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Seeing that obvious smile on Catherine's face, Alfonso can only sigh at her in disappointment. He is disappointed at her because she is not giving him enough entertainment. He thought that she would at least hide her true feelings in this matter for at least at the end of the show, and yet here she is smiling like she already won.

"How pathetic." Alfonso murmured, but Reid heard him. Then he followed where Alfonso's line of sight is. Right there and then, he knew right away that there is something going on between Alfonso and Catherine.

"Uncle Alfonso, are you sure that everything is going to be alright?" Anna asked worriedly. She is not worried about her uncle's life, but instead she is more worried about Alexandre's.

"Yes, Anna. It's sweet of you to worry about Alexandre, but I can a.s.sure you that everything is going to be just fine." Deep down, Alfonso has a hunch that the reason why Anna is so worried and willing to take care of Alexandre is that she is feeling guilty about what happened to Pia.

Alfonso would like for Anna to stop thinking that it was her fault because it is not her fault. Things happen and there is nothing she can do about it. Also, Alfonso genuinely hopes that Anna won't feel responsible for Alexandre in the future because it should not be like that in any way.

"Anna, you've known my uncle for so many years now. I'm sure that you already know that he is capable of overcoming these types of situations." Kyle said in a rea.s.suring tone. Seeing Anna being so worried about the other person instead of him is making him undeniably jealous.

Even now, he hopes that Anna should be more worried about him than Alexandre. But he doesn't have the courage to say that to her because he doesn't want to look like he's pathetic, which he is now. Getting jealous of something so little.

Feeling Kyle's warm hand onto hers, Anna feels more relax. As always, Kyle is the only one who can make her feel this kind of warmth. She hopes to feel this kind of warmth more often in the future.

"Okay..." She said, then she smiled sweetly at him.

Alfonso who was watching them has this expression on his face that he did not like hearing their sweet words to each other. It's too much for him to handle.

Noticing that look on his uncle Alfonso's face, Kyle smirked, then he said, "If you want to have this kind of moment in your life, then find someone."

That comment was a slap in Alfonso's face. Kyle is indicating that he should find someone for himself if he is jealous. Unfortunately, Alfonso doesn't want to admit it, but it is true he is jealous. It has been so many years since the last time he got himself a date, and he doesn't think that he will have the time to do that in the near future.

'Why does my love life sound so sad?'

"You brat, you may be my nephew, but that does not mean I can't slap you in the face if you say that to me one more time." Whenever Kyle talks back to him like this, Alfonso has no one else to blame but his sister.

Layla likes to talk back to him the same way Kyle just did. 'Those memories were horrible.' Alfonso inwardly said.

After a while, the video is finally starting. The host showed where the large screen and is telling everyone that they should enjoy every single detail that is on the video.

At the start of the video, everyone is already frowning. The first face that they are seeing on the screen is Catherine Dreyar. They have no idea what was going on, even the host himself is quite confusing.

Before all of this is happening, the host was the first one to watch the clip and he is sure that Catherine's face was the thing on the video.

As for Catherin, on the other hand, she is the one who is more confused above anybody else in the venue. That is not the video that she replaced on supposed to be Alfonso's video clip.

With no one trying to stop the video from playing, they were all so shocked by what was shown on the video. Everyone can hear that Catherine Rider is talking to a known CEO of a modeling agency. She is telling him that she found a new possible uprising model, has a great body and face.

It also mentioned in the video that Catherine is the one providing this CEO these women for him to play with, in exchange for a big sum of cash.

Allisa who was watching the video recognizes the man that Catherine is talking to, with a clear shock on her face. The man that Catherine is talking to is the CEO of the agency she is under contract with.

Almost at the end of the video, nothing was shown, but there are voices. 

[I want you to find every single dirty secret that Alfonso Dreyars has.]

[You want me to do that? What do I have in exchange?]

[Money. The more secrets that you uncover the more money I will send to you.]

The video was cut off before everyone could hear everything. The one who put that to a stop is Catherine, she pulled out the wires that are connected from the computer to the big screen.

Those voices that everyone just heard are her voice and the voice of the man that she hired to dig Alfonso's secret. That was a record of her phone call with that man.

Catherine didn't expect all of this to happen. Everything was going according to her plan. How did everything that worked for is going to end up like nothing? She has everything that can go against Alfonso, she successfully replaces Alfonso's video with hers, and yet what went wrong?

Everyone in the venue is looking at Catherine's pale face while they are murmuring to each other. Despite them murmuring, Catherine knew exactly what they are talking about. Their words are full of hate that she doesn't want to hear.

"This is all lies! Someone is trying to ruin me!" She said out of desperation. Despite her words, no one believes in her. The video and the phone call was all evidence that she is the bad person here.

Catherine looks around the crowd until her eyes landed on the man she idolized for a long time now. He is looking at her, it is as if he is disgusted by her. Her legs almost gave out when she saw that look on him. 

Then her eyes landed on Alfonso. Her eyes are full of rage. She couldn't contain the anger inside of her that she runs towards Alfonso to try and harm him. But unfortunately for her, Kyle made her trip.

"Oops. I'm sorry. I was getting myself another drink, but you suddenly ran towards me and I didn't notice you." Kyle doesn't sound apologetic at all. What is worse is that Kyle acted as if he didn't do it on purpose, everyone, even her knew that it was on purpose, but no one except for her cares if that was intentional or not.

All they care about is the fact that she actually tried to harm Alfonso. With that action of hers, it only indicates that she is guilty of all this, and no matter what kind of excuse she may say, it's not going to change anything.

"You...!" Catherine angrily said to Kyle, but she couldn't form a sentence to say to him. 

As soon as Catherine is back on her, feet two guards suddenly held both of her arms. Trying to restrain her from doing any more unnecessary actions. "Unhand me, you imbeciles! Unhand me!" She shouted and shouted.

She even gave Reid a pleading eye. However, Reid only gave her a nonchalant look. He has no idea where did she got the idea that he might do something to help her. Just the thought of helping her is making him feel disgusted.

"Wait," Alfonso said to the guards, then he hands over Alexandre to Anna. After he did that, he strides his way in front of Catherine, then whispered to her. "Catherine, I warned you so many times that you should not mess with me because you don't know what I'm capable of. Do you really think sharing all the information that you found about me will be enough to bring me down? Heh. You are wrong."

Hearing that, it startled her. From the way she interpreted his words, it seems to her that Alfonso already knows about her plans from the very beginning, and he was watching her getting all excited from the thought of winning.

There is nothing more humiliating than this. He let her get ahead of herself. He made a fool out of her.

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