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Published at 26th of October 2019 08:13:49 AM Chapter 126

Brion and Alkatra were sitting face-to-face in a room again . That's when Alkatra started talking . There was a look in his eyes that seemed to remember the old times .

"I know a man named Alfren that the young man mentioned . In general, the silver human is raising new young people for the human race . And then, as you can see, he unleashes them on us . »

After Brion confirmed it with his head, he started talking .

"Alkatra, I know him . But something has to be done about it . Otherwise, it's going to be a nuisance in the future . Especially if there is one more attack against our students there will be no such thing as the honor of the Void Center . We can't even hide our most important students from the enemy . »

Brion's words began to ring in Alkatra's ear . The reason for this was quite simple .

Alkatra has been through these things before . In general, every 20 to 10 years there was an at the Void Center . The time of these coincided with the bloodline of silver humans .

Alkatra knew that no matter how many of them he caught, youngsters of Silver Human race would have reached Origin in 10 or 20 years . He would then be lured into the Void Center along with secret means .

He was going to kill someone again . And he was going to commit suicide if he had to . The damage of these attacks caused a great deal of evil to the Void Center .

He lost important students every 15 to 20 years . If this went on any longer, no precious family would send him his students . And then he was going to lose all his dignity .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntThat's when Brion started talking .

"I've sent the necessary spies to search the area . But if I remember correctly, Alfren was the only one who worked on a law on hiding himself . I mean, I don't think there's going to be much out of it . "

After the words of Alkatra Brion, he began to think deeply . There had to be a way out of this . Then Artic came to mind .

"Brion, how old was that new student Artic?»

Brion responded directly to Alkatra's question .

«20 is supposed to be 22 years old?»

Alkatra just looked at Brion and started smiling . Meanwhile, Brion raised his eyebrows seriously .

"If Artic has reached this level at the age of 20, you're wondering what level he'll get until the next attack . "

Alkatra responded with a slight laugh .

"That's exactly what I think . If we train him, he can even do the protection in general in the next attack . »

Brion didn't talk anymore . He left the room directly to find Artic .

he had to tell him the truth without getting his head dirty with the wrong thoughts .


Meanwhile, Artic was just resting in the inn . The only part that was resting was his body . His head was working all the time . He's been getting information from around here that there's been a war between the Void Center and the Silver people in old times .

After the Void Center, which won this war, it grew stronger and had a say in the s.p.a.ce . Naturally, the losing side, the Silver Human Race, has been excluded and there is no trace of its former strength .

Because of all this, the Silver Human Race was trying to kill the students of the Void Center at the earliest opportunity .

That's when Brion showed up and said he wanted to talk to him . A few seconds later, they disappeared again .


As Alfren continued to sit in his room in secret, a sound began to come from the device . For the first time in his life, Alfren heard that the sound on the device was anxious .

"Alfren, there's a student in a black dress named Artic . This student entered the Void Center with the medallion of an Ancient White Bird Race . According to the information we have received, the power of this bird race is at least at Star Level, we can't deal with them . Kill a young man called Artic as quickly as you can . Otherwise, we'll be in trouble in the future . »

Alfren asked one question after those words .

"How do we know he's going to attack us? Maybe we can bring him to us . »

The voice on the device started talking again in a matter of seconds .

"Don't be stupid, Alfren, we attacked him once . Now he can use it to take advantage of the Casus Belli and go to Certain Authority . So our only remedy is to kill quickly or disappear for a while . "

Alfren understood a deep breath and cut off communication with the device .

The Casus Belli was something that had been an act of war since the earliest ancient times . Many incidents and why Casus Belli could be used as certain . As long as the Casus Belli was proven obvious, the Great Authorities could not say anything to the war between the two sides .

Alfren stood up and came out of his room . He had to come up with a plan .

Especially against a Star Level Civilization . . .


Standing in a very high place on the desert planet, Mark and Levan were looking around with big smiles on their faces .

They had obtained permission from authority and occupied the small but rather weak evil race planet . Although they said they were going to establish a Safe Zone, Levan used his reason for war ( Casus Belli ) used the attacks of the Devil's Race and invaded the desert planet where they were found .

A lot of sources were already coming out of the ground . They were going to get a lot of OG Credits out of it .

That's when a man about six feet tall came up to Levan and started talking . He had a face that looked like he was going to say something important .

"My Lord Levan, a man who grew up on our planet and has reached the origin level, his name is Artic, has become a student of the Void Center starting with black clothes . We've been quoted as saying he's been attacked . »

Levan and Mark looked at each other after these words, and then Levan began to speak .

"Who carried out the attack and how did the boy which name is Artic get into a position to study at the Void Center?»

On leva's question, the six-foot-tall man started talking again .

"My Lord, the attacking race, the Silver Human Race, the greatest enemy of the Void Center, and Artic is the medallion given by the Ancient White Bird Race, who came to our planet and told us to release the bird race and bought some of our lands . »

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