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Fang Zhihan said something on the other end and Elder Jiang switched to handsfree. He then placed the phone in front of Yu Gangan, his muddy eyes filled with wisdom.

"If you wanted to marry me, you could have just forced me. Why did you force my grandfather?"

Fang Zhihan's low and charming voice carried a sense of doting.

Elder Jiang nodded his head and agreed, "That's right."

Yu Gangan couldn't laugh or cry, "I didn't force you, grandfather..."

"Have fun there. When I'm finished, I'll come pick you up. Be good~~" Fang Zhihan cut in.

Be good?!!

Before Yu Gangan could say anything, Fang Zhihan hung up the phone.

Elder Jiang laughed in an unpredictable manner and said fiercely, "Stupid brat, let's see how you act arrogantly in front of me again. Let's see how my grandson deals with you later."

Yu Gangan frowned as she looked at the old man with resentment, "How will he deal with me? It's not like I really want to marry your grandson."

Elder Jiang glared at Yu Gangan. This brat had a proud and stubborn temper. If his grandson didn't like her, he wouldn't even talk to her...

At that time, Jiang Qi came in with two bowls of dessert.

She chuckled softly as she put the bowls on the coffee table, "Grandfather, have some dessert before you continue."

Elder Jiang glanced at Jiang Qi angrily, "What dessert? Can't you see that I'm scolding someone?"

He looked at Yu Gangan again, "Since you don't want to marry my grandson then I will grant you your wish and make it so that you will never be able to marry my grandson in the future," he laughed twice, and continued, "I have no daughter and I've always wanted a daughter. Since fate brought us together, I'll let you become my daughter."

Jiang Qi was taken by surprise, "Grandfather, how could you make Dr. Yu your daughter?"

Yu Gangan couldn't believe her ears, "..."


How was there fate between them?

He was even trying to make her his daughter?

What a joke.

Elder Jiang smiled, "Why not? Didn't you say that you really liked her? If you like her, then your grandmother will definitely like her. Your grandmother always wanted a daughter but she damaged her body when she gave birth to your second uncle and regretted it for the rest of her life."

His words were directed at Jiang Qi, but his gaze was on Yu Gangan.

This stinky brat was obviously clinging to his grandson but she was denying it. So, he was going to make her anxious and scared.

Jiang Qi didn't know whether to laugh or cry, "Grandfather, but she..."

Although not explicitly stated, everyone knew that this was his brother's girlfriend.

Yu Gangan didn't know what to say. "Are you sure you want to make me your daughter."

If that was the case, then she would become Fang Zhihan's auntie.

Would Fang Zhihan still tell everyone he was her husband?

She actually antic.i.p.ated it a little.

Elder Jiang looked at Yu Gangan's troubled expression and his smile grew bigger. Who was checking who? "Didn't you say that you don't want to be with my grandson? This is the best solution. My grandson will no longer bother you. Don't you want that?"

Of course, Yu Gangan knew what Elder Jiang was thinking.

He was forcing her to admit that she liked his grandson and that she was shamelessly clinging to him.

Here he was, saying that Grandpa Jian was a bad person when he was worse.

Yu Gangan smiled slightly, "Of course I would like that. I will suddenly have an extra father and a few extra nephews and nieces. How great would life be? I'm going to make Fang Zhihan call me auntie tonight."

Elder Jiang: "..."

Jiang Qi, "..."

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