Sword Among Us Chapter 1075 - Work Together and Mobilize Forces

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Chapter 1075: Work Together and Mobilize Forces

The wedding of the century had become a hot topic for discussion among the players in the game and on the internet forums, just as everyone expected it to be. After all, Mu Clan’s series of arrangements and the extravagant as well as magnificent scene had caused even news stations in a few cities to report a summarized version of this event. They a.n.a.lyzed it and said that Mu Clan had used more than fifty million RMB for this wedding, which was why they managed to create such a shocking scene.

Mu Clan had also recorded the entire process of the wedding on their own, and it was b.u.mped to be among the top of the pay-to-view battle replay system. In fact, a few people stated that the person who produced the video could go and become a real movie director, and there were even people who said that the people who were in charge of following the wedding and recording it were actually a group of professional students who were studying movie directing.

The entire video lasted for a few hours since the start to the end, and there were even people who mentioned that this was a huge project that required an investment that required tens of millions of RMB, but that was if they had actually recorded what had happened afterwards.

Of course, the “what had happened afterwards” everyone mentioned was about the Cla.s.s One Hall members drawing their weapons, which the players also talked about.

This event shocked the entire game, because someone recorded the entire scene, which was why public opinion was all directed against Cla.s.s One Hall.

Everyone accused Cla.s.s One Hall of falling to a state where they only dared to use this sort of methods used by rascals to attack their enemies and enjoy the feeling of revenge.

It was also said that many of the Cla.s.s One Hall members were puzzled and could not accept this. When they learned that some people from Cla.s.s One Hall had provoked Mu Clan and showed hostility when other sects offered their congratulatory gifts, more than ten thousand people chose to leave Cla.s.s One Hall that day. They also left West Region.

Dream Clouds was also furious after this happened.

Cla.s.s One Hall mobilized its forces in great tension and seriousness in West Region. The number of people at the cities and regions serving as their frontier defense had also increased by several fold.

Even though Dream Clouds had personally posted a thread on the official website stating that she had severely punished the group of members who offended Mu Clan for no reason, Mu Clan did not respond to them.


The wedding lasted for an entire day before it was over.

The one million or so players who gathered at Mantuo Villa still longed for the wedding to continue because of how much they enjoyed it, and to satisfy their urge, they calculated Mu Clan’s rewards this time in secret while they tried speculating what Mu Clan would possibly do next.

When the sects left, they also stated that as long as Mu Clan was willing to, they would be willing to send their forces at any time to fight against Cla.s.s One Hall at West Region with Mu Clan.

Once Happy politely stated that he would think about it, he watched the people from the various sects in the Chinese server leave Mantuo Villa.

The ones remaining were Mu Clan members, along with Chivalry Sect, Wind a.s.sault Tower, as well as Wind and Rain Alliance’s members.

Wind Void, Phantasmal Shadow, Night Rain Follows Wind, and the elites from the three great sects all stayed. They were led into the inner villa within Mantuo Villa.

After the four leaders and Young Yu Yan sat down, a circular area of 328 feet was cleared.

“Thank you for helping me set this scene, everyone.”

“Clan master, you’re being too polite.”

“Without your help, Wind and Rain Alliance might not have our current achievements.”

“It’s the same for Wind a.s.sault Tower.”

“Hehe, speaking of which, Happy is our savior.”

“What are you saying?” Happy smiled and waved his hand. “Everyone, you’re embarra.s.sing me. You managed to get your current achievements because of your own choices.”


“Let’s not bother ourselves with these pleasantries anymore and drink. The three of us haven’t proposed a toast to the both of you today. Come, clan master, and his lady.” Phantasmal Shadow lifted her cup.

Wind Void and Night Rain Follows Wind lifted their cups.

Happy and Young Yu Yan looked at each other before they readily downed the contents of their cup in one fell swoop.

“We’ll propose another toast to the lady today. Today, you are definitely the most beautiful and happiest bride in the Chinese server!”

