Gamers of the Underworld Chapter 442 - Stop Fantasizing, the Battle Is Starting!

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Chapter 442: Stop Fantasizing, the Battle Is Starting!

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The college was built using rocks, but from its appearance, it was no different from other buildings.

White bones came out from the ground and surrounded Specter College.

Above Specter College, the sky, which was used to simulate the weather, was filled with dark clouds and lightning.

Specter College was covered in darkness. There was no light or sound.

There was no background music, unlike in the Instance Dungeon, and thunder was heard from the sky above. It was an eerie environment.

The gamers could feel the eerie atmosphere.

“The scenes are getting scarier. Specter College looks huge. Where is the Troops Training Grounds Instance Dungeon?” Peasant looked around after exiting Specter College’s Teleport Portal, trying to identify the characteristics of the map that he had seen before.

“You won’t be able to see it. When we were in the five-member Instance Dungeon, we could still see Specter College, but there weren’t that many white bones. It was very far, and the entrance of the Training Grounds was small. Perhaps if we go to the rooftop, we can see it,” BurningChestHair said.

More gamers exited the Teleport Portal, and there were many more gathered gamers.

Some impatient gamers wanted to charge into Specter College and start killing the enemy. However, they were unable to get free of Sherlock’s restraint once they were in range. They went into Plot Animation Mode and felt like there was an air wall in front of Sherlock.

The Plot continued.

“Warriors, I can feel the evil power of the Void army! Make haste and build up your defenses! The enemy won’t wait for long before attacking us!” Sherlock shouted at the gamers as Rune Mana Formations were being created in the surrounding area.

The gamers received missions to fortify the area around the Teleport Rune Formation.

The gamers were familiar with building fortifications, which they had done many times.

They carried rocks and piled them around the camp.

According to the Plot, they had to create a Stronghold before entering Specter College.

This wasn’t a game, meaning Professor Cabbage wouldn’t wait for the gamers to complete their fortifications. She was feeling frustrated that Sherlock escaped her foolproof plan. She was prepared to defend against the attack of the Underworld and even abandon Specter College, but within a short time, Sherlock had returned with his troops!

He didn’t bring any reinforcements, only the citizens of Eternal Kingdom.

Professor Cabbage didn’t know what Sherlock was up to, she only knew that she had to kill Sherlock this time!

She planned for thousands of years. She couldn’t afford to let Sherlock wreck her plan!

This time, she wasn’t fighting Sherlock alone. Behind her were the almost revived Frangipani and the Lich students!

Whether they agreed or not, the students were being summoned as the new age Void army!

Professor Cabbage observed the busy gamers in the crystal ball. She squinted her eyes as she thought about how she wouldn’t let the stupid citizens of Eternal Kingdom wreck her plan and stop the revival of Frangipani. They didn’t understand what they were up against!

Peasant was carrying rocks to form the outer wall. Beside him were many diligent gamers performing their missions.

A few gamers came over as they chatted.

“The online gaming department of Tencent contacted ‘Dungeon’ to obtain sole publis.h.i.+ng rights and a collaboration agreement!”

“Gosh, Tencent is awesome. ‘Dungeon’ is such a secretive game company, and they managed to contact them? Besides the customer service Miss Black Dragon and the temporary forum administrator, I haven’t seen any communication channel on their official website. They don’t even have a mailbox!”

“They aren’t contactable in reality as there’s no mailbox or office address. The Tencent employee intended to chat with Miss Black Dragon to obtain contacts. When we were attacking the Black Volcano, customer service was on leave. Recently, customer service came back online, but the Tencent employee is still queued up for a chat. Hahahaha. They also created a collaboration post on the discussion forum, but there hasn’t been an official reply. Only the gamers who disguised themselves as game officials replied.”

“Besides Tencent, Tudou and NetEase also created posts on the discussion forum, but there haven’t been any official replies.”

“Interesting. Will we have broadcasters live-streaming the game?”

“That’s definite. This game is so awesome. Though the Plot isn’t so good, the effects are good. If there’s live-streaming, the game will be so popular!”

“Perhaps there will be a global compet.i.tion like LoL.”

“That’s not possible unless there’s American and European customer service. Otherwise, we’ll, at most, have a national compet.i.tion.”

“I wonder when the game will roll out to international gamers. I look forward to it…”

“I look forward to it too. I wonder if I can meet foreigners and beat them to a pulp.”

“I’m thinking of becoming a Dungeon Lord.”

“I want to be a Dungeon Lord too. It’s exciting just thinking about it.”

The gamers chatted, but there was no new information. The gamers had discussed the trend of the game in the discussion forum. They wanted to become Dungeon Lords, but it didn’t appear to be practical right now.

If there were compet.i.tion and live-streaming… Peasant started imagining. He fantasized about how he was live-streaming the game as numerous rich audience members rewarded him with multiple rockets. The fangirls would mention his name on the forum and ask him for tips. He would be setting up the compet.i.tion at Tencent and represent a professional team in the game compet.i.tion. The stage below would be full of his fans waving light sticks and shouting ecstatically. Some of the fans would even be moved to tears. And he would be smiling contentedly as he slipped into the gaming capsule…

“Peasant, come over, the entrance is opening! There are many huge monsters! The battle is starting!”

While Peasant was lost in his imagination, his comrades shouted to him.

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