Ninth In The World Chapter 81 - Seizing The Opportunity

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Chapter 81: Seizing The Opportunity

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“I will fight with you to the bitter end, cla.s.s monitor.” He Tai had increasingly started to feel that Di Jiu’s strength was not too shabby. If Di Jiu was weak, he would definitely not dare seek opportunities at a place where demon beasts were fighting over territory, even given his high degree of medical expertise.

“Why would I not dare do something you would?” Pang Fan asked He Tai. “Let’s go. We will all go together!” he said high-spiritedly while showing off the long saber in his hand.

Thanks to his recently attained late-stage Yellow Tier, Pang Fan now dared to go to places Wu Cheng dared not. His courage had grown tremendously, and he had forgotten all about his earlier fear.

Sometimes, people acted this way. When one was afraid of something others did not fear, they would be affected by the general atmosphere and unconsciously feel that there was nothing to be afraid of.

Di Jiu had originally intended to go alone. If he did, it would be easier to escape if he was unable to win the fight. However, now that Pang Fan and He Tai had asked to follow him, he could not possibly abandon them.

“In that case, everyone must walk behind me.” Di Jiu turned in the direction the roars were coming from.

Although they had ambitiously said that they wanted to brave this situation with Di Jiu, the moment they started to walk in that direction, Pang Fan and He Tai got nervous. The closer they got to their destination, the more vigorous the roars became.

An hour later, the sound of a roar caused the ground to shake.

By this point, both Pang Fan and He Tai admired Di Jiu, who remained calm under the circ.u.mstances and kept carefully moving closer.

They did not know that Di Jiu was unafraid because he was ignorant. Di Jiu believed that if he could use a saber to fly, then he could bring Pang Fan and He Tai along and fly away with them. What he did not know was that a really powerful beast might not allow them to run away, let alone fly away.

“Right here, don’t move.” Di Jiu, who sensed the pressure of a powerful aura, quickly pulled Pang Fan and He Tai behind a giant piece of rock.

A violent sound resounded as the two gigantic demon beasts slammed into each other in the air. When the two beasts fell to the ground, large areas of trees were broken at the impact.

Di Jiu’s heart sank when he saw this display of power. He now knew that he had been too arrogant. If the two beasts had not been fighting, it would have been hard for him to escape either of them.

Even though he knew that he had been arrogant, Di Jiu was also aware that they could not leave anymore. If they left now, they would be exposed to both beasts. If the winning beast was displeased that an outsider had interrupted them, then they would become demon beast food.

Di Jiu could not recognize the two beasts. One of them had a humongous head similar to but way bigger than a lion’s. There were also two horns on its head, and when it opened its mouth, its razor-sharp teeth were revealed to be 20 to 30 centimeters long.

The other beast looked like an alligator. Its entire body was covered in a thick layer of scales, yet compared to the average alligator, it was actually much larger. It had to be at least 20 meters long.

Both demon beasts were covered in injuries, their bodies b.l.o.o.d.y and muddy.

Boom! Boom! Boom! The two beasts on the ground slammed against each other once more. As the violent vibrations reached the feet of the three humans, Pang Fan’s and He Tai’s hearts almost jumped out of their chests.

Pang Fan and He Tai did not possess the courage they’d had earlier anymore. As they hid behind the giant rock, their faces were as pale as a sheet. In the past, they had thought that they were quite strong. After seeing the power of those demon beasts though, they had realized that they were like tiny ants in comparison to those demon beasts.

Crack! An unknown object smashed against the giant rock the three humans were hiding behind. The rock shook a few times before a thin crack appeared in the middle of it.

The three men looked at each other. Even Di Jiu dared not say anything. He was not certain whether they had been discovered by the two fighting beasts or not.

Di Jiu believed that the two beasts had reached the peak of the Qi Refinement realm.

All three of them wished that the two beasts would fight and distance themselves from their location even further. Unfortunately, the two beasts had set their minds on this place and kept getting closer to the giant rock the three humans were hiding behind.

Boom! Another attack landed on the giant rock. An even larger crack immediately formed on its surface. One more attack and the giant rock would most likely break completely, exposing the three of them to the two beasts.

Di Jiu knew that he had to think of something. If he kept waiting, then the consequences would not be good.

Di Jiu’s Spiritual Force had yet to reach 150 meters. Despite the fact that the demon beasts kept approaching as they fought, they remained out of the range of his Spiritual Force.

