Ninth In The World Chapter 344 - Why Should I Escape?

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Chapter 344: Why Should I Escape?

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Was Jing Luowen able to see through his Defense Array? Di Jiu was alarmed before he came to the realization that this was not the case. Actually, Jing Luowen had sensed that the Sky Bamboo River ensured that the light from providence was gathering. It seemed that he needed to set up a great array here, to prevent anyone from being able to sense that phenomenon.

Jing Luowen realized that the Sky Bamboo River was the biggest secret of the Starry Sky Immortal City as soon as Di Jiu did not answer her.

Jing Luowen did not continue looking at the Sky Bamboo River. Instead, she turned towards Di Jiu. “City Lord Di, I have some things I wish to speak to you about alone,” Jing Luowen told Di Jiu solemnly.

Di Jiu nodded his head and told Yan Xiaosha and company, “Go back and cultivate. Sect Master Jing came here, so I predict that even more cultivators from the Newborn Immortal Protectorate will be coming here soon.”

Yan Xiaosha and the rest bade them farewell, as they understood what Di Jiu was implying. Di Jiu wanted them to quickly increase their cultivation level.

Jing Luowen called Yan Xiaosha back and gave him an elixir. “You are at the perfected Immortal Lord Realm, so it would be difficult for you to attain the Great Immortal Realm without consuming the Primordial Unity Pill. Here, take this Primordial Unity Pill.”

Yan Xiaosha accepted the Primordial Unity Pill excitedly as he bowed and said, “Thank you for giving me this pill, Sect Master Jing.”

A Primordial Unity Pill might be nothing to Jing Luowen, but it was a very valuable gift for Yan Xiaosha.

Di Jiu bowed before Jing Luowen when they left. Then, he led Jing Luowen to the City Lord Manor.

“A Virtuous Nirvana Sect disciple resides here?” Jing Luowen’s face changed the moment she entered the cave abode Di Jiu was cultivating in, as she sensed the aura of a Virtuous Nirvana Sect disciple. If Di Jiu also made use of the Virtuous Nirvana Sect disciple’s Nirmala Spirit Body for cultivation purposes, she would kill him even if she had to risk her own life, regardless of Di Jiu’s merits.

Even though he was the founder of the Starry Sky Immortal City, the city would eventually get ma.s.sacred in the future. It would definitely not become the peaceful Immortal City that he envisioned.

Di Jiu said regretfully, “Junior Sister Mo was injured by the Heavenly Fire Spirit when she attempted to save me. I’m useless, so I could only preserve her life. When the Starry Sky Immortal City is stabilized, I will take Junior Sister Mo along with me and search for a method to revive her.”

Upon hearing Di Jiu’s words, Jing Luowen calmed down a little. “Could City Lord Di let me see my Virtuous Nirvana Sect disciple?”

“Of course.” Di Jiu released the restriction of a room within the cave abode with a wave of his hand.

The clothes Mo Yuxuan was wearing were neat. However, her entire body had been scorched by the Heavenly Fire Spirit. Her hands were the worst, as only a small section of her bones was intact. Her life-force aura was extremely weak, as though it could be extinguished at any moment.

Jing Luowen’s eye rims turned red as she wondered why the Virtuous Nirvana Sect disciples always had such a hard life. They were either preyed upon by others, or they ended up in a wretched state, both in the Newborn Immortal Protectorate and the Sunset Immortal Protectorate.

Jing Luowen could sense the aura of the Heavenly Fire Spirit coming from Mo Yuxuan’s body.

She sighed. “Thank you, City Lord Di, for using the Rainbow Immortal Peach to sustain her life.”

The Rainbow Immortal Peach was priceless in the Cultivation World and extremely valuable in the Immortal World. Most importantly, it could not be obtained in the Immortal World.

Di Jiu shook his head. “Junior Sister Yuxuan ended up in this state while saving me. Plus, I only used some Rainbow Immortal Peaches. Those peaches are insignificant compared to what she did.”

“She is called Mo Yuxuan?” asked Jing Luowen in surprise.

Di Jiu had earlier caller her Junior Sister Mo, but now he had referred to her as Junior Sister Yuxuan.

“That’s right.” Di Jiu looked at Jing Luowen questioningly. Mo Yuxuan had only recently come from the Cultivation World, so Jing Luowen should not have met her yet.

As she stared at the inhuman-looking Mo Yuxuan, Jing Luowen sighed. “There is an Elder called Jing Luolin in the Virtuous Nirvana Sect who once predicted that a disciple called Mo Yuxuan would come from the sect. It is unfortunate that the Immortal World had reached its sunset by the time Mo Yuxuan came to the Immortal World.”

Di Jiu was silently appalled by how powerful the foreseeing methods and capabilities of the Immortal World were.

Jing Luowen did not elaborate further. However, Di Jiu was able to guess that Jing Luolin must have predicted that Mo Yuxuan’s future accomplishments would be great and she would be able to bring the Virtuous Nirvana Sect great glory. The sunset of the Immortal World had been unexpected, as was Mo Yuxuan’s imminent death.

However, no matter how formidable this prediction was, the destruction of the Heavenly Dao could not be stopped.

After hearing Di Jiu recount how he had met Mo Yuxuan at the ruins of the Virtuous Nirvana Sect, Jing Luowen felt even more sorrowful. She fell silent for a long time before saying, “There’s actually nothing in the Immortal World that could save Yuxuan…”

However, Di Jiu heard what Jing Luowen was implying and asked anxiously, “Senior, please tell me how to save Junior Sister Yuxuan.”

