Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO Chapter 388 - I’m Hugging Onto My Own Husband

Beauty And The Beast: Wolf Hubby XOXO -

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Chapter 388: I’m Hugging Onto My Own Husband

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Cole did not say anything. All that’s left was some confusion in his eyes and something….that could not be explained clearly.

“Mighty messenger, may I enter?” Cole asked.

“No,” Elvis answered firmly and decisively without hesitation.

Cole did not insist any further as he just nodded his head and placed the fox at the entrance. Ruffling his head as if he was touching his pet dog, he repeatedly advised, “Since you’ve already become the mighty messenger’s beast pet, you’ll need to serve her well till she feels comfortable here. This will be considered as you, the Ninth Highness, contributing to the snow fox tribe. Don’t throw your temper and create a ruckus anymore, alright? Your behavior will make things difficult for the messenger.”

Lea remained silent since the beginning and did not say a word. He just tilted his head away and ran into the house, directly pouncing into Gu Mengmeng’s arms before using his body to wrap her up. Then, he placed his head on Gu Mengmeng’s thighs and whined with a sobbing tone, sounding as if he was acting coquettishly.

Gu Mengmeng could not understand beast language so she could only squeeze an awkward smile out.

Cole stood at the entrance and bowed towards Gu Mengmeng. “Then, Cole shall not disturb the mighty messenger from resting. I’ll be guarding at the entrance so if you have anything you need, feel free to order me around.”

Gu Mengmeng asked in disbelief, “Ah?! Didn’t you pa.s.s me your book already? Why are you still guarding by the entrance? Aren’t you the leader? Don’t you have to settle the matters in the tribe?”

Cole stood on the spot and replied with a smile, “Since the mighty messenger has arrived, she will have the final decision on every big matter in the tribe naturally. As for those trivial matters, there will be people who will settle it according to the rules here. So, servant’s most important duty is to stay by your side, protect you…and serve you.”

“Pfft…” Gu Mengmeng truly could not get use to the word ‘serve’, why did it sound so unnatural? Thus, she cleared her throat and asked, “That, I’m the messenger of the Beast Deity so you have to listen to my words, right?”

“Yes, mighty messenger.”

Gu Mengmeng said, “Then, I’ll order you with my ident.i.ty as the messenger of the Beast Deity. I’ll order you to…go back to where you came from! Don’t continue being an eyesore at my house.”

“This…” Cole looked like he was put into a difficult situation.

Gu Mengmeng added, “And, I’ve mentioned it before, Saint Nazaire is my tribe. I won’t stay here so…just rule Sauder as you wish, don’t count on me to make the final decisions here because I don’t have the idle time to do so.”

Cole hesitated for a moment and said, “Or maybe, the servant should lead the entire Sauder to pay allegiance to Saint Nazaire? Can servant then stay by mighty messenger’s side to serve you?”

Gu Mengmeng felt that this suggestion was quite reliable, so she raised her head to look at Elvis then at Lea. However, the two of them shook their heads without any prior consultation. Although their actions were near invisible, there was still an unsaid teamwork among the three of them after living together for such a long time.

Thus, Gu Mengmeng burst out in laughter and said, “How can I trouble you like this? After all, Sauder has been the tribe of the previous messenger of the Beast Deity. If I were to take possession of someone else’s territory the moment I came here, I won’t be abiding by the rules in the industry.”

Cole fell silent, his gaze filled with disappointment. Standing at the entrance, he glanced at Gu Mengmeng who was huddled up in Lea’s and Elvis’s arms, he felt that he was a pa.s.sionate boyfriend looking at his heartless wretched ex-girlfriend hugging two males on each side after ditching him…

d.a.m.n it, I’m hugging onto my own husband. Hey, what’s with that face of yours looking like you’re Chun Heung-Lin?

Gu Mengmeng was growling internally but could only smile awkwardly on the surface as she said, “If Cole leader doesn’t have anything else to say, please return back. I still have to judge and pick the warriors who wish to join Saint Nazaire later on so I’m afraid I can’t entertain you anymore.”

“Yes,” Cole answered one word slowly before placing his right hand on his left chest. Giving a bow to Gu Mengmeng, he slowly made his leave.

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