The giant rock cracked open after the demon beasts’ attacks. Through the crack, Di Jiu could see clearly that the scaled alligator seemed to be winning. Although the horned, lion-like beast seemed more powerful, it was actually in a disadvantageous position.

“Give me your long saber,” Di Jiu told Pang Fan in a low voice.

Even though the long saber was really precious to Pang Fan, he did not ask how Di Jiu was planning to use it.

Di Jiu clenched Pang Fan’s long saber tightly and looked at the two approaching demon beasts quietly.

Boom! The two beasts slammed into one another once again. The horned lion, which was evidently lacking in strength, was sent flying by the alligator.

This time, Di Jiu saw clearly that the spot where the lion landed was no less than five meters away from the giant rock they were hiding behind.

The alligator pounced even more ferociously. When Di Jiu saw how high the beast could jump, he realized why the two demon beasts seemed to have flown down from the sky.

The alligator opened its ma.s.sive mouth mid-air and bit the lion.

The lion-like beast struggled to climb up from the ground as it tried its best to bite back. Di Jiu was certain that, without his help, the lion would not be able to bite through the thick layer of scales on the alligator, which was currently in rampage mode. The battle between the two beasts would end when the horned lion was unable to injure the alligator any further.

Di Jiu rushed out from behind the rock without hesitation, using up all the Quintessential Essence he had in order to throw the long saber he was holding in his hand.

The saber turned into a white light that entered the alligator’s mouth. Blood instantly started flowing out of the beast’s mouth.

The alligator roared, its eyes staring at Di Jiu ferociously as if it was about to pounce on him at any moment.

The lion-like beast was no fool, so it took advantage of this opportunity to bite the alligator’s neck.

Even though the scales at its neck were just as thick, Di Jiu’s saber had injured the alligator severely. The horned lion bit the alligator in a frenzy, refusing to let go. The two beasts started rolling around on the ground.

Di Jiu sensed that the alligator’s breath was growing weaker and weaker, while the lion became even more ferocious. As it bit and tore at the alligator’s neck, the alligator started to lose its ability to fight back. The lion’s sharp teeth eventually pierced its throat.

This was the moment Di Jiu had been waiting for. This time, he leaped and pounced over, the kitchen knife in his hand moving in endless saber strikes.

Before the saber strikes could land on the lion, they were upgraded to saber intent. The combination of saber strikes and saber intent resulted in a white saber flare. The temperature of the surrounding air seemed to become much colder due to this saber move.

The saber intent was filled with a destructive aura, a movement with no return. This was Di Jiu’s most formidable saber move, the Wind-Rustling Move!

The kitchen knife landed at the side of the lion’s neck, creating a b.l.o.o.d.y mist.

Crack! Di Jiu felt his knife split open something that seemed like a bone. Its momentum did not stop until a cloud of dust, soil and rocks was formed.

Di Jiu landed on the ground, devoid of all energy. One saber move had left him in a state of prostration.

However, he only felt excitement in his heart. His saber move had actually managed to cut off the lion-like beast’s head.

The lion’s head was still biting the alligator’s neck, yet its body and head had been separated. The alligator was still rolling around on the floor, its death as imminent as ever.

“Boss, you killed two demon beasts!” Pang Fan and He Tai, who had climbed out from behind the rock, were staring in disbelief at the carca.s.s of the horned lion and the struggling alligator on the ground. Pang Fan had even forgotten to address Di Jiu as cla.s.s monitor and called him ‘boss’ instead.

Di Jiu had shocked him. The kind of strength he possessed seemed even more formidable than a connate warrior’s. Even connate experts could not kill off demon beasts as powerful as these two.

Di Jiu, who had already recovered, stood up and said, “The fight between the two beasts was coming to an end, so I just reaped the benefits without doing much.”

“Sure enough, I was not mistaken. Those geniuses from the Inst.i.tute of Martial Arts were nothing compared to you. Oh my! If I hadn’t seen this firsthand, I would not have believed that it’s true. No wonder you wanted to come over to this side…” He Tai said after recovering from the shock.

Everything had happened in a very short time and changed his opinion about Di Jiu completely. He had already admired Di Jiu for curing him, yet his admiration had now turned to wors.h.i.+p.

Although the whole Fairy Square was wary of demon beasts, Di Jiu had managed to kill two of them in one go. He might have achieved that through trickery and taking advantage of the situation, but even this required both courage and wisdom to accomplish.

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