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Chapter 26: Investigation

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Bi Zhengsheng was standing expressionlessly in the underground level of the Rising River Building, where the most luxurious hall was. In front of him was a line of six bodies. They had all been his subordinates, but one of them had been his right-hand man, Kuang Hua.

When he had been ordered by Bi Zhengsheng to come to Luo Jin and establish the world’s largest boxing ring, Kuang Hua had worked really hard. However, his best subordinate had now become a corpse.

“This man is very strong. I’m afraid that n.o.body other than Master Tang San could tackle him,” said the woman with the scar on her face.

Surprisingly, Bi Zhengsheng did not flare up. He merely stated calmly, “Tang San cannot compete with this person either. Unless I am wrong, this person’s ability must be almost at the Yellow Tier.”

“Ah!” As the woman shrieked, everybody in the hall looked at Bi Zhengsheng in surprise.

Anybody who showed up at Bi Zhengsheng’s house had to be a confidant of his. Even if they did not practise martial arts, they would still know that a warrior in the Yellow Tier was formidable and that being a warrior itself was not easy.

Master Sheng, who was one, had been able to make a name for himself in the underground boxing ring because he was a Yellow Tier warrior. Of course, the strong backing that Master Sheng possessed was another reason.

Bi Zhengsheng swept his audience with his gaze as he said slowly, “This was my mistake. I should have let Kuang Hua bring a gun. Now that we have alerted our target, it will be really difficult to stop him, unless I go myself. Ah Hong, you help settle down the rest of the boys and wait for me to bring him here. Then, you will help our brothers take revenge.”

“Yes, Master Sheng,” a young man with long hair replied as he rushed forward. When he signaled at the door, about six men came quickly to carry away the bodies inside the hall.

The moment the bodies were moved, the woman’s phone started to ring. She was the woman with the scar on her face, who was standing right next to Bi Zhengsheng.

The scar-faced woman frowned as she took out her phone with the intention of switching it off. However, when she saw who was calling, her expression changed sightly. She immediately picked up the phone.

Ten seconds later, the scar-faced woman put down her phone. A serious look was imprinted on her face as she said solemnly, “Brother Sheng, Mr. Huan is suddenly leaving Luo Jin. Su Minyu’s issue has not been resolved. The Bi An Club is about to be closed for an investigation…”

“Didn’t Cat Boy stage a car accident?” Bi Zhengsheng’s face looked ugly. The Rising River Building was his territory, so he had been managing it for a long time. However, if this situation blew up, even his power would not be able to protect his position in the Rising River Building.

This was not what he was the most afraid of, though. It was the underground boxing ring in the Rising River Building that he was the most worried about. He had received orders to establish the Morgue Ring, yet due to his carelessness, he was about to pay the price. Now, he had to think about the possible consequences that he would have to face.

“There’s a newcomer at the Luo Jin Police Bureau who went out to investigate on his own accord and discovered that Su Minyu died of a bullet wound instead of a car accident. Su Minyu died right after leaving my club, so the officer wants to seal up the Bi An Club. Mr. Huan must have left because of this man…”

Before the scar-faced woman could finish her words, the surveillance cameras across the hall showed several police cars pull up outside the club.

“Great!” Bi Zhengsheng’s face was full of viciousness as he stood up and glared at the police cars. He took a few breaths before he said, “Everybody retreat and go to the Nan Yue border. Wait for this to die down before we talk again.”

Bi Zhengsheng already thought of Di Jiu as a dead man. He had been in this industry for so long, yet this was the first time he was experiencing such a big loss. If he did not tear Di Jiu into pieces when he saw him again, he would not be able to say that he had taken revenge.

Di Jiu had left Luo Jin a long time ago. However, when he found out that the Bi An Club had been surrounded by a large number of police cars, he knew that he could no longer touch Bi Zhengsheng. He was currently sitting on a motor vehicle travelling towards Lin Chuan and staring blankly at the scenery outside, which was moving backwards.

