The Law God - Artic 134 Artic - Chapter 134 - Unexpected Improvemen

The Law God - Artic -

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Artic was just starting to look at the status screen in amazement. He's been thinking a lot. But it was the level that first caught his attention at the time.

Under normal circ.u.mstances, Artic expected himself to be at origin level 4. But now his level has been up to Origin Level 5. It wasn't just that. Furthermore, his fighting capacity had reached Origin Level 7.

That surprised him quite a lot. He didn't expect such a power plus. He was beginning to wonder why. After a while, the system began to talk to himself and told him why he became so powerful.

"The user is too powerful because the item he has a.s.similated is a.s.similated in a different way than normal conditions"

Artic knew what system meant. He died when he absorbed the item. He was dead for an average of seconds. The system then saved his life by using a way he didn't know about.

Then the system gave him a different warning and absorbed the item differently.

In short, the power and energy potential that the item would give himself had reached a much higher level. For this reason, Artic was now carrying power that he didn't think about before he a.s.similated the item.

As he continued to think about these things, he began to think about something else.

It was a little simpler than the other stuff.

«Why, the status shows my Mirror Law as Mystical Mirror Law ?»

He wanted to know about this reason.

When he started thinking about it, he began to think that it might be directly due to his knowledge came from his world, a different universe. That was the most explainable reason.

After a while, he stopped thinking and tried to use the Mirror Act for the first time after taking a deep breath.

He raised his hand slightly in the air and with his reflection, a long mirror appeared in front of him. This mirror was very different from normal mirrors.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The reason for this was actually because of the name of the Law. There was a slight energy wave around the mirror he had created that he could see himself. Likewise, he could feel the Origin Energy in his power.

Right now, according to their guess, He can easily kill all of the Origin Level 4 Mystics.

and for him killing Origin Level 5 Mystics easy as killing chickens. He also could stand a chance against two to three Origin Level 6 Mystics. He even had a chance to win.

But when it comes to Level 7 Origin. He could only fight one at the time. And he wasn't sure that he going to kill the enemy.

Artic began to study the features of the mirror. It had a beautiful reflection. There was a significant difference compared to normal mirrors.

At the same time, as he saw the different conditions in Mystic Mirror Law, Gla.s.s Law can only be powered by the strengthening it is "Hardness". But In the Mystic Mirror, the Mystical Feature was increasing.

He needed a place to test his powers.

When he thought about what can he do with the Mirror Law, He was a little excited. But as every Origin Level around here knows, the power it would generate should not exceed the capacity of the Mirror. If only matched the nature of the mirror itself, he could easily use that power.

Otherwise, he couldn't have done everything about the Mirror imagining it in his head. He had to develop a lot more for that.

After a while, he came out of his room. Brion was coming to his room at the time.

When Brion saw Artic, he had gooseb.u.mps. He did not believe his eyes and his mind.

Brion could see that Artic was an Origin Level 5. Not only that, the power he had and felt was at least equal to one of Origin Level 7.

Artic started talking before Brion could even open his mouth.

"Lord Brion, can you turn me into the sand as you wish now?»

Brion just laughed lightly and started talking.

"I can't destroy you like that anymore, but if you fight me, you can only last three or five minutes at the most."

When Artic heard that, he couldn't stop a big smile on his face. That was quite a gift. Origin Level 5 was a big deal to even fight someone who was in Peak Level Origin for just 10 seconds.

Artic then began to tell you what was on his mind.

«Lord Brion I want a test area to test my new powers.»

Brion approved it with his head and told Artic to follow him. That's when he started talking.

"Did you advance on the Gla.s.s Law or did you choose a different law?»

Artic started talking after taking a deep breath.

"I chosed a different law."

When Brion heard about it, he took a deep breath, a depressed face appeared in his face. In general, those who chose new laws could not advance the law they chose, so the Origin Level did not advance.

There was something that not everyone knew. This was one of the issues needed to pa.s.s the key point of the Origin Levels.

Even if origin energy was sufficient for a person, move from Origin Level 3 to Level 4, that person had to reach at least 1,000,000 points in the Law Points before he can elevate himself.

Likewise, to move from Origin Level 7 to 8, Law Points have to be 10,000,000 million points.

To get to Starium Level, the being or the human needed minimum 100,000,000 Million Points. That's why so many beings and people weren't able to progress.

And the reason for that was simple.

After choosing a new law, it was normal for them to make their first move easily, but then they would not get enough information and start to stop after a while.

That was the biggest problem of all origin levels.

Artic and Brion soon pa.s.sed through the large rectangular purple door. Their area was a very open area.

That's when Brion noticed something. He didn't ask Artic what he chose as the new law.

"Artic, what did you choose as the new law."

Artic had a big laugh this time. Because he knew how valuable his law was.

"I specialized in the Mirror Law".

When Brion heard about this, it looked like he was going to faint.

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