Priceless Baby: 101 Bedside Stories Chapter 352 - The Little Angel With Bad Conduct

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Chapter 352: The Little Angel With Bad Conduct

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Shen Qianshu was a lady who would never offend anyone unless provoked. If someone provoked her, she would definitely seek revenge. She was no pushover.

Well played, Lu Mengxi!

She came here with such a wide and bright smile, yet she dug such a big hole for her.

“Miss Lu Mengxi had just arrived at Gubelin for work today, and she’s in the same team as Qianshu. They are both main appraisers. When Greek meets Greek, then comes the tug of war. Could she have said that on purpose?”

“What’s the reason for spreading such rumors?”

“If you mind having another main appraiser in the same team, you are the richest beauty in City A. You can ask our boss to let you do what you want. Let you lead a team on your own. Why do you have to come here and insult our leader for no reason at all?”

“This is all but a joke. What do we care about the most in our job? Work. Everything is fine as long as you are an outstanding worker and you have great leaders.h.i.+p skills. Who cares how your private life is like? How is it my problem even if you have had s.e.x with five different men in a day?”

“Women love to gossip. I thought that people on the higher ‘rank’ of society were all cultured ladies who were different. Seems like they gossip more than us.”

Shen Qianshu’s team had never been weak at squabbling. The Gubelin workplace had been around for many years, and everyone had a sharp tongue. Everyone would say a few words, and it would be enough to make Lu Mengxi feel bad for her jealous heart.

“Alright, alright. Lu Mengxi had already said that she had heard wrong. Don’t be so pushy and unforgiving just because you are right.” A male colleague appeared to put an end to the fight. A few other male colleagues tried to smoothen things out, and this whole issue pa.s.sed very quickly.

Lu Mengxi did not expect Shen Qianshu to be so calm. Usually, if a woman was called out in public, she would have been feeling jittery and would have tried to cover things up hastily, eventually making matters worse. Yet, Shen Qianshu was able to handle this matter calmly, and she totally seemed unaffected.

This woman should not be overlooked.

At the first day of work, the two women exchanged blows, and they had an equal share of the winnings.

For the rest of the gathering, the conversations were mostly about gossip. Shen Qianshu was losing her appet.i.te, and she was thinking of going home to watch the battle of the two masters back at home. I wonder if the little devil and big monster are in a tizzy.

She drank a bit of sake at the gathering. When she returned home, Tong Hua was lying on the sofa and reading a thick French book. The living room was really quiet, and Shen Qianshu was slightly surprised. Master did not return?

Could it really be that he was only staying for a night?

That’s… really great!

Tong Hua put down his book and stared at her, sounding like he was whining. “You actually asked me to cook for him!”

“I’m sorry!” Shen Qianshu apologized quickly, and she kneeled down on the sofa as she hugged her son and bowed. “His Royal Highness, please forgive me!”

Tong Hua humphed and gave her a pat on her head. “Rise!”


Tong Hua rubbed his nose and said, “Mommy, you drank?”

“A little!”

Tong Hua went to the kitchen and made her some cuc.u.mber juice. Then, he went to the main washroom to turn on the tap and adjusted the temperature so that she could have a comfortable bath. Shen Qianshu squinted and looked at the time. It was only eight o’clock. Today’s gathering was a little meaningless, so she had left early. Why hasn’t Master knocked off from work?

She leaned against the sofa and felt a little exhausted. She was thinking about what Lu Mengxi had said. It seemed like things were not going to be easy in her workplace after today.

“Mommy, are you drunk?”

“No, I just had two cups of sake.”

“Lies. You reek of alcohol.”

Shen Qianshu was at a loss of words. She was thinking of something, and she felt slightly awkward. Tong Hua stared at her, confused. Shen Qianshu’s face was suspiciously pink. Her eyes turned red as her son stared at her with his pure eyes. She had to think of an escape plan.

“I’m going to shower!”

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