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Being slightly touched, An Rushuang let out a long sigh. “Of course, Mister Zhu’s wife is still waiting at home. We shouldn’t waste time here. Even if you can’t take the purple peony back, you mother would also be happy after knowing your affection for her. We shouldn’t be so obsessed with worldly things.”

Upon hearing An Rushuang’s words with a profound meaning, Haya was in a daze before she nodded in understanding. “Exactly. The purple peony, as well as Mount Baer, are worldly things. Why don’t I choose one which can make my mum happy?”

She turned to look at Mister Zhu in a glamorous smile with two dimples on her cheeks. “I can give you Mount Baer! But...”

As soon as Haya finished speaking, all the people were thrown into a panic, fearing she might have some tough conditions.

With three pairs of eyes fixed upon her, Haya smiled and said, “The purple peony mustn’t be hurt!”

All the people let out a sigh of relief. A wisp of grin appeared on Mister Zhu’s pallid face.

“Please set your mind at ease.” A gleam of smile rippled Princess Anyang’s cherry lips.

With the agreement being officially sealed by Princess Haya and signed by the two sides, Dongyi Kingdom could no longer revoke their commitment. Princess Anyang ordered Qing Lu to fetch the purple peony. Holding the flower in her arms, Haya’s maid was as upset as she was holding a big mountain.

Princess Anyang also promised to send a gardener to Haya’s manor. A few days later when she was leaving for Dongyi Kingdom, Princess Anyang would appoint several guards to protect the peony on their way back home. Haya left the Changting Pavilion happily, totally having no idea she had been plotted against. Since both parties had got what they wanted, it was really a happy ending.

As soon as Haya left, the gentleman clad in purple robe let out a long sigh of great relief. He slammed the folding fan on the desk. “My heart was nearly coughed out.”

There suddenly came a low-pitched and august sound behind the jade wall. “As playful as you are, why don’t you cough your tongue out?”

The gentleman in purple robe straightened himself immediately, emitting a totally different aura, before shouted, “My respect to Your Majesty!”

Following him, Princess Anyang and An Rushuang slightly lowered their heads before they shouted, “My respect to Your Majesty!”

With a flurry of rumble not so loud, the jade wall separated slowly, from which a middle-aged man in bright yellow robe walked slowly toward them in solemnity and stateliness. He, wearing a skullcap and a golden belt dotted with black silk embroidery, though, not tall or strong, always stood uprightly and set his feet upon the ground very firmly while walking. His hair, as well as beard, had turned gray, but his eyes, as sparkling as always, seemed to have seen through everyone’s heart.

There was another man wearing the same robe as Mister Zhu behind the emperor. Given his firm and steady step and glistening eyes, he was obviously a pract.i.tioner of martial arts.

“Get up. Are you Princess Anyang?” The emperor asked in low-pitched voice.

Princess Anyang thanked the emperor before raising her head. “I haven’t met your majesty for so long. It’s beyond my expectation that your majesty still remembers me.”

The emperor lowered his eyes to look at her, a faint smile rippling his lips, before he said slowly in a tone as contemplation, “You are so like your mother. I feel she is still alive when looking at you...”

She, a young girl at the age of sixteen, is standing before him with a peony in her arms, talking to him in a glamorous smile. While all the people gasped in admiration at the peony, he merely thought the girl with drop-dead gorgeous appearance paled the all the peonies in the world.

But now, with the memories fading away, things had become different.

“This is the first time I heard someone say I am like my mother. I am totally paled by her who has always lived within temple.”

“There is no difference between you two.” The emperor shook his head before he sighed.

A wisp of sorrow, somehow, rose in Princess Anyang’s heart, who lowered her head with red eyes.

Being slightly touched by Princess Anyang’s sadness, the emperor said slowly, “You behaved so well today. Without knowing I was here, you have helped me a lot to get Mount Baer. Have you already learned about the truth?”

Princess Anyang answered after making a curtsy, “Three years ago, at the empress dowager’s birthday party, your majesty presented your calligraphy, a Chinese character “Shou (which means longevity)”, which shares the same style vigorous and natural, as powerful as a flying dragon as the characters I saw today on the silk. I decided to make a bet, and fortunately, I win.” She presented the agreement to the emperor.

Holding the silk in his hand, the emperor had a complicated feeling.

It was lucky enough for the emperor who didn’t have many chances to go outside to join the flower feast. It was much beyond his expectation that he could meet Princess Anyang again since three years ago at the birthday party. She had become a brilliant lady, even not less intelligent than the princess at the royal palace.

“I should give a big reward to Anyang, the very smart girl,” the emperor said slowly in low-pitched voice, “What do you want?”

Princess Anyang shook her head. “I am lucky enough to get the purple peony planted by my mother when she was a child. It’s my honor to make some contribution for your majesty and Nanqi Kingdom. There is no need to reward me.”

The emperor said after a period of silence, “Then I will promote your t.i.tle. It will be easy for you to enter the royal palace afterward.”

Upon hearing his words, An Rushuang felt relieved. Princess Anyang could live an easier life if the emperor would remember her deed in the future.

Greatly pleased, Princess Anyang answered, “I extend my thanks to your majesty,” she added after a second thought, “It is the daughter of the imperial inspector who put forward the idea to enjoy the flowers with capital citizens!”

A wisp of coldness skimmed in An Rushuang’s mind. How candid Princess Anyang was!

She knew it clearly that Princess Anyang intended to ask a reward for her. However, she not only put forward the idea, but also declined Princess Mingxi’s invitation to enjoy the flowers at the royal palace. It was still uncertain whether she would be rewarded or punished...

“Daughter of the imperial inspector?” The emperor, his eyebrows raised slightly, turned to look at the slim lady lowering her head. “I heard that you declined to join the flower banquet at the royal palace held by Mingxi?”

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