just by thinking about it. At the same time, he killed Black Hand Three Mystics, each at the 3rd Star Level, who came to examine him, after mystic sent from the Black Hand disturbed him.He killed them and sent their heads to Black Hand.

This action showed that he was not afraid of the Black Hand because of the powe he has. Based on all this information, this person should have been at least at 8.Star Level. That was the princess's own opinion.

That's when the door to the room opened and two people came in. One of the people who entered was a normal young man.He wore a brown long robes and looked pretty simple

The other was a half-man with a lion's head on it. He was carrying a long, big sword on his back.

The princess knew who they were. Each of them was a major member of organizations with considerable power. The young man was referred to as the strategist Kimb Wordis, who was under one of the Earth G.o.d organization's president. It is said that this young man is already a second-hand man because of his knowledge and his genius ability.

It was thought to be he is a Earth Mystic at 7th Star Level.

The man who carried the great sword on his lion's head back next to him was a warrior mystic at the 6th Star Level, known as Lord Vilgar Demi, the third prince of the demi-human empire. This person, who was very good at the art of war, was said to have considerable power.

At the same time, it was very likely that he would be chosen as the next king of the demi-human empire because he was formed good relations.h.i.+ps with many high-level organizations.


There's only one reason why these two are now where they are. That was because they were told by the news of a man named Altic.

Kimb and Vilgar approached slowly and bowed slightly with their heads and greeted the Princess. The princess started talking after bowing her head in the same way.

"Here, sit down."

after the princess's words, both of which sat in one of the seats. Although it was clear from their faces that they were both confused.

Kimb was the first to speak.

"My princess, you have also been informed about the matter. In my opinion, it's an opportunity for someone so powerful to move outside in their head, to disrupt all future plans. My idea is to subdue a person with a strong group by doing deep research.»

The princess smiled slightly. After staring at Kimb with her eyes squinting, she began to think from within her mind.

"You're actually scared, aren't you, afraid that with the power he has, he's going to put you and your organization in danger."

That's what the princess thought. But naturally, she didn't say it clearly. Without any answer, she just turned her head and looked at Vilgar. After Vilgar saw the Princess staring at him, he took a deep breath and began to speak.

"Frankly, even though I don't agree with Kimb, We at least can send him a invite so he introduce himself to us"


The princess naturally found the idea closer to her own idea. But if she said she clearly approved of it, Kimb thought his ideas were not valued. So she came up with an idea to meet in the middle.

"In my opinion, let's investigate first if we find out that he is being aggressive, we will do what Kimb says. At the same time, although he has a strange personality, It is not that bad he is having problems with the Black Hand Organizations"

The princess's words deeply affected both Vilgar and Kimb. So deep down, they were starting to think that this person didn't really touch them.

The Half-Man Empire and the Earth G.o.d Organization were both larger and powerful organizations from the Black Hand. But the difference between them and this evil organization was getting smaller and smaller. That's why they joined forces by forming a unit. Naturally, the princess was part of this union.

Although the Princess did not show it, in fact, the greatest power of mankind, she was the only princes of Human G.o.d Empire and she was directly the next owner of the throne.So she represent all humanity the in the planet

It is said that the King of the Empire of Human G.o.d was such a powerful mystic that he had a different system of power using different kinds of words and philosophies. That's why he can hide himself from all other beings and show up whenever he wants.


After talking for an average of hours, Vilgar and Kimb left the room. Their decision was simple.first, the Princess would send a invitation to the Altic. If the invitation was not accepted, they will approach it more agressively.

They were going to start implementing this decision tomorrow. There had to be some preparation before.

At the time, Artic was just drinking his coffee.and a lot of things were going through it. But he felt it, too. Maybe it would have been better if he went to another planet. Maybe he had too much power in his area.

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