Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? Chapter 812 - The Story of Ling and Heng (75)

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Chapter 812: The Story of Ling and Heng (75)

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“Do you often partic.i.p.ate in missions with Boss?” Feng Ling asked.

Xiao Xu deliberated over her question. “More or less. I’ve followed Boss for many years. When I first came in, I was also in my teens like you. To think that I’ll soon be leaving the Base to work in the American police force. To be honest, I’m quite unwilling to part. After all, the base is just like my home.”

“If, as you were dealing with the terrorists today, the warehouse underneath exploded. Under such a dangerous circ.u.mstance, if the Boss asked you to jump down to provide rescue, would you jump?”

“Of course.” He did not hesitate.

“But what if jumping down means that you’ll land in a sea of flames, or be caught up in an explosion that will leave you with serious injuries? You might even be crippled for life. Will you still jump?”

“I’d still jump.”

Feng Ling’s expression softened. “And so, saving the mayor’s wife and her child on that cruise was necessary for that mission. No matter if it’s for the mission or for my own morality, I did everything I was supposed to do. I did not hesitate when there was no need for hesitation. It’s good enough that I managed to keep my life. There’s no need to spare extra effort to care for me. I’m fine.”

To think that Feng Ling had asked so many questions only to remind him to not take her injury to heart.

This little brat, even though he was young, his character and work was reliable. Even the way he interacted with people was so well-principled. It was really impossible for anyone to hate him. Xiao Xu genuinely began to grow fond of him.

Of course, with Boss Li around, his fondness for Feng Ling would only stay within the boundaries of brothers. He dare not have any other ideas.

Furthermore, Xiao Xu swore that he was straight. After spending so many years in the base, he had never developed feelings for any man. When he watched Feng Ling, he only felt that he was watching a child slowly grow up.

Hearing Feng Ling’s words, Xiao Xu felt very comforted.

Outside the windows, the sky had already turned completely dark. Feng Ling picked up the food Xiao Xu had bought and ate some.

Boss Li did not return for quite some time and Xiao Xu stayed in the hospital to accompany and take care of her.

In the base, there were countless matters waiting for the Boss to manage and settle. Leaving Xiao Xu, whom he trusted the most here meant that the Boss valued her greatly. Boss also showed a lot of concern for the other members who were injured; this was sufficient to prove that he was not actually a cold-hearted man.

For Feng Ling, the experiences they had during this mission was also a form of growth.

During the critical moment, Drillmaster Qiao had specifically explained that they were warriors who had been through hundreds of battles.

However, she was only a half-trained newbie. Even if she was outstanding amongst all the new people, when she stood among the elites and senior members of the base, she was still a newbie who needed extra training.

As it grew late, Xiao Xu went next door to rest. Feng Ling took her medication and was reminded to perform another round of aerosol therapy. This time, her lungs were not left with a burning sensation. However, she still did not know if she would be able to sleep.

She picked up her phone and sent Xiao Xu a message to request for some data from the base.

She then laid on the bed and read through it.

She read through the professional terminologies and detailed strategies related to a.s.sasination and rescue missions the base had previously conducted.

She then read about the tolerance of helicopters against heat, and various information about piloting.

There was also a secret code that only internal members of their base knew of.

As she took in the information, she wrote on the paper she had requested for from the doctor. The tip of the pen brushed against the paper as she memorised the information she was taking in. She then tried her best to recall the things Boss Li had said when he was communicating with the base. She then continued messaging Xiao Xu to ask for some advice on Boss Li’s commands during critical moments, as well as other important things she needed to know.

At nine o’clock in the evening, Feng Ling was still scrolling through her phone when her room door was suddenly pushed open.

Her pen immediately paused against the paper. She lifted her head to see that Li Nanheng had actually returned to the hospital.

The man paused by the door for a moment before asking simply: “You’re injured, yet you’re not sleeping?”

The man’s voice was low, heavy, and clean just like the pleasant sound from a steady and moving musical instrument.

From his tone and expression, she guessed that most of the matters back at the base were already settled. The US military should have been dealt with as well. There was no need to spare anymore effort to come up with strategies to deal with the terrorists.

She wasn’t sure if it was because she was injured, but the way the man spoke to her today was much gentler. Even though he had only asked a simple question, her heart strangely felt moved.

Feng Ling placed the pen and paper down and set her phone aside.

Li Nanheng stepped in. Originally, only the lamp by her bedside was lit. With his movement, the light from outside spilled in. It framed the man’s silhouette, causing him to appear especially tall and broad-shouldered. Feng Ling glanced in his direction. Boss Li had actually returned so late in the evening. For some reason, she suddenly felt moved and nervous. She asked: “Boss, why did you return to the hospital? Do you need something from me?”

Li Nanheng watched the pale little brat on the hospital bed. He carelessly switched open the room lights and as the room became well-lit, he stood by the bedside to look down at the person on it. He then eyed the loose, light blue hospital clothes Feng Ling was wearing. Typically, they were used to dressing in black in the base. It was rare to see Feng Ling wear something light coloured, and it caused her skin to appear especially white and smooth. It was tempting to the point where he really wanted to reach and try touching her.

He watched her expressionlessly and carelessly spoke: “There isn’t much to deal with in the base. You’re injured. I can’t just leave you here like this.”

Feng Ling paused. “But it’s already so late. If you rush back to the base later, you’ll have to drive for a really long time. Won’t you be exhausted?”

Nanheng took off his combat jacket and carelessly tossed it at the couch next to the window. He was only dressed in a black T-s.h.i.+rt underneath. He answered lightly: “I’ll stay here tonight and return tomorrow morning.”

Feng Ling: “…stay here? Boss, you want to stay in the hospital tonight? In my room?”

“What? I can’t?” Li Nanheng headed for the simple bathroom in her hospital ward without looking back. His voice was stiff. “I visit every injured member in our base. As you said, it’s too late right now. It’s tiring if I drive back after. Why don’t I just stay here for the night. This hospital ward isn’t lacking in anything. The couch is also sufficient for one person to sleep on. Is there a problem with me staying here tonight?”


As he pa.s.sed by her bed, he glanced at the pen and paper she had set down: “Xiao Xu said that you’ve been cramming in all of the base’s past mission data based on today’s experience. You only know to do this now that you’re injured. You sure are outstanding.”

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