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As soon as this remark came out, the reporter was disappointed. Tang Yan's att.i.tude seemed quite tough.

"Tomorrow's 800-meter race, you will be facing your teammate, Sun Yang, who do you think will win between you two?" the CCTV reporter followed up.

"I...." Tang Yan was trying to answer. When he suddenly felt a cramp in his heart, followed by a twitch in his right eyelid.


"Old Tang, look, our son is prosperous now, he's even more famous than Sun Yang, even the news channel is reporting on Little Tang."

CCTV News Channel was replaying the clip of Tang Yan receiving his gold medal over and over again, seeing this Tang Yan's mother was filled with pride and glee.

Watch how she would show of tomorrow: 

"Oh your son finally got a promotion, haha congratulations."

"Oh mine, hehe he's not doing bad either he just won another gold medal, you know the usual."

"This stinking kid, he's finally doing something promising." Tang Yan's dad picked up his cup taking a sip of tea with a small smile.

"Haha, look at you being arrogant living in our"


Smiling Old Tang turned back to reply, his smile fell followed by the cup in his hand, as he rushed out of his seat.

His wife was flushed and fainted on the sofa.

"Chunhua, what's wrong?" Old Tang screamed anxiously, and seeing his wife didn't respond, reached out and touched her neck checking for a pulse, he hurriedly hugged her, placed her on his back, grabbed his car keys and rushed out.

He ran out so fast, he accidentally knocked over the fish tank in front of the TV. But he didn't have time to care.

The carp was left in place desperately tossing on the ground.


Tang Yan felt his heart suddenly drop, he hurriedly ended the interview, rushed into the locker rooms.

There was an ancient Chinese superst.i.tion that if your left eye twitched, it indicated good fortune was coming, while if your right eye twitched, it indicated the arrival of bad news. Although he didn't believe in superst.i.tions, he couldn't shake the unsettling feeling that had suddenly set on him.

Returning to the locker room, his teammates came to congratulate him one by one, but he seemed a little absent-minded.

After waiting a while, he still couldn't shake the feeling, he picked up his phone and headed out of the locker room.

"Tang Yan, where are you going? Coach is calling for us to gather." s.h.i.+ Yang reminded him when he saw him heading out.

"I'm making a call," Tang Yan said, as he left the locker room.

Going to the corner of the pa.s.sage, he rang his mom.

He had just bought his mom the new Iphone 4, and wasted a solid two hours downloading some ancient song for her as her ringtone.

But no one answered the phone as it rang and he was sent to voicemail.

The agitated feeling in his heart grew stronger.

Rebirth was a new opportunity for him. Thanks to the existence of the system, he had made a gorgeous turn in his life. Compared with his previous life, he was a million times better off but  worries about his mother's looming illness always lingered like a nightmare. He was beginning to put things in motion but now...

With him mom not answering. He followed up and dialled his dad. No one answered.

This made him more and more worried, his demeanor began to crack as he began panicking.

He dialled and called all his relatives nearby but no one knew where his parents were, on his last leash he received a call from his neighbor.

His entire mind was fl.u.s.tered.

His father rushed to the hospital with his mother on his back, which is why he couldn't get through to them on the phone. These words alone were enough to scare him.

But preventing himself from becoming a complete mess. He immediately called his uncle and urged him to rush to the hospital. Then he ran back to the locker room.

He had to go....what if something happened to his..., G.o.d forbid. 

No, he had to go home, these games would not make any sense to him.

None of this had happened in his previous life, this was too early.

Song Xiaocheng and Shen Qing were chatting in the locker room and their faces were filled with smiles. Tang Yan had won the 100-meter freestyle race. They could almost taste the praise and  promotions they were in for after this compet.i.tion.

"Tang Yan, you're back, where have you been? Song Xiaocheng has been looking for you!" Shen Qing said when he saw Tang Yan enter.

"Coach, I need to talk to you." Tang Yan nodded to Shen Qing, and then spoke to Song Xiaocheng.

"What's the matter?" Song Xiaocheng, turned serious, seeing the pressing look on Tang Yan's face, he signaled Tang Yan to head out.

Outside the locker room, listening to Tang Yan's story, Song Xiaocheng's complexion feel and became complicated, but he quickly said: "So you don't actually know what happened to her, she could have fell and sprained her ankle, I think we should wait for news from your uncle before we make any major decisions, I understand how your feeling, but you're being too anxious, you have a race tomorrow, a chance at another medal,  it's not wise to make decisions based on emotions." 

"Coach, compared to my parents, a sc.r.a.p of metal is worthless. I didn't come to discuss things, I'm letting you know because I respect you but I'm going whether you agree or not. "Tang Yan said with an icy tone. 

Everyone had something or someone they cared about and his mother was the person he cared about the most after his rebirth. 

Song Xiaocheng frowned and stared at him steely, before finally nodding and saying, "Good, filial piety first, this is what you should do, rest a.s.sured, I will arrange things for you."

"Thank you, coach." After finis.h.i.+ng Tang Yan, without any delay, went straight back into the locker room to pack his things.

After packing, under the doubtful eyes of his teammates, he ran straight out of the locker room carrying his bag.

When he went out, he made a phone call to his uncle; he still hadn't found out which hospital Tang Yan's parents were at and was he was rus.h.i.+ng to try the next hospital.

Hearing this, Tang Yan became even more anxious. He arrived at the train station. Fortunately, there were many trains from Shanghai to Zhejiang. He bought a ticket and caught the train right before it set off.

The high-speed rail was extremely fast, but anxious it felt like the train was crawling along.

After sitting for about 20 minutes, his uncle called back, he had found the hospital.

Luckily Chun'an county wasn't very big. There were only three or four major hospitals. It was only a matter of time to find someone.

He brought good news. His mother had woken up. The reason why they didn't answer the phone, was because they rushed out and left their phones at home.

However, they hadn't found out what caused her to faint, so they were running some checks, he told Tang Yan not to worry too much.

Hearing the news, Tang Yan was relieved, but the hidden anxiety in his heart was still there.

After switching trains twice, when he arrived at Chun'an No.2 People's Hospital it was already two going three in the morning.

When he got to the ward, he saw his mother lying there quietly, and his Dad asleep beside the bed. He was finally relieved.

There were nurses on duty working and just as he was about to ask where the doctor was, he spotted the office.

After he entered, he closed the door and directly asked, "Doctor, have you discovered why my mother fainted?"

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