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Chapter 179: The Jumbo Footprint

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Di Jiu threw out several array flags and quickly set up the least complicated Level-Nine Defense Array possible. He felt even more grateful for Master Qian Fenghua now. Without him, he would have been unable to become a Level-Nine Array King, even if he conducted research for many years.

There were many jade slips on array formation in the Qi Family’s Commercial Building, but the Dharma Arrays mentioned were far too simple and provided him with essentially no help. The only array formation jade slips that helped his array formation skills had come from the Heaven Saber Sect. Unfortunately, the Heaven Saber Sect was not an Array Dao sect. The array formation jade slips might mention level-nine Dharma Arrays, but learning from them was extremely complicated.

Despite his ability to comprehend, it was a challenge for Di Jiu to fully understand the array formation jade slip.

Fortunately, Master Qian Fenghua had given him a jade slip with array formation insight. This was the textbook Di Jiu had used to improve his array formation skills so swiftly.

Qian Fenghua’s insight on array formation was deep and easy to understand, as it explained the complicated array formation by using the simplest words. Any ordinary cultivator who read this jade slip would also improve their array formation skills greatly. It took Di Jiu slightly more than five months to become a Level-Nine Array King.

After becoming a Level-Nine Array King, Di Jiu could easily sense what was wrong with the teleportation array. There was an issue with inserting the spirit meridian. Although it seemed like the insertion was complete, the spirit meridian was actually not connected with the teleportation array.

This was a very simple problem, yet it took Di Jiu nearly six months to resolve it.

Di Jiu doubted that Qi Qi would be able to activate this teleportation array after Qi Qi reinserted the spirit meridian. To his knowledge, there were no known Level-Nine Array Kings in the entire Polar Night Continent. Di Jiu believed that the fella who had placed a Spiritual Force imprint on the Spiritual Force jade slip possessed level-nine array formation skills.

Although Di Jiu did not underestimate the Qi Family’s Commercial Building, there were no Level-Seven Array Kings in this particular building.

When the teleportation array was repaired, Di Jiu was in no rush to leave.

This teleportation array would most likely be linked to the Small Central World. According to his master, the Small Central World was the most powerful cultivation continent among the five surrounding continents.

Thus, there had to be a lot of experts there, or at least some True Form Realm Cultivators.

Even though Di Jiu was a fourth-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivator that possessed several tricks, his current cultivation level was too weak. A fourth-stage Essence Soul Realm cultivator could be considered an apex cultivator in the Polar Night Continent. However, that cultivation level might not amount to much in the Small Central World.

This quiet place contained spirit meridians and Spirit Stones, so it was the most suitable spot to study the Jumbo Footprint.

The contents of this supernormal ability jade slip and the magic technique jade slips Di Jiu had obtained were completely different. The average cultivation technique jade slip and magic technique jade slip started by elaborating on what the Dao was and combining magic techniques with the Dao.

On the contrary, the jade slip of the Jumbo Footprint got straight to the point. After making a simple introduction on the stages of this supernormal ability, it immediately started explaining the Qi Circulation method.

The Jumbo Footprint was split into seven stages. The first stage would create a footprint that would tear right through the opponent’s defensive Spiritual Force and Quintessential Essence. Then, so long as there were some weak spots in the opponent’s supernormal ability or defense, the Jumbo Footprint would be created.

The second stage could create two footprints and tear apart the opponent’s defense s.p.a.ce at the same time. The third stage included four footprints and the fourth stage included eight footprints.

According to this logic, the seventh stage should be able to make 64 footprints. However, the jade slip said that the seventh-stage Jumbo Footprint would make 100 million footprints.

Di Jiu suspected that this was a bluff. If 100 million footprints were made concurrently, perhaps even a planet would be destroyed.

The second part of the jade slip was a little incomplete. However, Di Jiu was not concerned about it. The seventh-stage Jumbo Footprint was impossible to cultivate anyway. This had to be the highest stage, so there should be no eighth stage. In Di Jiu’s opinion, the incomplete part should have no content.

He a.s.sumed that, since the Jumbo Footprint had seven stages, the first stage would be easy to cultivate. Thus, Di Jiu left the Teleportation Hall and headed to the square to practise the Jumbo Footprint.

What made Di Jiu despair was that, despite his perceptiveness and potential, he failed to successfully cultivate the first stage of the Jumbo Footprint. Di Jiu had destroyed the surrounding broken walls and, after cultivating on the huge square for six months, his cultivation broke through to the fifth-stage Essence Soul Realm.

The jade slip explained that once the first step was made, one would be able to tear apart their opponent’s Spiritual Force and Quintessential Essence. No matter who the opponent was, one would be able to find their defense flaws and make the footprint.

Di Jiu was certain that he would not be able to accomplish that. After making the footprint, his Quintessential Essence fluctuated and the s.p.a.ce filled with the aura made by this footprint. According to this kicking method, during a battle, his footprint should land on his opponent’s defense Dharma treasure or Quintessential Essence. It was impossible to bypa.s.s one’s Dharma treasure or Quintessential Essence.

This was similar to the way a kick would land on a wall if there was one ahead. How could it bypa.s.s the wall and reach the other side right away?

