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Chapter 874: Heavy Repeating Crossbow

The center of the Mongolian's logistics camp was the place where their food supplies were kept. It was surrounded by twenty huge yurts, and there were at least two thousand soldiers stationed there.

All of them were decked in full armor, and they stared at the empty ground ahead of them with burning eyes.

Around them was an empty area that was around 328 feet in length. Since many people had stepped over it, it was now muddy and difficult to traverse. Dozens of cavaliers surrounded the area to patrol it, and patrols can be seen moving around very closely to each other.

A squad of patrolling cavaliers moved past the yurt to the east. Then, one single head carefully appeared in the gap between two yurts.

A second one appeared later.

Then a third.

It was Happy, Kuo Zhong, and Xu Zhiling.

“The defense sure is tight.”

“Yeah, with so many people guarding it, it'll be difficult to set fire to the supplies.”

When Happy heard Kuo Zhong and Xu Zhiling's words, even he could not help but frown. What Kuo Zhong and Xu Zhiling said was true. Even though there was only a short 328 feet away from where they were to the yurt containing the food supplies, there were more than five hundred patrolling cavaliers from where they were to the yurt with the food supplies. If anything happened, they can soon provide reinforcements.

Among the two thousand cavaliers stationed around the food supplies were also 100-man commanders, 1,000-man commanders, and even majors. This was like a huge ravine that was placed right in front of the trio.

The area in which Happy's Nine Yang Divine Skill can detect was 328 feet. Once he observed the area carefully, a group of people suddenly came over to patrol the area. He quickly yanked his other two companions to the back of the yurt to hide.

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

Orderly and rapid horse hooves went galloping over the area. Soon, squads of patrolling cavaliers intersected with each other while they continued their patrol. It was obvious that they were moving much faster than before, and during that period of time, they also conversed with each other in Mongolian. Happy could not understand what they meant, but he did manage to use Nine Yang Divine Skill's spiritual senses to detect the strange atmosphere at the logistics camp. It seemed like all the soldiers in the camp had instantly become tense, and they were searching for something everywhere.

“What's going on?” Happy felt a little surprised by this. He turned his head around and saw Kuo Zhong and Xu Zhiling putting on anguished and resigned smiles. Kuo Zhong spread his arms and shrugged.

“We seem to have been discovered.”

“The horses we stole don't belong to this camp. The Mongolians are way too alert.”

The duo's words felt like a basin of cold water pouring over his head.

Happy sucked in a deep breath, but even so, he cannot stop the chill from instantly spreading over half of his heart. However, he soon managed to become calm once more, and his gaze swiftly turned sharp. “Since we've already been discovered, we shouldn't bother with being too careful anymore. If we continue hiding, the situation will be even more dangerous for us. Young Master Ling, Young Master Zhong, do you dare come with me and fight them with brute force?”

“What the heck? If Young Master Ling and I are scared, we'd be this.” Kuo Zhong extended his hand to make the gesture of a coward. Then, he exchanged a glance with Young Master Ling and Happy before all of them smiled.

Kuo Zhong was the first to bring out his Moon in Well and rushed out from behind the yurt!

“Haha! Young Master Ling, Happy, let's see who gets to the food supplies first!”

It would have been better if Kuo Zhong kept his mouth shut, because once he spoke, the entire camp instantly burst into commotion!

“That Kuo Zhong!”

“He's too reckless! That fool!”

Happy and Xu Zhiling were both shocked while they remained at the back, but they said nothing and charged out of the back of the yurt as well. Once Kuo Zhong left the army, he seemed to have turned into the Kuo Zhong during the time when he was just part of Yangzhou's Twin Dragons. He completely cast aside his dignity when he was in the army and regained some of the unruly presence that he had.

After the shock from Kuo Zhong, the entire camp instantly descended into chaos, the patrolling cavaliers around them surged forward from everywhere and instantly formed an encirclement to attack him.

But Kuo Zhong was strong. Since he dared to take the initiative to show himself, he will naturally not be afraid of these low-ranking soldiers. Once his Moon in Well was unsheathed, a presence of war Happy was familiar surged out of Kuo Zhong's body.