“Tower Master Shadow, you praise me too much.” Young Yu Yan’s face was slightly red. But when Phantasmal Shadow proposed a toast to her, she did not hesitate. She drank another cup in one go.

“Clan master, you just got yourself a great wife.”

“She’s gentle and generous, and the both of you are indeed created to be together.”

After the congratulatory words, they drank again. The five people could not help but start talking about the setback Cla.s.s One Hall caused this time. “The wedding is grand and extraordinary, and perhaps no one can hope to surpa.s.s it. The only thing regrettable about it is the farce the two vice hall masters from Cla.s.s One Hall created.” After Night Rain Follows Wind said this, the group’s smile fell away.

Phantasmal Shadow took over the conversation. “Speaking of which, this is a little strange.

“If Blood Robes and Barren Murderer really came here to cause a mess to the wedding, they did not choose the right time and place. Besides, they left gloomily without doing anything. It’s really strange.”

“That’s right.” Wind Void and Night Rain Follows Wind looked at each other and nodded.

“In truth, I thought that there is something really strange about Blood Robes and Barren Murderer’s reactions since the beginning. Besides, with Dream Clouds’ cautious and compromising nature, she should not have done something so sudden. It doesn’t make sense, but the ones who took action is Cla.s.s One Hall, and it’s not just one.”

At the same time these two expressed their puzzlement, they found what Cla.s.s One Hall did to be inconceivable.

When they heard this, Happy and Young Yu Yan could not help but look at each other, and they put on a mysterious smile.

The trio quickly captured some information based on the changes on their expressions.

But they were not very certain of their guesses.

“Could it be…?”

“Let me explain to you.”

Happy smiled and told the trio everything about what Mu Clan discovered, as well as the fact that Cla.s.s One Hall was working with Wild Wolves.

When the trio heard the story, their expressions changed a little.

“So, they did indeed have a plan to ruin the wedding!”

“That’s right. That’s why we decided to turn their trick against them and lure them to attack first! We originally thought that Wild Wolves would reveal themselves as well, but I did think that they would also vanish without a trace once Cla.s.s One Hall left. No major accidents happened during the wedding.”

“I didn’t expect that Cla.s.s One Hall would actually dare to be in cahoots with Wild Wolves. Serves them right that they are set up this time.”

“Clan master, how do you intend to deal with Cla.s.s One Hall?”

“I will have to ask for your help in this!”

“Come now, clan master, you’re embarra.s.sing me. Dream Clouds is ambitious, and she actually worked together with Wild Wolves. Forget about the fact that we have already sworn that the four great sects will share all hards.h.i.+ps and wealth together, the fact that we stand on the side of justice in the Chinese server alone is already enough for us to be unable to ignore Dream Clouds luring a wolf into our den!”

“Count Wind and Rain Alliance into the march to West Region!” Night Rain Follows Rain declared firmly.

When Wind Void saw that the other two stated their stance before her, she frowned a little. “Chivalry Sect has already become mortal enemies with Cla.s.s One Hall ever since the battle at Eternal Peace Temple. We will definitely fight with everything we have against Cla.s.s One Hall.”

“The journey to West Region is long, and if we don’t have absolute advantage, it’s difficult to destroy Cla.s.s One Hall in one go, but now, with your help, I can be at ease.” Happy put on an act of sighing in relief before he changed his tone. “But I’m afraid that I won’t be able to join this war.”

The three sect masters were stunned. “Why?”

“I recently received a very urgent plot-related quest, and I have to leave for a period of time. It’s quite long, so I’m afraid that I won’t be able to personally join the war.

“But don’t worry, aside from keeping a handful of top-cla.s.s elites to defend Beijing and the headquarters, Mu Clan will send out Silver Wolf, Rampaging Dragon, Responsible Hero, Little North, Wind Chimes, and a large number of people. In fact, even Wandering Know-it-all has stated that he has convinced One Emperor to join the war.”

