Aatrox, A God King In A Modern World. Chapter 36: Should I Record?

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"So this means that while you searched for meditation techniques on the internet you found a technique that could help you absorb energy from the atmosphere and use it as your own to make your body stronger and after learning you taught your mother to your brothers? "Alex asked as he held his head to try to organize his thoughts.

"That's basically it," Aatrox said. "I planned to teach you when you had some free time, it turns out today is the perfect day. What do you think you learn too, Dad? "Aatrox asked.

Alex pondered. He had always dreamed from a young age when watching some superhero cartoons, now the chance to have something related to superheroes was in front of him, he couldn't refuse. "I want to, son." Alex said with a resolute look.

"Then take off your s.h.i.+rt, I'll help you on your first try. If you had to do it without anyone's help, just trying to guide the energy by yourself, I don't think you could even feel the energy in the air. "Aatrox said, as he realized that very few humans knew about that energy.

"As I've taught Mom, she can help you with any questions you have. If you have any questions that you couldn't solve on your own about cultivation, you can ask me. "Aatrox said with a slight smile on his normally cold face.

"How advanced are you already in this technique?" Alex asked.

"Well, let's say I'm stronger than a guy who knit there a few years." Aatrox said. He thought it best to keep his strength a secret for now, as he awoke from his coma a short time ago, so perhaps it is better to preserve the shock his parents might receive from knowing the current strength he can exert.

After having dinner with the children, Aatrox took them to his room to see just how much they improved. He had realized during the game that children could now run, even slightly, faster than normal children. In addition to Bryan demonstrating that he had already gained a little control over the stellar lung technique.

"So now tell me how many points you can make the energy reach within you." Aatrox asked the twins with a warm smile on his face.

Bryan saw that he had a chance of being complimented by his older brother and responded quickly without giving Bruna a chance to say it first. "Brother, I can already reach four points with the energy I absorb." He said with a smug smile, puffing out his chest expecting Aatrox's compliment as he looked at Bruna expecting to see her angry.

But before Aatrox could say anything, Bruna said quickly with an even more smug smile on her face surprising Bryan. "Brother, today I managed to reach five points in my body with the technique you taught us." She said as she approached Aatrox with her little head waiting to be caressed and praised.

Aatrox did not disappoint them and then stroked their heads as he said. "I am very proud of you, I can see that both of you are devoting a lot to the technique I taught you." He said with a smile from ear to ear.

It is noteworthy that the Star Lung Technique is the closest to perfect breathing technique Aatrox has found. When he compared the other techniques to the Star Lung Technique, they looked like fake techniques. People who cultivate normal old-world Aatrox techniques would probably need at least a year of hard cultivation to be able to at least feel the energy in the air, let alone control that energy at the body's energy points. Aatrox had not yet come into contact with any breathing technique or even any cultivation technique in this world, but he is 99.99% sure that the techniques here are far inferior to his old world techniques, otherwise, there would be so much lack of cultivators in this world.

After praising and answering the children's questions, Aatrox turned on the computer and went looking for some singing lesson video. If Thomaz had the courage to say openly that his singing was better than Aatrox's, it is because the difference is so great. Probably he took several singing lessons and after watching Aatrox's video singing become a little viral, Thomaz wanted to show that he sang better than him.

Opening youtube, Aatrox found a channel from a singing teacher. At first, she starts to say about exercising the voice, many basic concepts, which were new to Aatrox, but what was most effective for him, were the more technical tips, tips like controlling how loud, how sharp or serious a Note should go, this kind of tip helped Aatrox a lot.

Aatrox searched for some interesting music and one, in particular, caught his eye. " Here Without You " was another romantic music, listening and singing these songs, Aatrox felt he could more easily understand this thing called 'love'.

Opening the cipher and lyrics, Aatrox picked up the guitar and began to play and sing softly applying the techniques he learned in the singing lesson videos he watched. Aatrox could clearly see that the quality of his singing improved a lot.

Normally, normal people can't apply what they learn in singing lessons instantly or even on the first try, but unlike normal people, Aatrox has much higher control over his body. He can control his vocal cords much better than a normal person, so that they do not fail on a higher note, or become inaudible on any lower note.

'Maybe I should record myself singing?' Aatrox thought when he saw the cell phone standing in the corner of the desk.

Picking up his phone and reading his new video comments singing 'I Want That Way', Aatrox was excited to do it again.

'I Want That Way' had already reached 50,000 views. For Aatrox it was too big for something he did artistically. Even more, after reading the more than a thousand comments, Aatrox's animation to post another had been raised again.

[Rec ...]

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