Wherever the saber glare went, dazzling and tragic blood streams will gush out of the Mongolian cavaliers' wounds. They surrounded the air above Kuo Zhong while he easily killed every single cavalier in his path and formed a terrifying road in his wake.

Of course, he did not use Eight Skills from the Well, since it was an ultimate technique Kuo Zhong used to deal with elites. The saber technique he currently used had a horrifying momentum and attacked endlessly. It was clearly the saber technique that allowed Kuo Zhong to gain his fame on the battlefield—Ten Styles for War!

Happy originally wanted to kill to his hearts' content together with Kuo Zhong, but before he could even go over, Xu Zhiling gave him a reminder while he remained behind him.

“Brother Happy, do not forget our goal for this trip!” Once he finished speaking, Xu Zhiling followed closely behind Kuo Zhong and slaughtered his way into the enemies.


Happy shuddered, as if thunder roared in his mind.

Xu Zhiling was right.

There were ten thousand Mongolian cavaliers here, and it was far too easy for anyone to be blinded by the idea of killing them for war achievements. If Happy fought against the Mongolian army, even if he killed them until night fell, he might not be able to kill them all. In fact, he might even do what was truly important.

Now that he had Kuo Zhong and Xu Zhiling opening the path for him, why should he not use this chance to preserve his strength and use his fastest speed to get closer to the spot where the food supplies were and burn them?

“Thanks for your reminder, Young Master Ling.”

While he thought about this, Happy followed closely behind Xu Zhiling and quickly approached the yurt at the center of the camp through the b.l.o.o.d.y path that Kuo Zhong and Xu Zhiling left in their wake.

Xu Zhiling's arms manifested countless fair and vague hands in the air, and they easily dissolved the attacks from the Mongolian cavaliers around him. Then, he will strike down all those who attacked him.

Each palm strike will get rid of one Mongolian cavalier.

And even though Happy had someone opening the path for him, it did not mean that he did not need to use any power at all.

He held his Dragon Saber in his hand, and if anyone dared to come close to him, he will swing his saber without hesitation.

Kuo Zhong was there, ready with his Ten Styles for War for Happy to imitate. With his swing of his saber and the execution of each style, he will always be able to take a few Mongolian soldiers' lives.

While the trio worked together, they forcibly cleared a wide and b.l.o.o.d.y path from the dense encirclement. They stepped over hundreds of Mongolian cavaliers' corpses and quickly headed to the yurt with the food supplies.

'Why is it so easy?' When he saw that he was getting to a spot where he would be 98 feet away from the yurt, Happy suddenly questioned the absurdity in this.

This was a quest at the level of a battalion commander! The points in this were as high as fifty thousand points!

He also had Kuo Zhong and Xu Zhiling helping him. If he managed to clear the quest so easily, wouldn't he have too easy of a time?

Right when this thought flashed in Happy's moment, at that moment, Happy suddenly noticed that the two thousand heavy-armored soldiers guarding the supplies ahead of him had decided to move, and they did not loudly. Then, without uttering a single word, they brought out crossbow carts that caused him to widen his eyes.

“What in the world?!”

“Repeating crossbow carts!”

“Young Master Zhong, Young Master Ling, be careful!”

At the same time, hundreds of Mongolian guards lifted their bows and arrows and quickly nocked their bows. Hundreds of bows were drawn, and they were directed to the trio.


The Mongolian warriors around them quickly avoided the area.

Arrow showers and crossbow bolts instantly locked down the areas in which the trio can run to.

Even with all that Kuo Zhong and Xu Zhiling had seen and experienced, when they saw that the Mongolian guards had actually brought out more than ten repeating crossbow carts to kill them, they widened their eyes as well and panicked.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

Tw.a.n.g! Tw.a.n.g!

Since the arrows were fired at a close distance, they instantly arrived in front of them.

But what caused the trio to panic was not the arrow showers, but the dozens of huge crossbow bolts that locked down large areas and caused them to be unable to dodge the attacks.

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