The Gods' Decree 215 Enter The Pits

The Gods' Decree -

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Untainted by human interaction the forest flourished for years. Yet on this day thousands of invaders scampering through.

New budding seeds were crushed beneath hurried footsteps. Small critters and demon beast though frighten looked curious at what these humans were up doing.

Territories were claimed and blood spilled within moments. In the first ten minutes of the preliminaries, a thousand disciples had been eliminated before their markers got a chance to illuminate.

Some persons became wise forming hurried alliances. Instantly knowing that one individual no matter how strong would falter under such conditions.

A few were loners who knew the means by which to grab and hide. Then there were those who were the fortunate members of squads. Having been through different scenarios previously they knew the means to adjust.

? Twenty minutes before automatic elimination?

"Why do the weak always try to run. Yet so slowly."

A panicking disciple at the eighth stage of the qi could be seen at the mercy of another who had him pressed down beneath her feet.

The one who had him at his mercy played with a short sword pressing it against the disciple's gullet. 

Before he and his squad had attacked another squad and were victorious. Who knew that all that time they were being stalked like prey? Their stalkers pounced upon them and within moments they were disarmed. 

They had all intentions of fighting to the bitter end but were overwhelmed by both their enemies' numbers and their sheer strength. 

"d.a.m.n I yield!" The defeated disciple hurriedly yelled. With his utterance, his marker illuminated before flowing to its new owner. Seeing the result the victor removed her blade.

"Let's go!" She commanded the squad. Just as they had entered the fray they left in a flash.

"Those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds!" The disciple yelled seeing the five make their getaway through the trees. Yet moments after his utterance he heard featherlike footsteps. When looking up before him were a few new arrivals.

One of its members a female with red hair placed her hand on the ground while her eyes scoured through the vacant trees.

"We just missed them."

She uttered to her fellow squadmates. A burly man then made his way over to the incapacitated disciple on the ground. He then with a commanding tone questioned while bending down,

"Tell me where did they go?"

When the man's face was made out by the disciple though in his heart he was saying "Screw you"

He hesitated as this was the ranked 135th Samson.

A man whose reputation was fearsome and not to be trifled with. Fearing there might repercussion in the future if he didn't cooperate he hurried pointed east.

Without a word, Samson raised his right hand before signally his squad to move forward.

With lightweight feet, they charged through the trees which were one of the best means when stalking a prey. At the moment they had their heart set on a squad that looked ripe for the taking.

There were three eighth stages and only two ninth stages. The best part of it all was that both ninth stages were at the mid-level.

They ensured to keep their distance while allowing this squad to plunder away at the weaker ones. Now it was time to reap the benefits before their prize absconded.

Shortly afterward the red-headed female singled for them to stop. She was the tracker of this three-star squad. Therefore her judgment was trusted without question. 

With her hand, she gestured that the preys were resting only but two hundred yards away. Evidently having engaged in previous bouts they were now left exhausted. Which was exactly what their stalkers had hoped would have occurred.

When finally seeing their target they saw them resting beside a river backing. This made a surprise attack from the rear out of the question.

Therefore they need to quickly take them head-on before they had a chance to gain any form of cohesion.

Not that they fear them but any drawn-out battle would only attract unwanted attention.

This was the enemy of all disciples as survival to the final day was key. Yet not possible if everyone has an idea of your location.

Samson with his hands to his lips signaled for them to be as quiet as possible. At this juncture, stealth would be their greatest a.s.set. With some hand gestures, he then showcased how they would proceed.

After he was sure all his squad members knew what their roles were he signaled by moving his right hand forward for them to charge with precision.


Their qis ignited as they pounced upon their prey. When seeing the enemies jumping from the trees they all looked panicky.

One of the female leaders with a broad sword on her back tried hurriedly to let them gather in formation.

Seeing this Samson haughtily laughed as he drew for his sword. However, when his feet made contact with what he thought was solid ground it all collapsed beneath him.


"s.h.i.+t!" He then yelled in a panic knowing within seconds what this all meant. He was a veteran and identified a carefully placed trap when he saw one. 

"Get back to the trees!"

With panic in his voice, he sought to lessen the damage to his squad. Yet, he was too late as the moment he touched the ground the whole floor collapsed.

They too had fallen into a large pit that was previously camouflaged with leaves and dirt.

Seeing the situation he found himself, Samson, once more sought to ignite his qi. One of his elements was earth so he could more than help himself. While within the large pit Samson hurriedly dove to whatever ends he could find. 

Then jabbing his finger into the sides and like a panther on all fours he charged up embankments. He became startled as while in mid-stride he felt a hand grasp around his right ankle.

"What Tha fu...!"He wasn't given a chance to finish his sentence as his Achilles heel was ripped to shreds.


A gut-wrenching scream escaped from his mouth when he felt the pain. Samson knew his foot was but mere moments from being severed.

When Samson looked below him he saw a slender man casually smiling encased in the earth which slowly fell from his body. This man he new quite will while in the sect.

"Malnor you b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Samson fumed now knowing the culprit behind it all. So all along the five previously seen were only used as bait to draw them into this perfectly laid trap. 

They were the prey and hunted from the very start. Still, even if he had one leg he will still fight them all to the bitter end.

Who knew when if he would get such a chance again to stride into the top one hundred.

With determination, he finally got rid of Malnor's grasp before pulling himself from the pit. Yet when he looked up he saw a long sword's blade moments away from cleaving his head away.

"This is the part where you forfeit,"

Ava uttered while bending down to stare in Samson's eyes. Samson gulped while looking around. By all indication, this was truly a crus.h.i.+ng defeat.

His squad members were tied up and their markers were stolen. They were outmatched in strength and numbers. Now he saw five ninth stage cultivators instead of the previous two females.

Dejectedly he uttered,

"I relinquish my marker."

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To be continued...

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