When the trio heard this, the uneasiness they felt in their hearts was completely gone.

“I see. With Silver Wolf and Responsible Hero serving as our garrisons and our own aces, it’ll be enough for us to destroy Cla.s.s One Hall in West Region, even if they’ve stationed themselves over there.”

“But One Emperor has never joined the war between sects. Why did he agree to join this fight? Could it be that One Emperor intends to join Mu Clan?” Phantasmal Shadow asked curiously.

“If One Emperor joins us, it’ll be the same as Mu Clan gaining a pair of wings. Unfortunately, he’s just joining the war this time because he doesn’t want to see Wild Wolves infiltrating the Chinese server. That’s the only reason he decided to attack.” Happy smiled and explained.

“As expected, One Emperor is indeed a chivalrous swordsman in the Chinese world of martial artists!”

The trio had their questions answered once more.

Then, they quickly switched the topic to the time they should send their forces to West Region.


They discussed this for more than an hour before Happy sent Wind Void, Phantasmal Shadow, and Night Rain Follows Wind away.

Only Happy and Young Yu Yan were left in the pavilion.

Young Yu Yan sat down slowly, and she leaned against Happy’s chest in exhaustion while she was still dressed in red. Her voice was gentle and frail. “Happy, after this war is over, the Chinese server will be in complete peace, and there will be at least half a year where no one will think about affecting Mu Clan’s foundation. With this period of time, you can be at ease and settle matters over there.”

“You should be calling me husband by now.”

“My dear husband.” Xu Xin was abnormally gentle and obedient today. She glared at him a little. “But don’t forget about increasing your strength over here. You’re no longer the only person in Moksha Realm. Once Moksha Realm becomes a common sight and you only have Flying Dragon Sword Technique, more people will come and challenge you.”

“Don’t worry, I will train here as well. I won’t let anyone catch up to me. Besides, my qi has already gone over the one thousand point mark, even though it’s just a little. I’m not that too far off from Inaction Realm, and no one can catch up to me within a short period of time.”

Compared to Xu Xin worriedly giving him advice, Happy was not worried about this in the slightest.

If he could catch up to the others even though they had one and a half years’ time ahead of him, there was no way anyone could catch up to him here when he had an advantage over them!

Even if he did not have Marrow Cleansing Cla.s.sic over here, the advantage provided to him by Nine Yang Divine Skill was already very terrifying, and his strength was not that much weaker compared to the version of himself three years later.


Happy smiled mysteriously, “Once I go back to Beijing, I’m going to a place to search for a martial arts manual.”

“Martial arts manual? Could it be…?” Xu Xin soon guessed the answer, and her eyes lit up. “Dafo Temple?”

“Smart girl.” Happy praised Xu Xin without holding back. “I accidentally ran into that quest in the world three years later, and I was a little late, so I only obtained Full Winds in Long Skies. s.h.i.+ Feixuan took one among the other three stone plates, and Evil King took the last two. If I can get all four stone plates and understand all the ultimate techniques from the divine monk from Dafo Temple, even if Evil Emperor comes at me at the peak of his strength, he will not be able to stand against me.”

“But how are you going to trigger that quest?” Xu Xin furrowed her eyebrows in an adorable fas.h.i.+on.

Happy could not hold back from lowering his head to use his nose to against hers a little. He smiled and said, “Have you forgotten about Wandering Know-it-all’s job?”

Xu Xin opened her mouth slightly, and she immediately understood what Happy meant.

Aside from looking for people, Wandering Know-it-all’s other greatest ability was to figure out further hints of plot-related quests through some clues in the quest.

It was also because of this ability that he helped countless heroes in the world of martial artists get through difficulties, which allowed him to gain a transcendent status.

With Wandering Know-it-all’s help and what Happy learned three years later, he was confident that he could get a rather great reward when he went to Dafo Temple.

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