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At 20 meters, James Magnussen went one step further, only a palms distance from France's William Meynard.

Just then, the audience burst into cheers.

Because Tang Yan closely followed Magnussen, he also surpa.s.sed USA's Nathan Adrian and rose to fourth place.

"Tang Yan is very smart, choosing such a tactic. Magnussen's condition is excellent. As long as he keeps up, by the last 20 meters, he can challenge for a medal." Lin Li began to a.n.a.lyze.

"However, this will be a great exhaustion of physical strength." The commentator said slightly worried.

At 30 meters, Magnusson surpa.s.sed Meynard and rose to the second position. It could be seen that the Australian swimmer was extremely capable.

Tang Yan was still in the fourth position.

"Come on, Tang Yan!" The audience on the sideline cheered Tang Yan loudly.

Entering the 50-meter turn, Tang Yan didn't slow down, flipping over ahead of time using his speed to carry him forward, he touched the wall and kicked his legs, launching off the wall.

Coming out of the turn his kick frequency increased sharply, the speed and intensity of his leg strokes pushed him forward as he began to accelerate.

In fact, it wasn't only Tang Yan, swimmers such as France's Fabien Gilot and Canada's Brent Hayden also started to accelerate significantly after the 50m turn.

"Tang Yan has finally began to kick it up a gear! He is accelerating!" Lin Li said with great excitement.

"He's rapid! Tang Yan's overtaken Meynard! He's risen to third place!" The commentator is the same.

Rising to third, this meant that Tang Yan could win a medal, the first 100m freestyle medal for China and Asia!

"Hayden has caught up! The Canadian's looking equally explosive in the second half!" Lin Li said nervously.

"Magnussen has taken first! He's overtaken Cielo. César Cielo was too slow to react to the change in pace, the Australian has taken first!" The commentator said in horror.

At this time, the audience's enthusiasm fell a notch. Although Magnussen was also a famous swimmer, whether it was compared with César Cielo, Meynard or Adrian, his popularity fell slightly short, no one expected that with only the last 30 meters left, he could rush into first.

At the forefront, second-place César Cielo fell an arms length behind Australia's Magnussen.

Cielo was still struggling to maintain second place.

In third place was Tang Yan. He was still half a meter away from César Cielo, followed by the Canadian Brent Hayden, who had also broke forward in the second leg. He had overtaken Meynard and Adrian and rose to the fourth. He was only a palms distance away from Tang Yan.

"With less than 30 meters left! The swimmers are all accelerating! Everyone is sprinting! This is the final decisive battle! The final few metres!" The commentator shouted with excitement.

"Wait! Tang Yan is accelerating! His speed has kicked up again! Maybe... just maybe!" The narrator shouted, seeing the changes in the pool, his eyes widened and his face was incredible. 

In the swimming pool, after entering the last 30 meters, Tang Yan forcefully upped his kick frequency from 8 times to 9 times, instantly raising his speed.

Because of the huge physical consumption and the intense strain it put on his body, he rarely used a nine kick frequency.

Risking an injury during such a high-level compet.i.tion wasn't a risk he was willing to take lightly so he reserved it until the last few meters.

With this acceleration, he rushed forward and instantly overtook Cielo.

"My G.o.d! Tang Yan has rushed into second! He's really second!" The commentator's excited lips trembled.

"This kick frequency and kick distance! Amazing, what a prodigy! He's like the incarnation of Zhang Shun! The Flash of the Waves!" Lin Li said with great excitement.

"Tang Yan! Tang Yan!"

At the same time, the audience yelled at Tang Yan.

In the swimming pool.

Magnusson was rus.h.i.+ng forward, looking left and right when he looked up to breathe he couldn't see anyone close. 

His mind was spinning with thoughts of victory.

But the next moment, he heard wild cheers from the audience.

When he looked up to breathe and turned his head, he saw a red swimming cap closing in.

Tang Yan!

He was shocked in his heart, how could this be possible! 

He threw his all into trying to pull away!

When he came up for another breath and turned, the red swimming cap crossed his sight.

Tang Yan, surpa.s.sed him!

"First! He's first! First! There is still 20 meters left to the finish. Tang Yan has surpa.s.sed Magnussen,  he really rushed into first!" The commentator was wild with joy.

Magnussen was shocked but at the same time, he was already powerless, because at this time he was already working at max speed, putting his all in, he could only watch Tang Yan surpa.s.s him, and then pull away from him.

"Crazy! Crazy! Tang Yan is still pulling away from Magnussen! Is he going to catch the world record line?" The commentator yelled.

"I.... d.a.m.n it!" Sun Yang in the stands couldn't help but utter a swear word after pinching himself, what was happening in front of him was too dreamy.

"Last 10 meters! Brother Tang, come on!" Ye s.h.i.+wen looked at the pool and shouted feeling anxious and overjoyed.

10 meters.

9 meters.

8 meters...


Tang Yan was getting closer and closer to the pool wall. At this time, he had opened up half of metre lead from Magnussen.

After entering the last 5 meters, although the race hadn't ended, all the spectators on the scene had already stood up, because Tang Yan was about to create unprecedented history.

Tang Yan took his last breath, followed by straightening his arms and sliding straight towards the wall of the pool. 

"Gold! Tang Yan has won! Tang Yan has won the men's 100-meter freestyle event! Chinese history has been made, hahaha gold, the first Asian 100m freestyle gold medal!" The moment the Tang Yan touched the wall, the commentator directly jumped up and shouted.

At the same time, a deafening cheer burst into across scene.

At this time on the display, Tang Yan's final time was shown.

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