The Slaughterman Of Love Chapter 14: The Real Trial

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It was until the end of the party when Jiang Youyou recollected where she had seen the old man who looked familiar to her. It was actually on a TV program, in a different suit, who seriously told the lawbreakers of the city that he would fight against their outrageous arrogance with his iron will when he was in a TV interview. At that time Jiang Youyou was on a drip. His words gave her a real thrill. It would be great to have all the bad guys imprisoned.

The old man had a drink of champagne and went upstairs. His eyes slowly swept over everyone's head amid applause.

The music around the crowd became flirty, and the lights blurred. Someone began to burn incense which smelled of the fragrance of a flower. Rose or water lily? A soothing breath after inhaling the perfume. The world was illusory and the life was short. At this moment he held her by hand, which made her feel the warmth and safety. But it was a pity that this moment would not come any more. Every fragment of this moment would become a memory. In front of the reality, the memory compromises; in front of the temptation, the body compromises. While in front of the compromise, she pretended to have selective amnesia.

Jiang Youyou was reluctant to remember that night. It was not only because of the humiliation and panic, but also because of the emptiness in heart, a sense of despair when she was dying but there were no one around to help.

Bai Zhehan hugged her dancing and turning around slowly.

The lights went out and the music stopped. It was pitch-dark around. At first she thought it was a blackout. She shouted around everywhere, "Doctor Bai! Doctor Bai!"

Someone held her with his arms, but his smell was strange. The strange man smeared a foul liquid on his fingers, and when she breathed in, she paralyzed on the ground.

When she was half-awake and half-dreaming, Jiang Youyou found she was in a transparent room. The purple light of the lamps made the white porcelain vase all the more dazzling. They surrounded her in the middle.

Four men in the uniforms similar to that of the air force surrounded her. There were armbands on the sleeve, which was the black wings of eagle. The four of them were all handsome, with no exception. One of them was a mixed-blood, who spoke with an eccentric accent. He had blue eyeb.a.l.l.s which were like the eyeb.a.l.l.s of purebred Husky. But his hair was black. The mixed-blood said, "Don't be afraid. We will be very gentle."

"Where's my friend? Can I leave now?" In such a queer situation, under such odd-coloured lights, with such handsome men, Jiang Youyou thought she was in a dream, otherwise, how could it be so illusory.

All her clothing was peeled off. She felt ice-cold all over. Those hot eyes sized her up. Jiang Youyou was shaking like a leaf and screamed out.

Then she saw a man standing outside the gla.s.s wall of the transparent room. It was Bai Zhehan.

A trace of mercy flashed across his eyes, but soon he returned to be normal. Nothing could be more important than his medical research, even if he felt sorrowful to her helplessness.

Zeng Yuan came over indifferently. The four men ignored her who had a syringe in her hand, although she was indeed very sensual.

The medicinal liquid was injected into the thigh and then pumped back and injected back again. This time Jiang Youyou felt a fit of acute pain.

In about five minutes, Zeng Yuan went out coldly.

In the next process there was another kind of "injection". Jiang Youyou's face twitched as she had physical pleasure. One climax after another made her cry out, but unfortunately she could not stop the tears flowing down from the corners of her eyes.

It was from a very queer angle that she could see Bai Zhehan's face. She had to throw her head backward hard. He was keeping records on a piece of paper which was covered with various symbols and signs and characters.

The paper towels thrown on the ground were like fallen petals of magnolia, which emitted peculiar radiance under the purple light.

The two-hour rotation of coitus finally made the four men from yearning for more pleasure to growing bored of the tediousness.

Before leaving, the mixed-blooded man put the underwear for Jiang Youyou and dressed her in her strap dress from the head.

Jiang Youyou lay motionlessly as a doll. At the daybreak, Zeng Yuan pushed Jiang Youyou awake, who could not close her legs together. With Jiang Youyou's luggage in her hand, she sat daown. "Doctor Bai asked me to tell you that the trial finished and he thanked you for your cooperation. From today on you don't have to go back to the hospital, and it's unnecessary for you to look for him."

Jiang Youyou nodded. She slowly raised her head to look at Zeng Yuan who was smoking, "Why do you do this?"

"Some medicines are specially designed for men, but we're going to research and develop a new one for women to remove the obstacles and enjoy the pleasure when making love. What we are researching is a substance that will be offered to those women who had never experienced climax and also to those who want to improve the quality of their s.e.x life. It's not the new cold medicine as you have imagined." Zeng Yuan said, "Don't be ashamed. All you had done will be paid."

Taking the thick envelope from Zeng Yuan, Jiang Youyou was choked with tears. The nurse went away, leaving her alone with her luggage bag.

However long she would cry, no one would pay any attention to her. Until the cleaner came in to tidy up the room, nagging, "throwing paper towels everywhere again…"

She was standing on the road, and the dazzling suns.h.i.+ne was gleaming on Jiang Youyou's pale face. One hundred thousand yuan, she could do a lot of things with it. Jiang Youyou licked her lips, stopped a taxi of 12.5 yuan flag-fall and got into it and rushed towards her unknown tomorrow.

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