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Fang Zhihan sat at his desk and gently tapped his fingers on top. All of a sudden, he said something strange, "Remember to dress nicely for tomorrow's meal."

"I only have a few sets of clothes. They're all roughly the same." Why was he suddenly concerned about what she was wearing? She thought he had always been indifferent to it.

"I will get someone to deliver clothes to you tomorrow."

Yu Gangan revealed a shy smile, "I don't think that's necessary."

"You need to wear it."


Since she couldn't argue against him, she could only compromise. It was only a set of clothing anyway.

After talking to Yu Gangan, Fang Zhihan turned his head and looked at Wenxiang who was lying on his desk, "Someone is tryng to steal your mother."

Wenxiang looked at Fang Zhihan with his round eyes and meowed.


The next morning, a courier arrived for Yu Gangan with a package that contained clothes from Fang Zhihan.

Originally, she thought Fang Zhihan would send her something strange, but she opened it to find an internationally branded camel coat and a black turtleneck sweater dress.

Yu Gangan held it up to have a look; the measurements were perfect for her.

The black dress was, elegant, beautiful, and refined. Paired with the camel coat, it was warm, casual, stylish, and graceful.

Yu Gangan was afraid of the cold and always wrapped herself in down jackets like a bear. Now that she was wearing these clothes, she looked simple and elegant like a cold city girl.

She was a little unaccustomed to this look and it felt a bit awkward.

Before she left the house, she even asked He s.h.i.+gui, "Master Handsome, do I look good today?"

He s.h.i.+gui was also surprised by Yu Gangan's appearance, but a smile remained on his face, "Not bad. You look good."

The two set off towards the restaurant that Fang Zhihan selected. When they arrived at the private dining room, Fang Zhihan was already waiting inside.

He was wearing a camel coat from the same collection as Yu Gangan's and the black suit underneath was also a similar style to hers.

The man's eyes were dark but clear, like a puddle of clean water. As his eyes fell on Yu Gangan, his gaze was inexplicably warm.

It was a surprise to see such a cold and black-bellied man act so tender.

Yu Gangan also looked straight at Fang Zhihan and felt her heart almost jump out of her heart.

Was she overthinking things?

Why did it feel like she and Fang Zhihan were dressed in matching couple outfits?

They had clearly agreed to keep their relations.h.i.+p a secret, but why did it seem like he was declaring his possession over her by sending a matching outfit?!

Yu Gangan subconsciously looked at her Master Handsome. What did he think about this?

But, He s.h.i.+gui simply greeted Fang Zhihan with a nod like he did not notice a thing.

At that moment, he spotted Yu Gangan's gaze and pulled her down to sit next to him with a slight smile in his eyes.

After sitting down, he smiled at her again.

Yu Gangan subconsciously responded with a sweet smile.

After exchanging smiles with Yu Gangan, He s.h.i.+gui looked at Fang Zhihan and smiled at him faintly as well.

Fang Zhihan was indifferent as he watched quietly without any expression on his face.

Words were not necessary. The woman seemed clueless, but the smart man already understood everything!

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