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"You mean I am fired?" Yuerui again asked.

Xianw.a.n.g cleared his throat and spoke," I am glad you finally understood my words even if it's the first and last time" he literally teased her for not understanding his words before.

"B... But I didn't do anything wrong!" Yuerui protested.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Even though she has thought of getting fired thousands of times. But she just can't accept that he would actually fire her for this tiny little thing.

Xianw.a.n.g stood up from his chair and switched off the projector. He threw the remote to the nearest sofa and went back to his table. He totally ignored Yuerui who was in protesting mode.

He turned his computer on and concentrated on his work.

'Huh... b.l.o.o.d.y a**hole. Now you are ignoring me. You should thank me that I didn't reveal your illness to the public. But you are actually giving me att.i.tude and firing me for this lame excuse!' Yuerui was fuming with rage but her introverted personality was not allowing her to burst in anger.

She just stupidly stood there.

"So this is you final decision?" She again asked.

Xianw.a.n.g looked at her leisurely. But before he could reply to Yuerui's question he got a call. So he again ignored her.

'You stupid, donkey, a**hole!!! I shouldn't have asked you. Mai Yuerui let's leave this place before you are insulted again.'

Yuerui cursed Xianw.a.n.g from the core of heart one more time and turned to leave.

On the other hand, Xianw.a.n.g's facial expression was fading in every seconds he was on the call. He was in bewilderment. He cut the call and looked at the back of Yuerui who was leaving the room. 

Suddenly a thought crossed his mind.

"Wait!" He spoke in deep and clear voice.

'Now what is it? Still not satisfied after firing me?' Yuerui got annoyed.

She turned to Xianw.a.n.g with an annoying expression but couldn't say anything since Xianw.a.n.g suddenly threw a card at her.

She caught the card and saw that it was an invitation card for inauguration of a new restaurant.

"What is this?" She asked.

"Come to this place tonight at 8 p.m" Xianw.a.n.g commanded.

'A** hole, what makes you think that I am gonna come?' she raised her left eye brow.

"Why would I come?" She asked.

"For compensation." Xianw.a.n.g announced as he fixed his blue coat.

"What compensation?" Yuerui was speechless.

First this jerk fires her and then asks for compensation! SERIOUSLY!!!

"What compensation?" he asked her instead as if meaning you don't know what compensation?

"You barged in my private property and saying what compensation?" Xianw.a.n.g smirked.

"Well, I am still standing in your private property. Not only me but all you employers are in your private property, working for you. Do you charge them for this as well?" Now that she is fired, she decided to not hold back.

"You barged in the place where you are forbidden to enter. Have you forgotten that miss Mai?"

"I believe no one knows  that there is any other room here. So that rule doesn't stand for any charge. Besides it's not included in my contract as well."

"You will regret it." Xianw.a.n.g literally threatened her. His voice was filled with darkness and it made Yuerui froze on her spot.

She got scared a little. Actually she got scared by hearing the word compensation in the first place. But she tried to act tough in order to escape from this. But now she didn't know how to reply.

'Oh my G.o.d... If I make troubles now those people of mine are gonna kill me.' she thought.

She looked at the card and saw that the inauguration of the restaurant is in one week from that day. That means it's not even opened yet.

" This restaurant is not even opened yet. So why are you calling me here?" Yuerui crossed her arms around her chest in mind.

"What makes you think that I, Kong Xianw.a.n.g will do some personal business in the middle of a crowded restaurant?" Xianw.a.n.g again smirked.

'Well... If you are talking about your illness, jerk, then I can agree with you.' she thought.

In reply, Yuerui just gave a sweet honey coated smile and said, "Oh yeah, I forgot your personal problem."

'What does she mean?' Xianw.a.n.g frowned.

"Besides, I am not gonna come. Cause I don't owe you any compensation." Saying so she turned to leave.

"Your choice. Next time the compensation will be five time more. I am gonna make sure that." Xianw.a.n.g said in spooky and frightening voice.

Hearing that Yuerui stopped for a second but than she marched towards the door.

When she was about to leave, a thought crossed her little mind. She held the doork.n.o.b and turned towards Xianw.a.n.g, "Btw, too much p*rn is not good for health." Saying so Yuerui gave a mischievous smile and ran from the place.

Xianw.a.n.g was stupefied by her words. He kept standing on his spot for a couple of minutes.

"She even saw my personal collection!'

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