When Di Jiu failed to break through to the first stage of the Jumbo Footprint in six months, he stopped practising the Jumbo Footprint. The process of becoming a Level-Nine Array King from a Level-Seven Array King had not been as arduous. This was a mere Jumbo Footprint, so it was a great failure to not even attain the first stage after cultivating for six months.

He should just stop cultivating and return to the Everlasting Domain Planet as soon as possible. Di Jiu actually regretted cultivating the Jumbo Footprint and wasting half a year. This had happened because he was really stubborn, so he was consistently thinking of successfully cultivating a technique immediately. This was why he had wasted six months.

When he stepped onto the hexagonal Teleportation Array once again, Di Jiu threw out the array flags. This time, the surroundings of the Teleportation Array were engulfed by white flares. These flares, which started to circulate, instantly enveloped Di Jiu.

Despite his failure to cultivate the Jumbo Footprint in half a year, Di Jiu had gained something from this experience. His cultivation had reached the fifth-stage Essence Soul Realm, and his Spiritual Force had become extremely condensed. Di Jiu had also researched this Teleportation Array for half a year, so he did not lose consciousness when the Teleportation Array was activated.

Di Jiu was aware of the risks as his Spiritual Force frantically got out. The violent s.p.a.ce conversion was so bad that Di Jiu almost vomited blood. He knew, however, that this was an extremely rare opportunity. This form of s.p.a.ce conversion would be extremely beneficial for his spatial array formation skills.

During this violent s.p.a.ce conversion, Di Jiu captured a familiar vibration…

This vibration was very important to him. Di Jiu desperately tried to sense the vibration more clearly. However, despite his powerful Spiritual Force, the high speed of the s.p.a.ce conversion made him spit out a mouthful of blood.

As he spat out, Di Jiu finally captured the aura of this vibration. The gray stone in his Spiritual Sea instantly vibrated. While an almost invisible golden ripple surged from within the gray stone, Di Jiu’s senses became clear.

He had captured the aura of a s.p.a.ce law. No, this was not right. This was a s.p.a.ce law…

Before Di Jiu could recover from this excitement, his body became substantial and his legs landed on the ground.

Although there seemed to be many people around him, Di Jiu ignored them completely. As soon as he walked out of the Teleportation Array, he immediately took a step.

The essence of the Jumbo Footprint, which he had failed to find after cultivating for six months, immediately became clear. Despite stepping into the air, Di Jiu knew that he had cultivated the first stage of the Jumbo Footprint successfully.

This had been a s.p.a.ce law right from the start. If he had not gained any insight into the s.p.a.ce law at the Teleportation Array, he would not have been able to sense this, no matter how long he cultivated the Jumbo Footprint. This explained why the Jumbo Footprint was able to rip apart his opponent’s Spiritual Force, Quintessential Essence and defense. It would be stranger if a s.p.a.ce law supernormal ability could not accomplish this.

There seemed to be some differences between reality and what the jade slip said about the first stage. Now that he had understood a part of the s.p.a.ce law, Di Jiu would not need to search for his opponent’s weak spots. However, this was not important now.

“Ha ha…” Di Jiu could not help but laugh out loud.

Gaining insight into the Jumbo Footprint was not his priority. What excited Di Jiu the most was that he had understood a part of the s.p.a.ce law. He did not know how powerful Master Qian Fenghua was, but he was certain that his cultivation level exceeded the True Form Realm.

If even an expert like his master was unable to understand s.p.a.ce laws, no one would believe that he had actually gained insight on s.p.a.ce laws.

His fleeing speed would undoubtedly get much faster after he merged the s.p.a.ce law with the Spiritual Force escape technique.

“Be quiet. Otherwise, you will not be allowed to enter the Small Central World,” said a fierce voice. Suddenly, Di Jiu realized in shock that there was a middle-aged man in front of him. Considering his cultivation level, he was unable to sense the man’s cultivation. This middle-aged man was obviously much stronger than him.

As he faced an expert like him, all Di Jiu could do was apologize hurriedly. The middle-aged man warned Di Jiu, but did not take any action against him.

After the man left, Di Jiu took a good look at where he was. The whole place was filled with Teleportation Arrays. After a rough calculation, he concluded that there were at least 200 types of Teleportation Arrays that formed a group. People were continuously being teleported into the place from different Teleportation Arrays. Di Jiu noticed that the cultivators who were teleported there all left in a hurry. No one stayed at this place.

As he followed the cultivators out, he quickly realized that these Teleportation Arrays were only used to teleport in, not out of that place.

When he exited this hall, Di Jiu saw that there was a ma.s.sive hall across from it. This hall had a humongous “Exit” written above it. As he looked back, Di Jiu noticed that the door he had exited had a humongous “Entrance” written above it.

Di Jiu was relieved. It seemed like the Teleportation Arrays of the Small Central World were categorized, so people entered and exited through different Teleportation Arrays.

Di Jiu was very impressed by the design of the Teleportation Arrays. The cost had to be smaller, and there was no crowd or chaos, as the people entering and exiting were separated.

Di Jiu noticed the words “Teleportation Tickets” between the two halls.

He immediately walked over to one of the windows and asked, “I want to go to the Yalun Continent. May I know how many Spirit Stones that would cost?”

He would come back to the Small Central World someday, but right now he wanted to head back to the Yalun Continent.

“You want to go to the Yalun Continent?” The server, who was a young female cultivator, seemed to not believe her ears.

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