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"This child..." Reid started. "He looks a lot like you, Alfonso. Tell me, what kind of relations.h.i.+p do you have with this little one?"

Though he sounded like he is curious, there is something that Anna can't point out. Something that she did not like. Anna feels like this man, named Reid, is planning on something, something that will make her uncle Alfonso release his wrath.

"Is there even a need for me to answer that," Alfonso said coldly to the guy. Reid is a smart man, so there is no need for Alfonso to tell him what is his relations.h.i.+p to the little one in his lap. In fact, everyone in the venue already has a guess. They just need confirmation from him.

With a smirk plastered on his face, Reid replied, "I see. No wonder you've changed, Alfonso." Clear as daylight, Reid's tone of voice indicated that he is irritated. Irritated of the fact that Alfonso changed. "This little one changed you. I don't know if I should be happy about that."

Listening to that, Anna's guard was up. She has no idea what kind of ident.i.ty this man has and what kind of connection does he has with her uncle Alfonso, but all she knows is that this man is dangerous.

He is not a threat to her, but he sure is a threat to Alexandre.

"Anna, don't be so obvious. If he notices you reacting like this, he will make more remark like that just to agitate you, and when you are at that stage, it will cause uncle Alfonso some trouble." Kyle whispered to her ear.

Anna was surprised when he suddenly leaned close to her, but she calmed herself down when he reminded her that this is not that place for her to show her other side.

Kyle is right, she should not be so obvious that she is cautious to him or else, he might say things that will make her explode.

"I'm sorry." Anna apologized. She once again realized that this behavior of hers, she can't go alone in missions even if she wanted to because she can't control her emotions. Even with just a few words coming from Reid, she immediately showed that she is threatened by him.

In a mission, she should always make her expression compose even if she is threatened. Because sometimes, when an enemy sees that you are threatened by his or her words, they will continue to hit on that spot.

"There's no need for you to apologize. I understand. This man is dangerous." Kyle is still upset about what little Alexandre did to Anna back in the plane, he does still care about him. And when he heard Reid's words, he was even more upset at that.

No one is allowed to say such words like that to his family. No one. And if they dare to do it, they will face danger coming from him.

Alfonso is not saying anything, but he can tell that Anna and Kyle are both cautious towards Reid. He can't blame them though, Reid is, after all, a very mysterious man.

"Reid, whether I changed or not, it has nothing to do with you. So would you please get out of my sight." Alfonso spoke coldly to him. Every time that Reid talks to him and mentions that the change in him, Alfonso felt like Reid is trying to find his weak spot. 

Now that Reid saw the child on his lap, his weakness has been spotted. Alfonso can't help but feel worried about his son. 

For years, he's been trying to find what kind of dark secret Reid is hiding, and what is is purpose on trying to talk to him. No matter how many times he searches for that answer, he couldn't find any. 

Reid was about to respond to that, but someone interrupted him. "Reid! There you are!" It was from Catherine. The woman he talked to earlier, and the woman he told that she should tell Alfonso that he was looking for him.

Asking this woman if she did what he asked her to do, is going to be just a waste of his time. It's crystal clear that Catherine has no intention to do it. Out of all the types of people, he hates the ones who don't listen to him, and Catherine just got herself into the list of people that he doesn't like to interact with.

"Catharine," Reid only said her name, but Catherine can feel that Reid doesn't want to talk to her. She felt her heart broke by that thought. However, she concluded that the reason why Reid seems like he doesn't want to talk to her is because of Alfonso.

Alfonso might have said something bad about her to Reid. 'Alfonso! This is the last time you're doing this to me!'

Earlier, when he saw that Alfonso and Reid were talking, jealousy went deep in her heart. How come whenever Reid talks to her, he only spent so little time on her, and yet when he is with Alfonso, he spares so much time for him.

Why is it that Alfonso can get this much luck than her? Doesn't she deserve everything that Alfonso has to achieve so far? Alfonso stole everything from her and she has enough of it.

"What are you guys talking about?" Catherine asked. She acted way differently from how she acted without Reid around. Everyone who knows about Catherine can see that she idolized Reid. Alfonso scoffed at how much respect Catherine has for Reid. She didn't even try to hide it.

'No wonder people like to call you fake.' Alfonso inwardly commented. He doesn't like to gossip, but sometimes, when he relaxes backstage, he hears staff members talks badly about Catherine.

"I was just asking him if you had delivered the message that I told you earlier." Reid intentionally mentioned his request from earlier. 

Catherine flinched when she heard that, then she nervously replied. "I'm so sorry! With everything so hectic earlier, I forgot to mention to Alfonso that you were looking for him." Catherine sounded so apologetic, but the expression on her face is way too much. 

May was only watching, can't stand it any longer. She hates being around with people who act so fake. May stood up, then she excused herself. She would rather have fun with her model friend than to sit, listen, and watch Catherine being so dramatic.

"It's alright, Catherine. There's no harm done, and besides, I'm talking to him now."

Catherine doesn't feel relieved hearing that from Reid. What she wants for the both of them is not to see and talk to each other at all. If she could just have a powerful standing in this industry, she would have made Alfonso disappear from this industry a long time ago.

"I'm so--"

"Alfonso, can you at least tell me the name of this little fella?" Reid asked. He intentionally cut off Catherine when she started to speak. He doesn't want her around, can't she see the most obvious thing?

"No. I won't tell you." Alfonso replied.

Every time Catherine tries to open her mouth, Reid would always interrupt her. Her mind is telling her that Reid is doing this on purpose, but the other part of her mind is telling her that Reid is only curious that he doesn't want to go off-topic.

Her mind is all over the place, she doesn't know what should she believe in for. She wants to ask Reid, but she doesn't want to cut him off because it will make her look rude. The only thing that she could do now is grit her teeth in frustration while listening to Reid trying to have a conversation with Alfonso.

After a while, the lights turned off. Only one spotlight is turned on, then the host of today's event came to the spotlight and started to talk about how wonderful this evening is. "As all of know, every year there is one person chosen to share a short clip of them explaining how did they find the inspiration to make these beautiful designs. And today, that lucky person would be our one and only, The King of the Fas.h.i.+on Industry." As soon as the host said all of that, everyone around them made a round of applause.

As for Alfonso, he is cringing at the fact that the host called him in that so-called t.i.tle of his. He hates that t.i.tle, and he swears that once he finds the person who first called him that, he will choke that person to death. 'That t.i.tle is so ridiculous!'

While all of these are happening, Catherine's eyes were on the other side of the venue. She is keeping an eye on where the computer is. When she saw the person-in-charge of that computer is going to start the video, she can't hide the happy smile on her face.

She is so excited to the point she wants to laugh in so much happiness. 'This is going to be my win!' She inwardly declared.

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