The Sweetest Medicine Chapter 247 - Snowy Day

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Yu Gangan was stunned!

For a moment, she forgot to react as she opened her eyes wide and stared at Fang Zhihan.

She felt shy as a tingly feeling traveled via this kiss to her heart and quickly spread to her extremities, causing her body to lean into his weakly.

She subconsciously let out a sound that immediately woke her up and caused her to fight back.

Fang Zhihan used slight force to retaliate and pulled her into his arms, "Didn't I tell you to keep your distance from that man?"

As soon as he said this, he kissed down on her lips again.

He was repeatedly affectionate towards her and endlessly enjoying it.

Yu Gangan's mind went blank, unable to give a response. All she could do was close her eyes and follow her feelings.

She felt weak and limp like cotton candy; creamy, warm and sweet...

She didn't even notice when Fang Zhihan had stopped kissing her and buried his head into her neck.

Yu Gangan slightly tilted her head and looked to the sky with pleasure as she gently panted.

The world suddenly fell silent like snow.

As they kissed and hugged in the snow, the couple looked like a beautiful painting.

Yu Gangan's heart thumped like a drum. She was both embarra.s.sed and annoyed. As she blushed, she stuttered, "Wh-Wh_What are you doing? What are you doing to me...?"

Fang Zhihan's eyes darkened and his breathing calmed. "What am I doing?" he asked in a deep voice.

He tightened his grip around her. His domineering actions displayed his motive.

Yu Gangan panicked as she said gently, "You're acting out of line."

Without hesitation, Fang Zhihan admitted that she was right, "Yes."

When a person liked someone, they would involuntarily try to get close to them. He didn't think there was anything wrong with that.

Yu Gangan's face turned redder. In that moment, she didn't know how to respond. So, she simply complained, "You're bullying me!"

Her red cheeks looked like freshly blooming cherry blossoms and this look tempted the man to kiss her again.

He stretched out his hand and touched her cheek. He then said with deep meaning, "You can bully me back. I'll stand here and let you bully me however you want. I won't move."

In the beginning, he simply wanted to warn her, make her look at things clearly, and remind her to distance herself from certain people. But, a person with self-control like him, never expected to lose control like this.

He couldn't help it.

That's how things ended up this way.

He didn't want to bully her. Especially not in this way...Yu Gangan was speechless. She stared at him. Her lips were juicy and her eyes were misty with a trace of anger and dissatisfaction.

He lowered his eyes and looked deeply at her. He then tilted his head and whispered beside her ear.

What did he mean by this?

Yu Gangan panicked.

Just as she was at a loss and didn't know what to do, she suddenly sneezed.

Fang Zhihan's gaze turned cold. He suddenly realized that she was leaning against the car and her clothes were wet. As it was lightly snowing, her hair was also wet. He immediately removed his jacket and placed it on her body...

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