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Chapter 847: Broken Sword

Mana stepped out of the guest room and lowered the door curtain, preventing the other servants from peeking inside.

Although this would not stop curious folks from asking her questions.

Most people in Padt Manor had heard that someone named “Tavier Shannon” was visiting. They didn't know who that was, but they all recognized “Shannon”, a family name that suggested who was currently ruling the Goldspink Empire.

Considering the Shannon Clan just sent an army to Yamei…

Mana wasn't going to answer any of the servants. She simply did her job by standing at the door while asking everyone to leave.

Those inside the guest room were currently bearing a subtle atmosphere.

Angor was sitting on a sofa while looking at several parts of a broken knightly sword. The handle of the weapon was decorated with expensive-looking gemstones, and the general design looked no less than that of the works of Krakoks.

He would say that this was definitely from the hands of a master blacksmith. It would even make a fine collection in the wizarding world, on condition that the weapon was in its best condition, which wasn't the case anymore.

Apparently, the sword belonged to the seventh princess of the Shannon Clan, Tavier Shannon. Despite being a weapon made by a mortal, it somehow helped Tavier get through the illusion outside Grue Town, which confused Angor for good.

Due to the size of Grue Town, Angor only used a low-level illusion that did not require too many magic crystals to keep running. The weakest cantrips could easily break through it. But as long as no one possessed such power, the illusion would ward off common mortals perfectly.

Tavier managed to come inside because her sword carried a tiny trace of the fire element. The element usually stayed dormant in the sword. It became active when Tavier stepped into the illusion and revealed a path for her. However, it seemed the body of the sword wasn't st.u.r.dy enough to sustain the burning element. As soon as the weapon finished its job, it shattered into pieces.

Angor just used Narda's Vision to check it, hoping to find out why the item could contain magical elements inside, which was usually impossible. But no matter how he tried, the result was “a common, broken sword”. There was no element left in it, probably because it was fully spent when breaking through the illusion.

There should be tricks or secrets on the weapon that made the element property possible. But Narda's Vision suggested otherwise. The weapon was made of ordinary metal that did not hold any supernatural effects. It might have a masterful style, but it was still worthless in the views of alchemists.

While Angor inspected the sword, Tavier and Leon were speaking to each other. Telling from the way Tavier talked, she tried to be as polite and modest as possible despite her position in the empire, probably because she came to ask for a favor.

“As I said, Viscount Padt, I'm here hoping to meet with the mighty wizard.” Tavier had removed her helmet that covered her young yet determined look. Combined with her knight armor, she looked quite the leader.

Leon carefully glanced at Angor and saw his brother still looking at the broken weapon. Without Angor giving him any opinion, Leon wasn't sure how to handle the matter.

This was why Tavier's words had been answered by complete silence.

Without getting any response, Tavier put up a worried look. “The empire is on the brink of peril. We need the wizard to save us!”

Again, Leon didn't say anything. Even though he didn't want to see his country fall, he still preferred not to push his young brother into a war. It was also likely that Tavier was talking about Eureka, in which case Leon had all the more reason NOT to help her.

“He's called Angor, am I right? I met with him two months ago, when he helped me greatly. Please, let me see him so that I can thank him properly,” Tavier pleaded and showed Leon a white fur coat. “I received this in the middle of a freezing night.”

Leon looked between the coat and Angor doubtfully.

So this woman saw Angor before, and Angor was sitting next to me. Then why doesn't she talk to Angor directly?

Angor, who had been staying out of their discussion, decided to speak up. “Are you here asking me to fight Heylan Imperial?”

Tavier looked at the second man in the room, whom she didn't recognize. She didn't question Angor's presence yet because Leon allowed it. Now she wasn't sure why someone who looked younger than her suddenly spoke nonsense.

Seeing his brother equally confused, Angor sighed and channeled his mana. The air around him became blurry like ripples before he suddenly turned into a middle-aged man with an untidy look.

“You are-Mister Wizard!” Tavier was shocked for good but soon realized who she was looking at.

Angor glanced at Tavier's body. “You just gave birth one month or two ago, I believe? Is it okay for you to go on b.u.mpy rides alone?”

Tavier blushed. “I… had my child just on the second day after you dropped me off. Two months are enough to get me to my top condition, sir. Now, will you please—”

“How did you know I am here?” Angor interrupted her.

“When I arrived at the capital, I told our brief encounter to my father. He heard from the Morn Family that a new talent was found at Padt Manor. You were heading to Yamei back then, sir, so I took a guess that you are that talent.

“As soon as I arrived at Yamei, some refugees told me that Grue Town was haunted by magic. Putting two and two together, I knew it was you who did it.”

Angor nodded. Of course the Morn Family would share such important information with the royalties.

“If you are asking me to help you chase Heylan away, you should leave. I'll not do it,” said Angor.

Tavier thought she still had hope since Angor had been talking to her in a friendly manner. She wasn't expecting such a quick denial.

“But the empire is about to be doomed! If Yamei Province is taken over by Heylan, we'll completely lose access to the sea, and we can only wait for Heylan to slowly devour us bit by bit!”

“What's that to do with me? An empire will always be replaced in the course of history. How long it lasts or who takes the throne does not concern me.”

Tavier was almost crying now. “But you saw all the suffering and dying civilians, mister. People died because of Heylan. Innocent people! They shouldn't be enduring the bitter result of a war like this! I know war means casualties, but it's different this time. I wouldn't be complaining if the empire has corrupted to its root and we are vulnerable to revolts and invasions. But Goldspink has been growing fairly. We're strong, and our people are faithful. The n.o.bility might have occasional problems but nothing we can't handle…”

Leon nodded while listening. Tavier spoke the truth.

Angor would also agree. His father used to speak highly of the authorities of the empire as well. In fact, this was why Angor offered Tavier a ride.

“We'll humbly accept our defeat if the enemies are strong and superior. But trust me, this war is far from fair. Each victory claimed by Heylan had supernatural individuals manipulating the schemes from behind,” Tavier explained with a slightly angry look.

“Supernatural individuals… Are you talking about wizards?” Leon asked in surprise.

“Yes, Viscount Padt. Do you know how General Morn was killed?” Tavier didn't wait for an answer and continued, “He wasn't defeated by Heylan's soldiers as people believed. He died in his home, at Santal Harbor.”

Santal Harbor was a fortified military settlement at Northern Oil Field and where General Morn had been staying.

“His entire family of 17 members were all murdered and had their hearts ripped away in one night. Eton Morn was among them. He died together with every single last of his lineage. His entire family tree was wiped out. The Morn Clan at the capital sent their army to Yamei because they were furious about the terrible incident.

“They have three wizards out there who are all General Eton's family. We need to find the culprit and give them an answer before they return. But as mortals, it's quite impossible for us to catch this killer who's very likely another wizard. This is why I need your help, sir.”

Angor listened carefully and was sure that Tavier wasn't telling lies. The “three wizards” she mentioned probably meant Mara, Alan, and Aleen.

“How do you know the killer is likely a wizard?”

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