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Published at 18th of October 2019 11:01:27 PM Chapter 16

Aqun seemed to lose himself, but he remembered why he called Artic . because of this reason, after taking a deep breath, he began to speak .

«My Half-G.o.d! Artic , From the Devil's Race, the Silver Devils have managed to open a door into our world . In this way, they began to attack and destroyed many villages . The Mystical Conference invited all mystics to the city of Mistecia, the capital of the mystics . They invited me to the big conference there . We have to go here and make plans for what to do against the demons .

Aqun said all he knew in one breath . Listening to the situation, Artic soured his face and began to speak .

"Prepare whatever is necessary, let's examine the situation and At the same time, send me the address of the place where the door was opened»

Aqun did as he was told, and after giving the addresses, Artic touched Aqun's shoulder and teleported directly to the sky . Soon after, they began to travel directly to the city . Artic was moving so fast, it looked like the teleportation was moving normally, the sky around them started to blur .

Aqun, who witnessed all this, was getting crazy . He recognized the first Artic as a king, After that he made deal with Artic with him as being a Cardinal, and now they were going to fight together as with Artic being as a Demi-G.o.d It was a very strange situation to be in .

Advertis.e.m.e.ntBut he knew he shouldn't investigate this situation .

Every mystic had his secrets . It was considered a serious disrespect when other mystics asked the person about other person secrets .

All these issues pa.s.sed through Aqun's head, and Aqun shook his head with artic's words and began to look around .

"Are we here?"

Artic smiled .

«We're here»

Said Artic

after that Artic and Aqun, who entered the city in a short time, went to the closed coliseum where the meeting would take place . Minimum criteria for the meeting is a being a Specialist Mystic and they were sitting at the top . Under them were lords and kings was sitting little lower than the middle .

At least 20 people sat at the medium round table . 13 of them were cardinals and one was a DemiG.o.d .

Entering the Coliseum, Artic turned his head to Aqun and asked .
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"Where am I going to sit?"

Aqun pointed to the middle table and found his place somewhere in the middle . Artic said «it's good,» and it teleported straight to the middle table area . The talking sounds in the Coliseum stopped at a moment's and everyone started looking at Artic .

One of the Cardinals, sitting at the middle table at the time, stood up and started talking to Artic with an angry face .

"Who are you to beam up and come to the middle table area?"

Artic looked at the man in his 30s as if he were looking at a moron's speech . He shook his head and started talking after smiling .

«I am The Demi-G.o.d Season, my name is Artic who are you ?»

With artic's words, one sphere materialized above his head . This sphere was constantly changing images and allowing the transition from season to season . Unlike the others, the sphere had a star made of transparent gla.s.s just above it . This meant that artic had succeeded in uniting his first laws and deserved to be a demiG.o.d .

Artic's words blew the whole place out . after that old man who was a demiG.o.d himself reached out to Artic and shook his hand and started to speak

"In this way, we have won another Demi-G.o.d in the human world . Your presence is an honor for us . »

the man who was a cardinal rebuked the Artic was already attacked and injured by other cardinals .

Artic acknowledged the man who shook his hand because he was a demi-G.o.d . For that reason, he did not disrespect him and smiled .

Then the old man began to speak and introduce himself as a demiG.o.d .

"My name is Hot DemiG.o.d, I'm focused on temperature . my name is Burne .

Artic greeted slowly with his head and spoke . . .

"I'm glad we met, Burne, I've introduced myself, I don't need to reintroduce it anyway"

The demiG.o.d, Burne, closed his eyes and gave his consent to artic in one of the big golden seats . Soon other middle table mystics began to come

They were only Artic and Burne as demiG.o.ds but suddenly the place cooled slightly .

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