Jing Luowen hesitated before saying, “According to a legend, outside the Immortal World was a true liberal Immortal City known as the Gigantic Tripod. The various rare immortal herbs and immortal treasures found in this Immortal World realm could be seen in the Gigantic Tripod. However, this liberal Immortal City is too ancient. I’ve only heard about it from rumors thus far. I’ve never seen anyone who has been there before.”

“Mo Yuxuan was burned by the Heavenly Fire Spirit, so reviving her would require the Agama True Glazed Water. However, the Agama True Glazed Water has never appeared in the Immortal World before. If there is a place in this universe that still possess such a treasure, it will definitely be the Gigantic Tripod…”

“Can you please tell me where the Gigantic Tripod is?” Di Jiu hastily bowed.

Jing Luowen shook her head. “I don’t know. I’ve only heard that this place exists. No one knows where the Gigantic Tripod is.”

Di Jiu’s eyes dimmed before regaining their spirit. He had previously not even known what method or item could save Mo Yuxuan. Now, he at least knew that people who were burned by the Heavenly Fire Spirit could be saved by using the Agama True Glazed Water. At the same time, he had discovered a place known as the Gigantic Tripod. He was in a better position than before.

As she looked into Di Jiu’s eyes, Jing Luowen suddenly sensed that Di Jiu might just be able to save Mo Yuxuan. She took out a jade slip, engraved something on it, and handed it to Di Jiu. “City Lord Di, please give this jade slip to Yuxuan if she is revived in the future…”

Jing Luowen had placed a restriction on the jade slip. To be honest, Di Jiu would not read someone else’s message even if no restrictions had been placed on it.

After putting the jade slip away, he cupped his fists and said, “I will definitely save Junior Sister Yuxuan.”

Jing Luowen nodded her head as she sat down and said with a solemn tone, “City Lord Di, the matter I wish to speak to you about concerns the Starry Sky Immortal City. This city might not be able to exist for long.”

Di Jiu frowned slightly, but still said politely, “Please speak, Senior.”

Jing Luowen looked in the direction of the Newborn Immortal Protectorate and said, “Three years ago, when I came to the Sunset Immortal Protectorate, the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect had sent out people to the Sunset Immortal Protectorate as well. At the time, I had not been aware of what was going on, but I am aware of it now. They must have been searching for the Starry Sky Immortal City. I do not know why they have yet to discover this place even though three years have pa.s.sed, but I’m certain that it will only be a matter of time. The Defense Array of this Starry Sky Immortal City will not be able to withstand the attacks of so many people once they come here…”

She did not bother finis.h.i.+ng her sentence. When the Starry Sky Immortal City was discovered and the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples conquered the city, the experts from the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect would soon come to the Starry Sky Immortal City. Then, this place would become a garrison of the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect.

Di Jiu smiled. “I’m waiting for the people from the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect to come here. The first batch of people that came has been confined by me. Their time will be up once I have finished setting up the Defense Array of the Starry Sky Immortal City.”

Di Jiu did not intend to keep those 36 people alive any longer, as their mission had already ended. Even if he kept them alive, the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect would grow suspicious, as it had not received any news from them in a long time.

“What? They came here and were captured by you?” asked Jing Luowen in disbelief as she stared at Di Jiu in astonishment.

She was not sure what Di Jiu’s cultivation level was, but he could not be a Great Immortal yet. There were two Great Unity Immortals, several Immortal Lords and some Golden Immortals among the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect disciples. Di Jiu and his level-three Immortal Array would definitely not be able to defend themselves against this force.

However, Jing Luowen quickly came to the realization that Di Jiu must have some trump cards. Otherwise, he would not have been facing an Immortal King like her so calmly.

A cultivator who had yet to become a Great Immortal would not be able to face an Immortal King like her so calmly or invite her to the City Lord Manor, like Di Jiu had, even if they were aware of what kind of person she was.

Jing Luowen sucked in a breath as she looked at Di Jiu and said, “City Lord Di, if I attacked you suddenly, how confident would you be in your ability to escape?”

Di Jiu smiled. “Sect Master Jing, this is my territory. Why should I have to escape?”

“I’m just saying, if I suddenly attacked you, I could get severely injured. However, I’m still an Immortal King expert,” repeated Jing Luowen, who was speechless.

Di Jiu waved his hand casually. “Isn’t Sect Master Jing simply making a supposition? You have not really attacked me.”

Di Jiu understood what Jing Luowen was implying. Although he would not look down on an Immortal King, he could see that Jing Luowen’s strength was less than 10 percent of what it used to be. Otherwise, he would not have let Jing Luowen enter the city. The reason he had was because he was confident in being able to activate the Confinement Killing Array the moment Jing Luowen attacked.

A real, healthy Immortal King expert would be able to prevent him from activating the various killing arrays simply by using their aura.

Jing Luowen did not question Di Jiu further. Instead, she looked at him seriously and said, “Don’t let any other Immortal Kings enter the Immortal City, even if you are confident in your capabilities.”

Di Jiu bowed. “Thank you for your guidance. I understand.”

Jing Luowen nodded her head. “I wish to reside within the Starry Sky Immortal City. Is that okay?”

Di Jiu immediately said, “It is my pleasure that you want to live in the Starry Sky Immortal City. You can freely choose any cave abode located beside the Sky Bamboo River.”

Di Jiu agreed completely that Jing Luowen should come and stay in the Starry Sky Immortal City. The amount of help a fully-recovered Immortal King would provide to the Starry Sky Immortal City was insurmountable. In the past, he would not have been confident about being able to kill an Immortal King, even if the latter had been confined. However, thanks to Jing Luowen’s help, he would be able to accomplish that now.

Jing Luowen, who understood what Di Jiu was implying, said, “I will be able to quickly heal my injuries here. My injuries were created by the Radiant Fortune Immortal Sect Master. If he comes, I will lend you a hand.”

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