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The Law God - Artic -

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When Artic lost consciousness this time, he wasn't in a sleep-like he was before. It was more like a dream than a loss of consciousness.

He didn't know exactly where he was. He was just realizing that he was walking in a dark s.p.a.ce. It just seemed so strange to him.

His mind and his ability to think were exactly what he was capable of. He knew he was dreaming and a.s.similated that watch, a new item. But for some reason, for the first time, maybe it's the first time he'd ever been to a place like this when he was a.s.similated an item.

He had hardly ever encountered anything like this when he was trying to a.s.similate an item before.

It seemed pretty strange to him.


At that time, he heard a rather ancient and ancient voice.

"Will you continue with a new law? Or are you going to keep moving forward in the blood you have.»

When Artic heard that voice, he was deeply happy. He understood why he was here now. His body and soul had already pa.s.sed Origin Level 4.

That's why he came to an environment like this.

It was as if it were the time when he was in the Continental Council at first. When he first got there, he talked to a book and tried to sort it out.

Artic spoke from within, making his decision.

«I will choose a new law.»Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

After Artic's words, the silence was again surrounded. For an average of 15 punctual, Artic continued to walk only in a dark environment. And then the same thing started talking to him again.

"Imagine the Law you choose and say your name"

Artic began to do what the ancient voice said. first, he thought of the simple things. All he cared about was that what he dreamed of was from his old world.

Artic first thought about childhood. the memory of the first time he went to the mirror to look at his face, the mirror he used to look in the mirror before going out and out of school.

Then he was seen in the mirror he looked at to see his body, and also in the mirrors, he used to see reflections of other people.

Then he came up with telescopes and lenses. When he was little, he started to think of ants and stuff like that with broken magnifying gla.s.s.

Artic just started thinking about all the memories that came to his mind. He didn't have anything else in mind.

After thinking for an average of 30 minutes, the Ancient Voice began to speak to him.

«You've won the Mystical Mirror Law. To get out of here, your level of knowledge about the Mirror should reach 10,000 points, good luck»

After finis.h.i.+ng his ancient voice words, he was silent directly. There was no sound. Artic was just smiling.

This was the easiest part for him. He could have used the system and his old memories to tell us about the Mirror. The reason for the valuable information he would give about this mirror was because they came from another universe.

So I started thinking with a big smile on his face. He started going through all the information he knew about the mirror.

«It is the general name of polished surfaces that reflect the rays falling on it. The face of the material used as a mirror must be smooth and smooth. Gla.s.s sheets painted with a mixture called "glaze" or metal plates with smoothed faces are used as mirrors.

Mirrors are divided into two parts: 1. Plane mirrors, 2. Spherical mirrors. Plane mirrors are flat mirrors with a bright side and a glazed back. Spherical mirrors are in the form of a lid that is cut off from a gla.s.s sphere. If the outer face of this is glazed, the resulting mirror is called a "concave mirror" and if the inner side is glazed, it is called "convex mirror".

In spherical mirrors, the image is larger or smaller than the object. The point in the middle of their radius is called "focus". The truth that through the center of spherical mirrors is also called the "axis". Because concave mirrors enlarge the object, they are popularly called the "giant mirror". Convex mirrors are used as mirrors that show the back in motor vehicles and airplanes because they show a large area by shrinking objects.

Today, one side of the gla.s.s plates is obtained by glazing with a thin layer of silver. Sometimes instead of silver, aluminum, gold, even platinum is used. aluminum glazed mirrors also reflect ultraviolet rays with wavelengths less than 0.4 microns. Mirrors; are divided into three groups as a plane, spherical and parabolic.»

Artic took a deep breath and began to tell more information through the system. He had this information for two reasons. When the system first came into this world, it came in a way that allowed him to remember everything he had read and heard before.

Now he could tell all the information that existed in the old world. Of course, as this level of law increased, it didn't matter that Artic came from a different universe.

Artic wasted not much time rethinking the information the system had given him.


Spherical mirrors are also divided into two parts. Pit mirror

Pit mirror: The image of an object on the outer side of the center in the pit mirror is a smaller, inverted and real image of the object between the center and the focus.

When the object is in the center, its appearance is inverted in the center, the actual and its height is equal to the size of the object. When the object is between the center and the focus, the image is reversed outside the center, it is real and larger than the body. If the object is between the focus and the mirror, its image is flat, weak and larger than the body behind the mirror. mirror: The reflective surface of the mirror is a, so it takes this name.

The image of an object in front of the mirror is always between the focus and the mirror, smaller than the object, flat and weak. When the object reaches the peak of the mirror, the length of the image is equal to the length of the object. The mirror can shrink images of objects and disperse incoming parallel rays.


«Studied by the Italian mathematician Ghetaldi. Parabolic mirrors have a special shape, an object designed to capture the energy and focus that energy on a single point, but it can work by distributing energy outward from the focal point. It can also be used as a reflector in lanterns and car headlights.

Parabolic mirrors are made of gla.s.s and pyrex substances with low expansion. It is designed to be thin to make the image clearer.

In the 17th century, Isaac newton's reflective telescope used a parabolic mirror for the first time.

At the World Olympics, the Olympic torch is lit by giant parabolic mirrors from sunlight.»

Artic had finished all his thoughts, which he was in with a ding in his head.

When he opened his eyes, he was still in his room.

So he started talking to the system without losing too much. and the first thing he said was that he wanted to see his condition.


Origin Power = 5.0

Origin Energy = 5,000,000

Origin Level 5

Battle Power = Origin Level 7 (7s A threshold)


Law / 1


Gla.s.s = 1,00,000 Law Points


Gla.s.s Power (Hardness) = 300x from Normal Gla.s.s

- Techniques - (Gla.s.s Law)

- Hunter Gla.s.s Spear -

- The Gla.s.s Domain (I changed it is named (Author note))

- Priem Gla.s.s Bomb -

Law / 2


Mirror = 50,000 Law Points


Mirror Power (Mystical) = 2x

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