It felt as if he were in a dream. So many things had taken place within such a short period of time…

The Major Conduit Internal Records and the book written by Di Yue, which was called The Secret To Being A Martial King, had both helped him understand deeply that he’d had a narrow understanding of martial arts in the past. He had put his heart into studying medicine, but his motive had been to acquire martial roots and then start to practise martial arts. He had not known that there had been something else that was even more entertaining and powerful than cultivation.

When he settled down in Lin Chuan, the first thing he would do was combine the Major Conduit Internal Records and the Di Clan’s Seven Sabers and practise them together.

He would use the Major Conduit Internal Records to gather his Essence Energy and then use the Di Clan’s Seven Sabers to upgrade his abilities.

He theorized that the Di Clan’s Seven Sabers was indeed not a cultivation technique, but rather a type of martial arts technique unlike other martial arts techniques, which relied on the individual’s Essence Energy. This martial arts technique could be practised while one also boosted their Essence Energy.

Di Jiu was unsure as to why Di Yue had not revealed this information. His father, Di Shan, had not told him that the Di Clan’s Seven Sabers was a book about martial arts techniques instead of cultivation techniques either.

The announcement that they had reached the Lin Chuan station woke Di Jiu up. Di Jiu halted his thoughts and got up immediately, picking up the cloth bag that was by his feet and slinging it around his shoulder before he followed the crowd out of the station.

The moment he got out of the station, he hailed a taxi to get to the Ai Bo Hospital.

The director of the Ai Bo Hospital had given him a card and written down a few words at the back, which would allow him to become an intern at the department that specialized in venom and poisonings. At the bottom of the card was his signature.

Di Jiu just wanted to find a quiet place where he could train and get a job.

The Ai Bo Hospital was not very far from the train station. Half an hour later, the taxi stopped in front of the hospital’s main entrance.

As soon as he got out of the taxi, Di Jiu realized that the Ai Bo Hospital was huge.

He stood outside the door of the enormous compound and peered at the blocks of buildings inside. Everything, from the outpatient department to the hospital wing, was connected.

Di Jiu frowned. There were so many blocks… Did he have to go to the outpatient department to ask for a job?

“May I ask which block the Human Resources Department is located at?” Di Jiu asked the security guard.

The security guard had not replied yet, when someone behind Di Jiu answered, “Why do you need to go to the Human Resources Department?”

The person who asked this was a middle-aged man in a white hospital gown with the words “Ai Bo” on it. Di Jiu guessed that the man was one of the doctors working at the Ai Bo Hospital.

“I have pa.s.sed the interview for the job I applied for, and now I am on my way to report at the Human Resources Department,” Di Jiu replied quickly.

The doctor did not think much of it. Even though it was difficult to get a job there, that did not mean that they were not hiring. The hospital was so big that new people were being hired all the time.

“Follow me. I’m also headed to the Human Resources Department,” the man said before welcoming him warmly.

“Alright. Thank you so much!” Di Jiu thanked the doctor.

“Which courses did you study?” the doctor asked casually as he walked in front of Di Jiu.

The phone in the doctor’s hand started ringing before Di Jiu could reply. Di Jiu had a very strong hearing, so he could hear the conversation as clear as a day when the middle-aged doctor picked up the phone. It was probably a nurse calling, as the person on the other end of the line was saying that the patient in bed 19 had suddenly started to have violent seizures. His face had turned purple, and his hands were ice-cold.

The doctor, who entered a mildly panicked mode when he heard the news, hung up the phone and rushed to the staircase on his left.

After taking a few hurried steps, he suddenly remembered about Di Jiu, turned back to him and shouted, “The Human Resources Department is on the fifth floor of Block Seven!”

Di Jiu thought that the man was pretty decent as he watched the fading figure of the doctor disappear inside the Hospitalization Department.

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